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  1. =====================================================================================
  3. -Real ammunition cannot damage its armour
  4. -Beam weapons are deflected by its I-field
  5. -Can teleport
  6. -Can warp its attacks (can warp a beam shot directly INTO a cockpit)
  7. -Beam rifle at maximum power is stronger than a colony laser
  8. -Regeneration
  9. -The Moonlight Butterfly that destroyed Earth's civilization was at 20% power
  10. -System Turn A's chest's multipurpose silo can summon weapons (it can only "summon" stuff from Earth, and apparently it can only be done with special devices made specifically for the Turn A.)
  11. -The Moonlight Butterfly at 100% output can cover everything from Earth to Jupiter
  12. -The teleportation system makes it possible for, as long as there are nanomachines available at all, regenerate everything entirely, including the pilot (Teleportation system apparently "saves" the status of the machine and everything in it and sends it somewhere. The nanomachines can use that data to regenerate everything (it just takes ages, depending on how much needs to be regenerated; Complete regeneration of everything is said to take thousands of years)
  13. -The Turn Series uses DG cell technology (not stated if they actually use DG cells, probably just using some know-how from them in the nanomachines).
  14. -They're actually meant for newtypes to pilot, as they were created by the newtypes (who left the Earth sphere) for interstellar war.
  15. -The Turn A's hands are so sensitive they can be used to pick up a regular human-sized bucket of water.
  16. -The Keilas Guilie or however you spell it (the attack satellite and beam cannon from Victory Gundam) can't even scratch the Turn A, and the Turn X Top can take control of it remotely (Turn A probably can too).
  17. -Turn A's power source is two "縮退炉" ("degeneracy engines").
  18. -The I-field beam drive system creates a film of particles over the surface of the machine and moves the parts (hence the lack of any need for motors and shit inside).
  20. =====================================================================================
  22. >>運用思想は徹底した「単機による作戦行動」であり、通常の兵器に求
  24. められる「用途に応じた機能の特化」という大原則を無視したものとなっ
  25. ている
  27. Turn A is created to carry out entire operations on its own (unlike other conventional weapons which are created just to fulfill certain roles)
  29. >>過去のガンダムシリーズのIフィールドとは異なり、∀ガンダムのそれ
  31. は実体弾及び衝撃波等にも対応している
  33. I-field works on physical ammunition and shock as well as beams.
  35. >>動力源の「DHGCP」は、資料では「縮退炉を2基搭載したもの」としか記
  37. 述されていない
  39. The info on the "DHGCP" in the setting materials just says that it uses two degeneracy reactors.
  41. Info on the beam rifle:
  42. >>共振粒子砲(リフェーザー砲)。
  43. Is not a mega particle cannon but a "rephaser" (kanji says resonating particles) cannon.
  45. >>本機は巨大な宇宙戦闘艦と戦う事を想定していたため、高出力光学兵
  47. 装を有している
  48. Extremely powerful, as it was made to fight gigantic space battleships.
  50. Beam saber:
  51. >>プラズマを電磁場で固定し、敵を焼き切る
  52. Focuses electromagnetic fields with plasma to cut through enemies with heat.
  54. Gundam Hammer
  55. >>ハンマー部分からIフィールドを展開でき、それによって敵機体の駆動
  57. 系に干渉できる
  58. The Turn A spreads the I-field over the hammer itself and messes with the power of targets this way.
  60. Multipurpose silo:
  61. >>本来はビーム砲のドライブユニットやミサイルシステム、マシンガン
  63. など、近接戦闘用の各種武装や装備、または補助動力装置などを収納する
  64. ためのもの
  65. Originally meant for beam cannon drive units, missile systems, machine guns, other short-range weapons, additional power and so on.
  67. =====================================================================================
  69. Continued, stuff not seen in the show:
  71. System ∀:
  72. >>何を指していたものか」は謎のままとなっている
  73. >>一説ではマルチパーパスサイロと連動した支援システム(空間跳躍に
  75. よって武装を転送するサポートシステム)が、それであるとする説もある
  76. It is unknown what "System ∀" actually refers to, but some think it has something to do with the multipurpose silo's weapon teleportation system.
