Sour sweetness (SSxAnon, fluff, gimmebabies)

Jun 5th, 2017
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  1. "B-because I like you. A lot."
  2. >Her scowl becomes a dumbfounded expression when the words leave your mouth, the tears threatening to flow down her cheeks staying stuck in the corner of her eyes
  3. "And I-I don't know... Maybe I shouldn't, a part of me tells me I shouldn't, but I just can't. I'm just so happy whenever you're around, Sour."
  4. >She inhales when your reach for her hand, your thumb stroking along its side to help you get the point across, to try and show her that you're serious about it.
  5. >And your heart skips a beat when you feel her fingers tightens around yours, securing them in place.
  6. >But she doesn't say anything, expectantly waiting for your next move.
  7. "You're funny, you're cute, you're smart... you're the only one I can joke about anything with and you always find a way to cheer me up when I feel like shit. And I know that deep inside you're nothing but sweetness. I can see it whenever you try your best staying... in control, and I can see how much it affects you when you... when you freak out."
  8. >Her eyes leave yours when the tears start flowing.
  9. "I understand that it's not your fault, a-and..."
  10. >You reach for her cheek with your left hand, lifting her glistening eyes to yours.
  11. "And I want to help you, I want to be there if you need me. Whenever you need me"
  12. >You stay lost in her indigo eyes for what seems like minutes, waiting for her response.
  13. "S-so, what do--"
  14. >The slap comes so fast you don't even see it coming, the sting of it reminding you that this isn't a dream.
  15. >You slowly bring your fingers to the red mark. It's not painful, she's hit you harder before. And as sad as it is to say it, you're used to it.
  16. >But you're hurt. The ache coming from your chest rather than your cheek.
  17. >It gets even worse when you find her teary face. You know that expression very well, and you wish you didn't.
  18. >She's so sorry.
  19. >She tries to open her mouth a couple times but nothing comes out but a sob she stifles using her right palm.
  21. >You shake your head knowingly, trying to convey that you don't mind what just happened before the words can even leave your mouth.
  22. "N-no, I'm fine, it's okay don't--"
  23. >This time it's her lips that shuts you up.
  24. >You freeze, eyes wide in surprise. You don't know what to do, you barely have the time to think, everything always goes so fast with her.
  25. >You feel her arms wrap themselves around your frame, one holding you close and the other pulling your face against hers, her first clenching around your hair to keep you in place, right where you are.
  26. >Right where she wants you to be.
  27. >Right where you want to be.
  28. >So you lean in and accept it, everything she has to offer, the softness of her lips, the sweetness of her perfume, the ardor of her hug.
  29. >You feel this intoxicating warmth you only ever dreamed of filling you when you hear her sigh happily and feel her lips forming a smile against your own when you return her hug.
  30. >Her lips finally breaks the contact, leaving you wanting more but her fistful behind your neck keeps you in place.
  31. >"You better be serious about this, because I am."
  32. >You nod.
  33. "Of course I am I--"
  34. >She cuts you off once more by pulling you in, her face burrowing itself against your neck.
  35. >You raise a hand to softly pat her head and stroke her hair when you feel tears hit your skin.
  36. >"I-I'm so sorry Anon, I just don't want to be alone..."
  37. >Your heart finds your throat and you think of what to say to cheer her up for a moment but you can't find the courage to tell her.
  38. >"Don't leave me..."
  39. >You tighten your hug against her, and she does the same.
  40. "Of course not, I wouldn't ever--"
  41. >"It wasn't a question, dumbass..."
  42. "I-I know."
  44. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  45. (Other green but I'll put it here since you 'could' see it as a follow up.
  46. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  48. "How about you stop taking these?"
  49. >She blinks, her eyes narrowing and an eyebrow raising quizzically.
  50. >"These are my birth control pills Anon."
  51. "I know."
  52. >She blinks again.
  53. >She pauses for a good minute, scanning your face to see if you were joking.
  54. >You reach forward and take her hand in yours.
  55. "It's been three years since we've been living together babe..."
  56. >Her mouth opens up, but nothing comes.
  57. "I-I've been thinking about this for a while now, you know? And I think now would be a good time."
  58. >Her eyes drop down to your intertwining fingers for a second, then come back up.
  59. >She shakes her head and your heart drops.
  60. >"I-I don't know Anon, maybe we should wait some more?"
  61. >It took you a week just to find the courage to bring the subject, no way you let it go just like that.
  62. "What for? We've got jobs, a house, money... and I love you."
  63. >You bring her hand to your lips and give it a kiss.
  64. >You see tears forming in her eyes, and they drop once more.
  65. "I-I..."
  66. >You sigh.
  67. >Maybe it is too early?
  68. "Listen, Sour, it's okay, if you think that we're not ready for this then I'll... I'll stick with you anyway."
