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  1. <div id="04" class="popup_block">
  2.   <div class="textheader">
  3. <img class="img-circle" src="" width="30">
  4. <div style="center; margin-top:2px; margin-bottom:20px;">Dad</div>
  5. <div style="center; margin-bottom: 30px; font-family:source code pro; font-size:8px; line-height:9px; color: #999; text-transform:uppercase;"><b>fri</b>, <b>mar 1</b>, 2:24 am</div>
  6. </div>
  8.       <div class="sentence"> <div class="talker self"></div>  
  9.         <div class="talking to">
  10.           hey.
  11.         </div>
  12.       </div>
  14.   <div class="textheader">
  15. <div style="center; margin-bottom: 30px; font-family:source code pro; font-size:8px; line-height:9px; color: #999; text-transform:uppercase;"><b>sat</b>, <b>mar 2</b>, 9:33 pm</div>
  16. </div>
  18.       <div class="sentence">
  19.         <div class="talking from">
  20.          i definitely didn't envision this happening where you texted me and i didn't see it until just now. i'm sorry for that, nehemiah.
  21.         </div>        
  22.       </div>
  24.       <div class="sentence">  
  25.         <div class="talking to">
  26.          you don't have to be sorry. it's not that deep, okay?
  27.         </div>
  28.         <div class="talking to">
  29.         it was only a day, and tbh i was too faded last night to even see my screen. forget about texting.
  30.         </div>
  31.       </div>
  33.       <div class="sentence">
  34.         <div class="talking from">
  35.         still. i just want you to know there's always an open channel of communication here for you when you want it.
  36.         </div>
  37.         <div class="talking from">
  38.         i heard. ana said she was watching you. i was like uhhh i think you got that twisted. he's definitely holding his own and looking over you. she called me rude.
  39.       </div>
  41.       <div class="sentence">  
  42.         <div class="talking to">
  43.          watching me? she's cute.
  44.         </div>
  45.       </div>
  47.       <div class="sentence">
  48.         <div class="talking from">
  49.         right? i asked her to tell me i was wrong and she couldn't so the defense rested.
  50.         </div>        
  51.       </div>
  53.       <div class="sentence">  
  54.         <div class="talking to">
  55.          i should promise her i won't do anything you wouldn't do just to see her face.
  56.         </div>
  57.       </div>
  59.       <div class="sentence">
  60.         <div class="talking from">
  61.         please. when you do, make sure you're recording her. she's way more expressive than she thinks.
  62.         </div>        
  63.       </div>
  65.       <div class="sentence">  
  66.         <div class="talking to">
  67.          i'll ask someone else to record it. maybe max. you wanna see it?
  68.         </div>
  69.       </div>
  71.       <div class="sentence">
  72.         <div class="talking from">
  73.         hell yeah i do. i imagine her giving you a scoff and those side eyes.. you know That Look.
  74.         </div>        
  75.       </div>
  77.       <div class="sentence">  
  78.         <div class="talking to">
  79.          that's just her face.
  80.         </div>
  81.       </div>
  83.       <div class="sentence">
  84.         <div class="talking from">
  85.         while i have your ear, a word of advice. you're going to get a mean case of cottonmouth with moon rocks so be prepared. i mean, if you are getting into alla dat.
  86.         </div>        
  87.       </div>
  89.       <div class="sentence">  
  90.         <div class="talking to">
  91.          i have never done A Drug a single day of my life, Father.
  92.         </div>
  93.       </div>
  95.       <div class="sentence">
  96.         <div class="talking from">
  97.         your acting's getting better but it's not that good.
  98.         </div>        
  99.       </div>
  101.       <div class="sentence">  
  102.         <div class="talking to">
  103.          <img src="" width="290">
  104.         </div>
  105.       </div>
  107. <div class="textheader">
  108. <div style="center; margin-bottom: 30px; font-family:source code pro; font-size:8px; line-height:9px; color: #999; text-transform:uppercase;"><b>sun</b>, <b>mar 3</b>, 5:13 am</div>
  109. </div>
  111.       <div class="sentence">  
  112.         <div class="talking to">
  113.          hey i juts wanted to say i'm proud of you for all that work you put in asib
  114.         </div>
  115.       </div>
  117.       <div class="sentence">
  118.         <div class="talking from">
  119.         thank you, son. it means a lot coming from you. i know the last time we saw each other i was holding a beer to my shiner but don't think i wasn't hollerin from my seat for the best animated feature award. the world is about to see how much of a force you are.
  120.         </div>        
  121.       </div>
  123. <div class="textheader">
  124. <div style="center; margin-bottom: 30px; font-family:source code pro; font-size:8px; line-height:9px; color: #999; text-transform:uppercase;"><b>sun</b>, <b>mar 3</b>, 7:20 pm</div>
  125. </div>
  127.       <div class="sentence">  
  128.         <div class="talking to">
  129.          what i meant to say was i'm proud of you for not only chasing a vision but having one. you've always been good at that, going after what you want, but this one is just more special and i wanted you to know i recognize it.
  130.         </div>
  131.       </div>
  133.       <div class="sentence">
  134.         <div class="talking from">
  135.         i appreciate this more than you know since it wasn't just for me. it was for your grandma j, your grandma woolfe, ana... it was for us more than anything else.
  136.         </div>        
  137.       </div>
  139.       <div class="sentence">  
  140.         <div class="talking to">
  141.          i had this dream a few nights ago. grandma j was sitting on the porch swing with me, drinking coffee and reading a book. the sun was coming up.  
  142.          </div>
  143.          <div class="talking to">
  144.          i don't know why i told you that.
  145.          </div>
  146.          <div class="talking to">
  147.          i miss her, i guess.
  148.          </div>
  149.         </div>
  150.       </div>
  152.       <div class="sentence">
  153.         <div class="talking from">
  154.         because she was a big part of your life and will continue to be. she helped raise you and you'll always have her to guide you through whatever you're going through.
  155.         </div>        
  156.       </div>
  158.   </div>
  159. </div>
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