  78. DOC Base and 7th-GMPT
  79. >>DOC(デバイスオペレーションコントロール)ベースと呼ばれるモビル
  81. アーマーや、“7th-GMPT”と呼ばれる兵器(もしくはシステム)などの設定が
  83. 考案されていたようだ。作品には出てきていないが、その名残があるもの
  84. もある。
  85. A mobile armour called "DOC (device operation control) base" and a weapon or system called 7th-GMPT (for "7th generation Minovsky particle theory") existed as well.
  87. >>DOCベースは、∀ガンダムとセットで運用され、従来のモビルスーツの
  89. 運用を覆す強力な戦術システムであった。ここで∀ガンダムの胸部に収め
  90. る装備を状況に応じて変更しする整備・支援設備としての機能もあった。ベ
  92. ースはビシニティの地下に存在していたが、正暦の時代にはその機能を停
  93. 止していた[5]。設定画(もしくは設定画の案)もあったようで、その絵を
  94. 元に雑誌の企画でスクラッチビルドによるモデル化がされたこともあった。
  97. The DOC base is a tactical system to come in a set with the Turn A that overturns conventional mobile suit operation. It has the ability to change the Turn A's chest compartment's equipment, and provide support. It was under Vicinity, but by the events of Turn A could no longer work. ART OF IT EXISTS, AND MODELS HAVE BEEN MADE OF BY MAGAZINES, APPARENTLY.
  99. =====================================================================================
  101. >>DOCベースや7th-GMPTは劇中にこそ登場しないものの、番組放映当初にバ
  102. ンダイから発売されたプラモデルの機体解説にはこの名称が明記されている
  105. DOC Base and 7th-GMPT never showed up canonically, but you can see their names in the model kit materials from the time.
  106. From the comic:
  107. >>黒歴史時代の∀がワンカット描かれており、右肩のサーベルラックに
  109. は通常のビームサーベルとは異なる詳細不明の装置が取り付けられている
  111. Black History-era Turn A had something else (not a beam saber) in its right saber rack. What it is, is unknown.
  113. From the novels:
  114. >>「月光蝶を前面に放射しバリアーを形成」「機体の一部とナノマシン
  116. が残っていれば、数千年以上の時間はかかるものの機体の再生が可能」「
  117. 空間転移」などの機能も見せた
  118. The Moonlight Butterfly can be projected in front of the Turn A to create a barrier, if enough nanomachines and certain parts of the machine are left it can regenerate completely over a few thousand years, and it can teleport.
  120. >>このうち空間転移はアニメ中でも発動したような描写がある。第43話
  121. バンデットの前でビームサーベルを回転させた後と、第44話でソシエとスエ
  123. ッソンが戦っている場に登場したシーンである。
  124. Of these, the teleportation ability was seen in the show in episode 43 when it waved its beam sabers in front of the Bandit, and in episode 44 when Sochie and Sweatson Sutero were fighting.
  126. =====================================================================================
  128. >>これは、小説版を初めとした他メディア展開の際に、要素を膨らませ
  130. る事を可能とする余地であり、更に本編での戦闘規模が巨大化する可能性
  131. も視野に入れて、材料としての設定が莫大に用意されているためである[7](
  133. 各設定資料集などの文献から、それらを思わせるような記述は存在するの
  134. で、福井が執筆の際に渡された資料を参考にしたと思われる)。
  136. All of this was because they were considering the possibility of expanding the scale of battle in Turn. More evidence of this can be seen in other materials from around the same time, and the novelization is based on the materials from that time.
  138. G Generation Spirits:
  139. >>Gジェネレーションスピリッツでは、ビームライフルから発射された複
  141. 数のビームが空間転移し、敵の周囲360度の場所からランダムに現れて時間
  142. 的にもランダムにも現れ、敵を狙撃する。これにより実質的にファンネル
  143. などのオールレンジ兵器を使用せずともオールレンジ攻撃が可能というシー
  145. ンがある。
  146. In G Generation Spirits, the Turn A warps the beams from its rifle and snipes at targets from all directions, effectively executing all-range attacks without any funnel-type weapons.
