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  1. >have an abusive father
  2. >would hit me often and send me to bed frequently without dinner
  3. >one day its really bad
  4. >can only see out of one eye cause the other is swollen shut
  5. >father throws me into room for crying too loud
  6. >crawl into bed and use the pillow to muffle my crying
  7. >hear something 'psst' at me
  8. >confused, wheres it coming from?
  9. >its coming from beneath my bed
  10. >lean over confused
  11. >"Hey kid, want me to teach him a lesson?"
  12. >confused and scared now, only my father and I lived here
  13. >"I can fuck him up real good if you want. I'll, tell you what. I'll just settle some ground rules with him first."
  14. >wait for a response but theres only silence
  15. >cant remember falling asleep that night
  16. >wake up in the morning on my own
  17. >first time my father didnt hit me awake
  18. >the house is quite for once
  19. >"Hey kid, still there?"
  20. >its the voice again
  21. >Peer out from side of bed and answer back
  22. >"Good...well...turns out I...misplaced that guy in here...sorry. Things get easily lost in here."
  23. >Dont know what to say
  24. >slight pause before the voice continues
  25. >', have some breakfast and get to school, and then we'll talk about that to do with you afterwards."
  26. >see two inhuman hands push out an apple and bowl of cereal from beneath bed
  27. >jump down and slurp hungrily from bowl
  28. >look beneath bed only to find a spare sock
  29. >finish my breakfast and get ready for school
  30. >look back towards the bed and mutter 'thank you' before I left
  31. >Looked away only for a second
  32. >"Dont mention it kid"
  36. >Be a prominent banker
  37. >wake up and do banking stuff
  38. >go to work and do banking stuff
  39. >come back home and do banking stuff
  40. >find a jar of coins and quarters at edge of bed
  41. >attached is a note
  42. >something about paying off the bills for some house on other side of town
  43. >chortle at the cheap change, what a cute prank
  44. >put that shit above the fridge and go to sleep
  45. >wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat
  46. >bed sheets are gone
  47. >something is pulling it underneath the bed
  48. >Its making a horrible crunching sound
  49. >frozen in fear as a monstrous hand reaches from beneath the bed and tries to claw its way up
  50. >cant get out of bed, monster hands swipe at me whenever feet are about to make contact with the floor
  51. >horrible rumbling noise from beneath the floor boards emanates into my ears
  52. >"Hey, whatever happened to my jar of coins?"
  53. >Get the hint
  54. >next morning pay off the bills for the house in question
  55. >move into new home
  56. >remove all the beds and replace them with Japanese style futons
  57. >hardware store clerk still gives me a funny look whenever I buy night lights
  61. >high school years
  62. >rush back home
  63. >flop on top of bed
  64. >"Hey there kid, how was school today?"
  65. >proceed to describe school events to boogiemom
  66. >Actually, it was awkward because today was sex-ed day and you didn't quite catch all of it
  67. >awkward silence from beneath the bed
  68. >"W-what didn't you understand?"
  69. >Teacher was foreign with a thick accent, hard to understand and it was all confusing
  70. >hear a heavy sigh from beneath the bed
  71. >"Fine...I'll explain...but put this on first."
  72. >peer over the bed to find a blindfold
  73. >odd, but put it on anyway, curious as to what was happening
  74. >"Okay, now lay down on the bed. And dont move a muscle, you hear me?"
  75. >okay, still dont understand whats going on
  76. >feel something unbuckle my pants and pull them down
  77. >gasp at suddenness and cold air
  78. >"Relax. I'm explaining stuff to you"
  79. >Feel something grab my penis, holding it gently in its hands
  80. >"Now a penis. Its responsible for making babies."
  81. >clutch at the bed-sheets, breathing heavily
  82. >"And these...are your balls." her breathing is heavy as well
  83. >Feel a hand carefully cup my balls, massaging them gently between its fingers
  84. >"And there responsible for making sperm..."
  85. >can feel her heavy breathing on my dick now, its ragged and hot
  86. >"Delicious...delicious sperm..."
  89. >Feel something warm and moist slowly lick my shaft
  90. >have to contain my groaning as she starts from the base and licks the tip
  91. >”You see, a penis actually shoots sperm into things.”
  92. >her voice sounds different, more sultry
  93. >ask her what she meant, but she only giggles as she engulfs me into her mouth, taking me fully
  94. >arch my back in pleasure, which only seems to fuel her lesson plan
  95. >”Well let me explain…by doing”
  96. >feel her warm and moist tongue slowly wrap around my dick as she began to slide her lips around it
  97. >shes slow at first, probably savoring the taste before she began to pick up speed on me
  98. >I could hear and feel her moaning, vibrating my dick with her voice which only adds to the stimulation
  99. >Its too much, and I explode into her mouth, pumping my seed into her, much to her enjoyment
  100. >She began to suck hard, lapping up all that she could, not letting a drop go to waste
  101. >I could hear her swallow as she began  to  regain her breath
  102. >”You could shoot it into my mouth for one…”  I swear she was smiling happily as she licked her fingers as well
  103. >Suddenly I could feel her move atop me, straddling  me, and a new sensation cradled my dick
  104. >It was hot and wet, and it glided itself on my shaft
  105. >”Theres also another place you can shoot it too..”
  106. >She had leaned down, her voice tickling my neck  as she breathed me in
  109. >”You can also put your penis inside my vagina…” she said in a soft tone to me
  110. >I could only respond with gasps of air as I still tried to recover
  111. >But she wasn’t ready to rest as she impaled herself on my dick again
  112. >She let out a cry as I instinctively reached out and wrapped my arms around her, holding on for dear life
  113. >she was surprisingly petite, I could easily wrap my arms around her
  114. >I could feel her arms hug me as she tried to accommodate me, apparently she was having trouble
  115. >”Not yet, not yet…just…let me stay like this…”
  116. >Finally she seemed to recover and began to slowly rock herself on my dick, picking up the pace until she was bouncing atop me
  117. >I could only hold on to her hips as she began to have her way with me, her arms pining my shoulders down
  118. >”What were having now…unf…is sex” she moaned as she glided herself on me
  119. >By now I had gotten the hang of it, and I was matching my thrusting with hers
  120. >”Yeah, that’s right…right there.” I could feel her walls tighten begin to tighten around me as we began to go faster and faster
  121. >I suddenly felt myself explode again as  I released myself into her, pumping her full of my seed
  122. >She could only gasp as the ropey strands coated her insides
  123. >something soft and wet pressed itself against my lips, it was full of affection and tasted like marshmallows
  124. >”And that’s called an orgasm…I expect you to give me lots of those from now as well.”
  125. >swallow hard and finally take off the blind fold
  126. >only see a flash of black and black hair descend underneath the bed
  127. >dick is coated with jizz and femcum
  128. >I ask her if she was okay
  129. >”....You peeked.”  She said in a poutful manner
  130. >Laugh and let my hand hang off the side of the bed
  131. >feel something grasp it and hold it in hers
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