Long Live the Gimmicks

Feb 28th, 2018
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  1. Name | Type ( ) | Rng | Wt | Mt | Hit | Cr | Ql
  2. Warlock Strike | Dred (D) | 1 | 10 | 12 | 80 | 0 | 25
  3. Dark Flame: Fire (C), Deals 0 damage against undead or construct type enemies.
  4. Voulge: Pole (B), For purposes of the weapon triangle, this weapon is treated as an axe.
  5. Buster Sword: Crush (B), For purposes of the weapon triangle, this weapon is treated as an axe.
  6. Giant's Bow: Long (B), Range 2-4, Only strikes once.
  7. Shapeless Sphere: Special, functions as an Iron variant of any weapon the holder can wield.
  8. Snake Eater: Slash (D), effective against lizard type enemies
  9. Bone Crusher: Bludgeon (C), effective against the undead
  10. Cursed Staff: Heal (E) Rng 1-2, restores 20+MAG HP. 31-LUK% chance that the health restored will be drained out of the caster.
  11. Devil Lance: Duh
  12. Devil Bow: Duh
  13. Devil Dagger: Sure why not
  14. Blood sword: low mt/hit but has a permanent sol effect and probably would be relegated to A rank
  15. Taskmaster: A 1-2 Lance that acts like a bow at range 2 (fluffed as a combination spear/bow amalgamate)
  16. Kinetic Tomes: probably more an anima or light thing
  17. Stilletto: Low MT no Crit Dagger, bypasses DEF
  18. The Equalizer: Crossbow, removes character, class, and personal skills from any combat the user participates in.
  19. Shillaleg: E, Rng- 1, MT: 0, Hit: 80, WT: 3, Crit: 0 QL: 40- allows for combat
  20. Inferno: On hit, enemy's terrain turns to 'Ashland'- Ashland: Scorched earth. 1 mov cost. No defensive benefits (Probably an S or A rank)
  21. Storm Flute: Confers immunity to 'Rain' Weather effects on the target for 3 turns. Causes 'Rain' Weather for 3 turns. Does not work indoors. QL: 5
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