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  1. I met deboi on amicitia (shrinefox's server) Deboi and I were just friends, we talked a lot and we teamed up with him and some guy named duke to make a p3fes rte editor. we used teamviewer sometimes to make the rte however sometime later i found out that deboi has  stolen some private videos off of my pc and i got mad at him. one day he sent me an app that he wanted me to test that he was making. when i opened it it just showed me that a dll was missing and i thought nothing of it. after that id sometimes find some messages frm my account that i didnt remember writing. i also got a mail about suspicious activity on my account and that discord reccomended that i change my password at once. i realized that deboi's blank app that he sent me to test was probably some kind of discord hacking tool and i told the mods at once and they cracked down and banned him. He deleted his account after a few days and i never saw deboi again.
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