  148. =====================================================================================
  150. Turn A variations
  152. System-∀98 Prototype ∀ Gundam
  153. Also known as the testbed ∀. Has a different chest structure and a head more strongly resembling the Turn X's, and its cockpit is in the head.
  155. System-∀99 ∀ Gundam
  156. (The mustache we don't quite know but love)
  158. System-∀99 ∀ Gundam Full Equipment Type
  159. (No further info)
  161. Mass Production ∀ Gundam
  162. A mass production model of the Turn A with some features excluded. Seen briefly in the comic version, Has nothing to do with the mass production White Doll that Guin Lineford was planning to make.
  164. Sumo Gundam
  165. An early idea by Syd Mead, also known as the "M Version". Is a Sumo with a Gundam face hiding behind the face cover. Was once modelled by Dengeki Hobby Magazine and painted in traditional Gundam colours. There is no official setting for this design, but some references to it exist (for example, it is mentioned how the Turn A and Sumo's cockpits are compatible),
  167. =====================================================================================
  169. Currently checking out's general Turn A MS section.
  171. -Kapul
  172. See: Kapool
  174. -Borjarnon
  175. See: Zaku series
  177. -Cannon Illefuto
  178. Judging from its height of 15 metres and the cockpit block similar to those of around UC 0120, it can be assumed that it's from the age of the Babylonia war.
  179. Made for mid-range combat, as it is only armed with vulcans and a gatling cannon and no melee weapons at all. Has no beam shield which was standard issue for the Babylonia era, but is equipped with a conventional shield with a cross mark that looks similar to the Earth Federation's.
  181. -Muttowoooo
  182. See: Bound Doc
  184. -Turn X
  185. See: Turn X (will do so after this)
  187. -Bandit
  188. Ginganam serial number: G-M1F. Original serial number: XM-0754. Can move without a pilot (controlled remotely?), but control method is unknown. Can also operate on its own using something called a "Mobile Warrior (system?)" (related to the MD system?). Actually a policing MS made for combating MS crime, and is so equipped with weapons meant for capturing other MS. Weapon rack on the back had knives and scissors. Frame uses nanomachines, and it was apparently sealed away when the use of nanomachines was banned. The beam saber is not the kind that receives energy from the hand, but is activated by a switch. Arms are equipped with "wire-claw machines" (official name unknown). Capable of atmospheric flight. It should be noted that "XM" was used by the Crossbone Vanguard, but that the setting behind the Bandit doesn't seem to fit in with it.
  190. =====================================================================================
  192. -Zusan
  193. Refer to Zusan
  195. -Flat
  196. FLAT-L06D, originally a "riot mobile suit" created for riot control in cities, but were later modified for atmospheric entry.
  197. FLAT is an acronym for "Flexible Ladder Actuator Technology". Machine uses a unique frame called the Spine System in which everything is based around the spine.
  198. The Sonic Blast attack is created from low-frequency audio waves generated by micromachine scales' oscillating particles.
  199. By extending super-high vibrations faster than soundspeed (is this a term in English? Like lightspeed, only, like, soundspeed) to the armour, this creates a "Sonic Shield".
  200. Can capture textures with cameras on its back and project them onto the surface of the micromachines to camouflage itself like a chameleon.
  201. The Seed MS' PS armour apparently uses similar technology.
  203. -Wadom
  204. JMA-0530. Diana Counter mobile suit, but the serial number comes from G Gundam's Neo Japan. The beam cannon is referred to as a mega particle cannon in some materials. The name Wadom comes from "Walking Doom". Setting-wise, the Wadom equips technology to disable Minovsky particles (7th-GMPT)
  206. -Wad
  207. MRC-U11D. "Walking Dumping". Uses a "spine frame".
  209. -Verona
  210. MRC-C03. Wad variant used for construction work and so on.
  212. -Mobile Rib "Jet Stream"
  213. MR-SP105Ω. Uses the same spin frame as the Wad. Made for construction work, but tough enough for combat if used right.