  69. >Then you see the first tear rolling down her cheek.
  70. >Oh fuck.
  71. "Sweetie no,"
  72. >You instantly pull her in a bear hug.
  73. "I-I don't mind, don't worry about that, just don't cry--"
  74. >"That's not it dumbass."
  75. >She returns the hug, her hands roaming your back for a second, her right one instantly finding its place around your neck, grabbing a fistful of your hair.
  76. >You internally sigh in relief. She only calls you that when she's happy.
  77. "Then why--"
  78. >"I'm scared Anon..."
  79. "I'm here."
  80. >You turn your head to kiss her temple and then tightens your embrace, trying to show her that you're here, to reassure her that you're here to stay.
  83. >"W-what if... you know..."
  84. >She sniffs and use your neck to wipe the tears off her cheeks.
  85. >She leans back a bit for your eyes to meet.
  86. >"What if the kid ends up like me?"
  87. >You can't stop your own tears at this point. It just destroys you to see her like that.
  88. >You breathe, deep and hard.
  89. >You thought about this too. You're not stupid. But you didn't think /she/ would bring this up.
  90. >"I-I don't want him to end up like me, always pissed at the whole world and everyone would say he's crazy a-and...--"
  91. "You're not crazy."
  92. >She opens her mouth but shuts it instantly. You've had this conversation before.
  93. >"I know that, b-but they don't..."
  94. "Who cares about 'them'? You didn't need 'them', right?"
  95. >"No but..."
  96. "No buts here,"
  97. >You stroke her cheek, pulling a rogue strand of hair away from her beautiful eye.
  98. "Your had a loving family, loving friends,"
  99. >You add, grinning when you find what to say.
  100. "Even your cat loved you, and this little shit hated everyone!"
  101. >She snorts.
  102. >"No, he just hated /your/ ass."
  103. "That's what I said."
  104. >You won't ever have enough of her cute laugh.
  105. >That's way better.
  106. "And you have me now. And I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon."
  107. >You lean down and give her lips a quick kiss.
  108. "I'm sure you could've ended up way worse than with this hunk of a man right here."
  109. >You wiggle your eyebrows enticingly and she rolls her eyes grinning at you.
  110. >"Oh yeah you're right, I'm so lucky to have this big green dumbass as a boyfriend."
  111. >If this came out of anyone else's mouth you'd feel hurt.
  112. >Then she leans up and gives you a kiss of her own, this one lingering for a couple seconds before she decides breaking it up, pressing her forehead against yours and eskimo-kissing you, her indigo eyes stuck on yours the whole time.
  113. "My point is...,"
  114. >Your grin drops for a genuine smile before continuing.
  115. "that you're happy right now, right?"
  116. >You feel like melting under her touch when her hand starts stroking along your neck.
  119. >"Of course I am you dumb fuck."
  120. "Then everything's cool, isn't it?"
  121. >She sighs.
  122. >"You're not going to drop this so easily, are you?"
  123. >You shake your head.
  124. "Giving you a child is my endgame girl, no way I'm dropping it."
  125. >She looks away for a second, thinking.
  126. >Then her eyes comes back up, anxiety and hope filling them.
  127. >"A-and... you won't be disappointed in her if she ends up like me?"
  128. >You blink.
  129. "Her?"
  130. >She blushes.
  131. >"I-it's just, I was simply--"
  132. >Your heart soars just thinking about it.
  133. "So you're already planning on giving me a daughter huh?"
  134. >You add, smugness dripping from your face.
  135. >And she decides to pinch your right nipple as punishment.
  136. "AAAAAh?! No, stop--ah!"
  137. >"You think you're clever huh?!"
  138. "Ah! Is joke! Just joke, please don't tear it out!"
  139. >"Hmph!"
  140. >You sigh in relief when she lets go of it, her frame leaning down back to hug you, her face nuzzling your shoulder.
  141. >You try to reach your wounded protrusion to try and rub the pain away but she bats it with her hand, deciding that she'd make a far better job at it than you ever could.
  142. >You're quite certain that she can feel your heart hammering in your chest from there.
  143. "And if..."
  144. >You breathe once more, steeling yourself for the rest.
  145. "And if /she/ ends up like you, well, it'll give me even more reasons to love her."
  146. >She freezes for a moment.
  147. >Did you fuck up?
  148. >Then she pushes her way out of your grasp, her expression unreadable from where you are.
  149. "W-what--"
  150. >"You won loverboy."
  151. >You blink, then you see her grabbing the end of your shirt, pulling it up.
  152. "What's up, what--"
  153. >"I'll give you your babies."
  154. >Wow
  155. "Wait, right now?"
  156. >She doesn't respond, and you can't add anything when you find your face full of your shirt.
  157. >Other than moan like a faggot when you feel her soft lips kissing your still hurting nipple.
  158. "W-wait sweetie ah~"
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