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  1. == Malyce's Hands - 1 ('''NOT FINISHED YET)''' ==
  2. It was an ordinary night in an ordinary town. 7 Year old Noah lied in bed, eagerly awaiting for dreamland to sweep him off his feet and whisk him away into a land filled with bright colors and candy. But he couldn't focus on his dreamland. Something was keeping him awake. It was the sound of his parents, Julie and Liam, arguing. Recently, they hadn't been getting on well with each other and tonight was no exception. Liam had just arrived home from his job down at the harbor and sat down on his place on the couch. Liam had a hard job, he had to move crates to a storage house everyday and this really took a toll on his physique. At the end of everyday, his bones were weary and his muscled ached, which made him quite irritable.
  4. Tonight Liam felt particularly tired, he never paid attention to his wife, even when he wasn't aching from a hard day of labor. Julie and Liam's love for each other had lessened over the years, well, ''lessened ''is too nice of a word, it's more like their love was murdered by time. 15 years of marriage had really got to them both. Liam propped himself up with his elbow and stared dimly at the glaring TV screen that was airing his favourite drama show. Julie walked in with a hot cup of coffee and an apron tied around her waist. She walked up to Liam, handed him his coffee and muttered a cold greeting. "Hello Liam, how was your day at work?" Julie than took a place beside Liam and held his hand, trying to take in interest in her husband. "It was awful, like always, I never thought moving crates could be so stressful, well, at least I don't have some boring office job like most of the chumps I knew at school have." Liam then took his coffee out of Linda's other hand and placed it in front of him on the oak wood coffee table that was stained with rings from previous hot beverages. "Well at least they have decent pay, Liam. We barely have enough to feed the kid Liam, think about it, if you don't like your job, it isn't paying well and there are other opportunities out there, then why don't yo-" Julie's point was suddenly stopped by the sound of Liam's fist slamming down on the coffee table. The force of the impact made Liam's coffee almost jump out of it's mug, with only a few droplets not surviving and hitting the table. "How many times do I have to tell you, I am not quitting my job. I'm the only one who's providing for us, providing for the kid!" Julie then let go of Liam's hand and straightened her back. A stern, angry look grew on her face. "Excuse me?" Julie says in a slightly irritated tone "you're the only one providing? bullshit, who do you thinks makes dinner? Who do you think wakes the kid up in the morning?!" Liam picks up his coffee and says in a defeated tone "alright, alright I get it" He takes a sip but doesn't put the coffee down. "No, i'm not done yet Liam!" Julie shouts, not paying attention to Liam's words of submission "Who do you think drives the kid to the school and back?! Who do you think goes to the grocery store and buys groceries every week!?" Liam then gets pulls an angry face and stares directly at Julie "I get it Julie, I was wrong, you don't need to tell me" says Liam sternly, still holding his coffee in his hand. "No Liam! You ''don't ''get it. I work my ass of everyday, being a housemaid, driving to school, cooking for you two and somehow I don't get a right to complain but you do! How's that fair?" Julie shouts, no, screams.
  6. This is what 7 year old Noah hears, all the while desperately struggling to reach his dreamland so he can avoid this muffled shouting. He eventually did, just in time in fact to escape the sound of the atrocities his dad was going to commit...
  8. After Noah had fallen asleep, the argument only grew bigger and bigger, Julie kept on going on about how it was unfair how whenever she complained about Noah being annoying, or how the cooking was difficult, she was always told to "shut up you stupid bitch!" Julie had clearly had enough. She expressed this by going completely mental. By now Liam had finished his Coffee and had started on the hard liquor and he maybe had one too many. "I do so much for you and Noah! What do I get back?! I get told to shut up and sex that I don't even want! you're arrogant, narcissistic and selfish, i'm done with you Liam!" Liam's eyes widen in anger and shock and his nostrils flare. "Shut the fuck up!" he throws the empty coffee mug and it shatters into almost a million pieces. Liam gets up from his seat and slaps Julie across the face with the back of his hand and she falls down, he then grabs Julie and brings her up and pushes her against the wall, his hand sliding up under her apron and starts groping her. Julie lets out terrible screech of helplessness, the man who was molesting her was not her husband, but rather a monster consumed by alcohol. "we're going to do it like we always did in the past, I'm have sex with you after a long days work and you will enjoy it you stupid little slut!" Liam shouts. He then proceeds to undo the apron and lift up her skirt and pulls down her underwear, all the while Julie is struggling, trying to free herself from Liam's iron grip, she manages to let slip a hand where she elbows Liam and then knees him in the crotch. Liam staggers back in pain and Julie makes a dash towards her wallet and a coat and then leaves the house, all the while Liam is curled up on the floor in pain.
  10. == Malyce's Hands - 2 ==
  11. Noah woke up the next morning, excited because it was Saturday, he could do anything he wanted (within reason), the world was his oyster, but this was soon smashes by reality. As he walks down the hallway he hears his mum sobbing from the lounge, and a few other voices he didn't recognize. He brushed his teeth and changed into some of his own clothes and went downstairs and saw 4 police officers and his dad, Liam, being escorted out of the house, in handcuffs. Noah knew that his parents were arguing often but he never suspected things to get ''this ''out of hand. He rushes down the rest of the stairs and runs up to his mum and gives her a big hug. "Noah! You scared me, jesus... please Noah, go back upstairs, i'm sorting something out okay, I love you." Julie says in a calm, depressing tone. Noah looks down, then back up to his mum, still clinging on. "Mummy, where's daddy going?" Noah asks sadly. The whole atmosphere of the room turned awkward, in a sad way. "Noah, i'll explain later okay? For now just go to your room and play, or watch a movie, do anything, just leave mummy alone, mummy is doing some important things right now okay?" Noah let's go and walks back upstairs, he hears behind him the officer asking questions like "Whats your name? How old are you?" and Julie responding with the appropriate answers "i'm 29, and my name is Julie Bennetts, it's spelt B-E-N-N-E-T-T-S."
  13. === 5 years later... ===
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