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  1. Username: -shookjin-
  2. Password: like a cat
  4. ✨Boombayah✨
  6. Birthname: Mei Agustin
  7. Nickname: baby, MeiMei
  8. Birthdate: Sept. 28, 2002
  9. Age: 14
  10. Weight: 46 kg.
  11. Height: 154 cm.
  13. ✨Playing with Fire✨
  15. Birth place: Cebu City, Philippines
  16. Home town: Okinawa, Japan
  17. Nationality: Filipino-Japanese
  18. Ethnicity: Asian
  19. Languages: Japanese, Tagalog, Korean
  20. Face claim: April - Lee Jin Sol
  21. Backup Face claim: Arie - Mixx
  23. ✨Whistle✨
  25. Personality: Mei is very loud, outgoing, happy, and social. She gets along with almost everyone and treats everyone she meets as if they were her bestfriend. Mei is a super fun person to be around. She loves to mess around with her friends and just make the most out of her time. However, Mei can be naive. She often trusts people easily, which isn't he safest thing ever. Mei is also very caring and responsible. She knows when to take on work and help others with benefit. She tries helping everyone around her out.
  27. Background: Mei and her family has often struggled financially. Her mom and dad both working a full time job to keep her family of 5 going. She grew up with the stress around her family, and she had always made it her goal to help her parents out. One day as Mei was taking a shopping spree at a mall, she was scouted. Mei didn't really know much about the kpop fandom, but she did her research, and realized she could help pay expenses for her parents. She took the audition, made it in, and learned the Korean language over her trainee Years.
  29. Trivia:
  30. •Mei is scared of dogs, but she loves them
  31. •Her favorite color is red
  32. •Mei always needs something to cuddle in her sleep
  33. •She is obsessed with bubble tea/boba
  34. •Mei has always wanted to learn how to rap, but she prefers singing more
  37. •Bubble tea
  38. •Summer
  39. •The beach
  40. •Piano
  41. •Hip hop music
  42. •Making friends
  44. Dislikes:
  45. •being alone
  46. •quiet spaces
  47. •spicy foods
  48. •doing nothing
  49. •cold weather
  50. •Anything scary like horror movies, games, books, etc.
  53. ✨Stay✨
  55. Message to author-nim: I hope you like my form! ^-^ Good luck on Ace entertainment if I make it or not. :)
  56. Message to other trainees: Hello! I hope you have a successful debut! Fighting!! ~
  57. Suggestions: maybe you can make interactions with trainees, like being close friends or besties.
  58. Solo or group: group
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