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Conflagration's Character Sheet

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  1. Name: Conflagration
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Race: Unicorn
  4. Appearance: Orange coat with red mane and tail. Burns scar portions of his face, neck, body, and legs. Average build. His face typically bears a slightly manic look with more mania flickering inside his eyes.
  5. Class: Mage
  6. Skills:
  7. -(0)Unicorn Catalyst: Prism (Ranged), passive; a unicorn’s horn counts as a catalyst for spellcasting.
  8. -(0)Unicorn Telekinesis: spell; manipulate objects through sheer force of will. Complex tasks and heavier objects may require more focus.
  9. -(0)Elementalist: locked, passive; When you choose this skill, select an elemental type (fire, ice, lightning, etc). The elements you select can be applied to all spells you know, adding their effect to any skill with the spell tag. This skill can be taken multiple times for 1 skill point for each new element you take.
  10. -(0)Elementalist (Fire): Your spell is composed of intense flames, lighting the target on fire on success. Enemies will take 1 hit of damage for the next 2 turns. Spells that hit multiple times add a seperate case of this effect for each hit. Fire spells can be used to warm and burn objects and the environment.
  11. -(1)Homing Magic: spell, self, Recharge 2 after effect ends; Conjure a magical projectile, plus an additional one for every point you pass the DC roll by to a maximum of 5. The projectiles follow you around, and you can fire off any number of them as attacks to deal damage as a single Instant action, rolling separately for each. On Crit for the conjure roll, the bolts will home in when fired, doing at least 1 hit of damage on all failed rolls.
  12. -(1)Magic Bolt: recharge 2, spell; Fire a volatile bolt of magic to deal damage. Roll two dice and use the higher roll for results and ignoring the other completely. If one roll Crits, you may save the other roll to be used as part of your next Magic Bolt. If you use a saved Crit for Magic Bolt, it does not proc this effect.
  13. -(1)Spell Resonance: instant automatic, recharge 3, spell; The next spell you cast is automatic, provided you have used it earlier in this combat.
  14. -(2)Storm Bolt: recharge 3, spell; Unleash a flurry of magic at a single enemy, striking them multiple times with a single roll. Choose how many times this skill will hit on cast, increasing your Crit Fail range by 1 for each additional attack. Roll once, and each attack will deal that much damage on success. On Crit your catalyst is revved up from the rapid fire, giving you a Bonus Action for any spell tagged skill next turn.
  15. CM: Long since replaced by burn scars.
  16. Special Talent: Fast healing. Conflagration heals quickly from burns.
  17. Trained Talent: +1 to crit range
  18. H/W: 5+1/5
  19. Background:
  20. -Sage (one simple magical item)
  21. -An Abbean monk. An accident occured while studying an old artifact that destroyed the item and left him horribly burned, gave him his mutation, and wrought mental changes as well. He has since devoted his study to fire magic despite a propensity to catch fire himself. Has since claimed to recieve visions and made the heretical claim that Fyr was, in fact, a male and that the true holy numbers are seven or nine.
  23. Equipment: 0 shillings left
  24. -(3)sage's streetware, robes; 30 shillings each and one free
  25. -(1)maul; free
  26. -(1)magicomp; free
  27. -(1)lamp of life; free
  28. -(1)fire and heat proof saddlebags; free
  29. -(1)Sage's Armorsuit (+1 storm bolt): A variant of the Novitiate's Armorsuit that has traded its padding for aetherios circuitry. Aetherios is an ore that amplifies magical signatures, allowing for greater output of power. Adds +1 Hit to the wearer, and gives them +1 to a single spell in their repertoire. The spell for this bonus cannot be changed once it is selected; 250 Schillings
  30. -(1)Canteen; 5 shillings
  31. -(2)Medical Kit: A general purpose kit of medical equipment and instructions for treating basic wounds; counts as an automatic use of Heal, can only be used out of combat. 1 kit has 1 use; 25 Schillings each
  32. -(3)Armor Patching Kit: A general purpose kit of equipment for repairing Armorsuits. 1 kit has 1 use; 25 Schillings each
  33. -(3)Ration Capsule: A small oval capsule about 1 inch in length. When the button at the top is pushed, the capsule breaks, producing one day's worth of rations; 10 Schillings each
  34. -(3)Water Capsule: A small oval capsule about 1 inch in length. When the button at the top is pushed, the capsule breaks, producing a canteen's worth of water; 10 Schillings each
  35. -(2)Data chip: A removable chip for storing and transferring files and programs between computers and comps. 10 Schillings.
  37. Contacts:
  38. -Enemies (Level 3): Your enemy is a complete monster. Every encounter with them or their minions will be a close scrape with death, or worse. They might not be beatable through conventional means, either owing to their physical and magical power, or due to machinations they set in motion.
  40. Mutations:
  41. -Crit success and crit fail range both increased by 1. Critical fails of his flame magic cause him to combust instead.
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