  215. -Sumo
  216. See: Sumo
  218. =====================================================================================
  220. -Eagel
  221. TAF-M9. Corin Nander's MS. Once fought over the control of Mars, and is said to have technological connections to the Gundam Virsago. Uses the Wad's spine frame.
  223. -Gozzo
  224. NRS-P701. Serial number indicates that it was made by After War's New Earth Federation, and the cockpit design agrees with that. Made for use as a support unit in space combat, and so it is hard to use (loses balance easily) on Earth.
  226. -Godwin
  227. Modified Gozzo.
  229. -Mahiro
  230. G838. Ginganam's squad's main MS. Said to use the Mobile Trace System. Serial number comes from G = Ginganam, 8 = number of TECH-SPEAK motors, 3 = propulsion system's databus n-count, 8 = TECH-SPEAK freedom level of the TECH-SPEAK motors. Named after its designer, Maeda Mahiro.
  232. (original poster did not translate the terms related to the model number system, but rather opted to say "TECH-SPEAK" instead)
  234. =====================================================================================
  236. Units not seen in TV/movie versions:
  238. -Moon Butterfly
  239. Seen in the Fukui novelization. Piloted by Diana Soriel and Kiel Heim. A large mobile armour in the form of a butterfly, equipped with psycommu, armed with butterfly-shaped funnels.
  241. -Gekkouchou (yes, in kanji)
  242. Seen in the Satou novelization. A machine from Gym Ghingnham's grandfather's collection, hidden in Mistletoe. Pilot is Diana Soriel. Described as a "big red flower bud" or "vagina" (NOT MAKING THIS UP. "乙女の秘所".) which transforms into a "butterfly shining whitely with the colours of the moon" emerges. Almost as big as the Soleil (!?), and has an MS in the form of a goddess at its core.
  244. -Black Doll
  245. From the Satou novelization. A big black MS, described to sound like the Psyco Gundam, dug up from the Lost Mountain. (Note: This is where Gwen's "Black Doll"/Psyco in Alpha Gaiden came from)
  247. -4LEG
  248. Another design by Mead that never showed up. Seems to be a transformable Militia utility mobile suit. Transforms from some that looks like a Flat to a strange mobile armour, and its design was reused in Gundam Seed's Aegis Gundam. Also, full scratch models were made of it by Dengeki Hobby Magazine and Model Graphics.
  250. -Mobile Gaudarda (Gauderda? Gaudada? Something.)
  251. From the comic. An MS for training base on the Flat (smaller than the Flat).
  253. =====================================================================================
  255. Turn X.
  256. Concept-X 6-1-2 (Concept-X Project-6 Division-1 Block-2)
  258. Mystery MS found in a mountain cycle on the moon, with many things in common with the Turn A.
  260. Its name is supposed to mean "The one who strayed (turned) from the path at the tenth (X = 10) planet/star". (No, I have no fucking idea what this is supposed to mean. Original text:「10番目(X=ローマ数字の10)の星により道を曲げられたもの」)
  262. Its has several different contradicting stories about its origin, and the truth is unknown.
  264. One explanation says that it was a machine made for interstellar travel by the newtypes that somehow found its way to Earth, and that the Earthnoids, expecting an invasion, then studied it to improve their technology and created the Turn A.
  266. On the other hand, Ghingnham says that it was created to be the successor to the Turn A, and that it is superior.
  268. (Note: I've seen stuff on 2ch saying that it was the Turn A that drifted to Earth, and that the Turn X is a copy based on it)
  270. The only definite fact we know off its past is that it fought the Turn A, lost, and that Earth's civilization was then destroyed by the Turn A.
  272. It is not symmetrical because it lost its shape as it repaired itself time after time. The X-shaped scar on its chest was caused by the Turn A and was too deep for the nanomachines to repair.
  274. The Turn X Top can control the Keilas Guilie, and its face is a traditional twin-eye Gundam one, hidden behind the helmet.
