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  1. Botany
  2. +5---
  3. +4-Rataan Lumber
  4. +3-Yew log/Mahogany Log/Pine Branch/La Noscea Orange
  5. +2-Pine Log/Yew Branch/Mahogany Branch/Bamboo Stick
  6. +1-Sun Lemon/Mistletoe
  7. +0---Arrowood Branch/Maple Sap/Elm Log
  8. -1-Oak Log/Oak Branch/Ash Branch/Swan Feather/Elm Branch
  9. -2-Ash Log/Walnut Branch/Iron Acorn/Maple Log
  10. -3-Walnut Log/Wildfowl Feather/Chestnut Branch
  11. -4-Black Truffle/Eagle Feather/Gil Bun/Chestnut Log
  12. -5---
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