  276. -Equipment
  278. Back-mounted weapons platform ("Carapace"):
  279. Beam rifle
  280. Bazooka
  281. Hand beam cannon
  282. Triple missile launcher
  283. The platform can fly on its own, and seems to have space for more weapons that were never excavated. Said to also serve as a propulsion system for interstellar travel in some sources.
  285. Wire claw:
  286. Three equipped on the right hand. Wires with small claws and laser cannons on the tips, made for piercing enemy cockpits.
  288. =====================================================================================
  290. Youdanhasai (hard to translate, but the basic nuance is "destroying by melting and tearing through") manipulator:
  291. Recorded in the machine's database as "Shining Finger". Unlike the real Shining Finger, it uses the I-field to shape a beam-thing or UGH MORE TECHNOBABBLE. The manipulator can also shape the beam-thing into a beam saber, or open fire with it like a beam rifle. The name "Shining Finger" is not on the setting materials. Also, its way of using the attack is based on the God Gundam's God Finger used against the Zeus Gundam.
  293. Triple beam projection system:
  294. Beam cannons located in the youdanhasai manipulator. Used during Bloody Siege.
  296. All-range attack system:
  297. The Turn X can split into nine parts (head, arms, legs, chest, back, hips, weapon platform) and float around firing beams. They can also generate a machine-disabling magnetic field when they surround a target.
  299. Bloody Siege:
  300. The name of the attack using the all-range attack system.
  302. Gekkouchou:
  303. You know.
  305. Design
  306. Syd Mead said that the Turn X was something he drew up in half an hour, after seeing the sakura in the garden in an inn in Izu, and considers it the best work for Turn A Gundam that he did.
  308. It didn't show up for most of the show because the staff found drawing it extremely time-consuming, and as a result plans like having only the head show up until the last two episodes, or covering it up in nanoskin like a mummy until the last episode were tossed around. Mead originally drew it to be white, and Tomino suggested it be Zaku green, and it eventually ended up an extremely pale green.
  310. =====================================================================================
  312. MG kit, page 2: Tomino's intro. Wow he's long-winded. Going on seeing imported American model kits 50 years ago, skipping this.
  314. Page 6, body and head unit:
  315. The Turn A's head is pretty much a whole ton of sensors tossed together.
  317. Control of the machine is carried out by the pilot, but also by the spine impulse sensors in the seat which pick up the pilot's will.
  319. Control of the nanomachines is in the head.
  321. Option hangers on the back can hold beam rifles and shields and so on.
  323. When sortying, it can choose equipment inside the DOC Base (INSIDE?), and so enter battle with the optimum equipment.
  325. (INSIDE? I was thinking Orchis, but now it sounds more like the mustache actually piloting some massive MA.)
  327. Pg 8. arm units:
  328. Stuff can also be equipped on the latches on the forearm.
  329. Support and maintenance is important in the Turn A's design philosophy, and it was originally meant to serve as a powerful tactical system with the DOC Base.
  331. Pg 9. leg and waist unit:
  332. Nothing new (stuff on thrusters and the cockpit and shit).
  334. Pg 15, weapons:
  335. Turn A was meant to be, together with the DOC Base, the ultimate mobile weapon.
  336. (Nothing else that's new)
  338. The Gundam Ace thing that came with the first edition moustache just has stuff on the kit itself, the making of the kit, the show, and some art. Eh.
  340. =====================================================================================
  342. Oh, cool, the Devil Gundam article mentions Turn A.
  344. In Turn A, the DG cells were later researched and used for various peaceful purposes, including their original one of healing the Earth's environment. The new DG cells included an apotheosis program to prevent evolution, regeneration and growth outside of their purpose.
  346. The nanomachines in Turn A are in other words the descendants of the DG cells, which brought a great paradigm shift to mankind, but also led them to self-destruction.
  348. In the Turn A novelization and Turn A Gundam Record Collection 2 (∀ガンダム記録全集2), there is mention of a terrorist attack involving spreading a virus through nanomachines causing them to attack mankind and bring civilization to its feet, a veritable second DG cell crisis.
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