A Kisaeng Couple - 03

Apr 27th, 2020
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~ A Kisaeng Couple / A Parasitic Couple ~

(T/N: "기생부부" => "Kisaeng Bubu" with "Kisaeng" meaning either Geisha or Parasitic and "Bubu" meaning "Married Couple", I'll search later for the actual title of the toon)

기생부부 --- Publisher Link

By 데빌메이크라이 --- 현림 --- Sukwoo Studio

TAGS: #Wife #Girlfriend #Married_Woman #Secret_Relationship #NTR #Conglomerate #Drama

Notable Characters:

Name / Nickname Relationship Description
Park Hana / 하나 (FMC) Married Ji-Ho's wife, a woman with a chilly personality
Jun Young / 준영 (MC) Iseul's BF An ordinary office worker who's been fired because of a failed trade.
Iseul / 이슬 (FMC² => GF) Jun Young's GF A charming girlfriend who cares a lot about Jun Young.
Park Ji-Ho / 지호 (MC²) Married Jun Young's high school best friend, a successful man. Husband of Hana.
Min Kyung / 민경 (Maid) Single Ji-Ho's maid, has an amazing figure.

Synopsis: Jun Young, whose life has been ruined by the lost of his job due to a failed trade (Not really because he failed a trade but his behavior at work changed because of this betting addiction, when he lost his investment he focused solely on stock market neglecting his own work). He's now the driver of his best friend Ji-Ho.. One day he met Hana, his friend's wife. The first time he saw her he started to feel some strange desire...

Chapter - 03

Oliver Hotel MC x Blonde

Blonde is still giving head to MC, meanwhile, GF hears the moans of Jun Young through the telephone and wonders what's going on..

MC's Place MC x GF x MC² (So it was GF's place last time, they aren't living together)

MC is waking up in his bed the next morning.. Still feeling a bit dizzy after the event of last night. He's surprised to hear the sound of the door opening and notices a fucking angry girlfriend coming in.. He stands up in hurry to greet her and asks her what's going on for her to come at this hour...

He narrates how he made up a story explaining he met a friend last night and was brought by him to a karaoke club.. How she heard the moans of his friend and the doumi he called.. MC says how he was in the room next to them and didn't participate in it, while apologizing.

After telling her a bunch of lies, MC is kneeling on top of of his bed, facing GF's cold glare.. He keeps apologizing, begging her to believe him.. GF has teary eyes.. She looks at him asking if his lies are making any sense, she explains how she heard the voice like it was neat the cellphone and now she's supposed to believe his friend was in another room..

She asks him the name of this supposed friend.. He tells her how the man is called Park Ji-Ho a friend from high-school. GF stares at him and tells him to call this "Ji-Ho" right now if he wants her to believe him. She says how they'll be fixed if MC² tells her the same story than him.

MC looks at her, not knowing what to answer.. He thinks how he fucked up..

MC is now calling MC².. Once Ji-Ho picked up the call MC introduces himself and apologized to MC² wanting to clear up the situation but before he could even says a word GF snatches the cellphone from MC's hand and asks directly introduces herself to him as MC's girlfriend. She apologizes for her ruddiness and goes straight to the point asking him if he was with MC last night.

She narrates MC's side of the story asking if everything he said was true.. (Coming to a karaoke club and meeting some doumi.. How MC rejected having sex etc..) MC² is almost ruining story but plays along and tells to GF what she wants to hear..
MC² praises MC for being such a faithful man.. How he kept praising GF last night saying he'll never cheat on her etc.. GF is surprised and glads to have such a boyfriend.

MC heaves a sigh of relief after hearing everything.. GF apologizes for the bother and for doubting both of them.. MC² tells her to not worry and to take care of MC since he looked dispirited last night and hopes they'll meet pretty soon.
She says how she'll take great care of MC while showing anticipation about meeting MC² before hanging up.. (you know where it's going..)

After hanging up, MC² looks at his phone and laughs finding the situation funny.. How it looks like he brought a little child to play with him last night.

MC tells her how he wasn't lying and to calm down, GF turns her back towards him saying how she knows but still feel pissed because of the situation and found hateful the possibility of him cheating. She tells him he shouldn't go to this kind of place in the first place, he walks towards her and hugs her frail and shivering body saying he'll never do it again and to trust him.. How it was hard for him these days and wanted to cool down.

GF pushes his hands away telling him to let her go.. MC lowers his head looking all sad and hopeless.. She looks at his face and hugs him at her turn.. MC raises his head and notices her teary eyes.. He hugs her back while apologizing once again.. They look at each other before kissing.. MC inserts his tongue inside her mouth.. She pushes him down on the bed, mounts him.. He starts to lick her neck before focusing his attention on her huge chest.. Meanwhile GF's hand slips inside his pants.. She begins to stoke his penis while moaning.. They look at each other with eyes full of love and lust.. She praises him for being so hard, lowers her panties and sticks his rock hard penis inside her.. She lets out a loud moan before telling him to stay still..

MC²'s House MC x MC² x Maid

MC is coming to MC²'s place.. He stands in front of Ji-Ho's house and wonders how much money he earned to buy such a thing.. He rings the doorbell, MC² scolds him through the intercom for using the doorbell like a stranger and to come here asap.

After few drinks, MC can't still not believe how MC² became such a successful man.. Running his own company etc.. MC² tells him to stop the praise because it's making him feel uncomfortable and not as close as MC he would like.
MC apologizes for making MC² feels it that way.. MC² tells him how much does he need to start over.. MC ponders for a moment before telling him $5,000 will be enough. MC² is asking him if he really only need this much and if he's sure about it while doing somethign with his cellphone.. MC tells him how it's enough.

MC receives a notification from the bank telling him he just received a transfer of ₩50,000,000 (around $41,000, almost ten times what MC needed), he is shocked beyond belief after receiving such an amount (That might be the price of your girl bro) and asks MC² if it's really okay to lend him so much.. He proposes him to sign documents to have some proof etc.. MC² rejects every of his propositions saying there is nothing like this between friends.

MC is glad and thanks MC² for this, saying he'll pay his kindness back 2 to 3 times.. Their conversation is interrupted by the loud slam of the entry door.. Maid comes in saying she went to the market to buy ingredients for the diner.
MC stands up and greets the maid while introducing himself, MC² stays on the couch and introduces maid to MC. Maid looks at what they were doing and lightly scolds them for having a drink without eating. She tells them to wait a bit before resuming their conversation, the time for her to prepare some snacks.

MC is amazed by Maid's look and praises her body shape in his mind, MC² notices his dumb expression and makes fun of him in his mind (in a friendly way). He looks at MC and asks him if he's liking how Maid is looking, MC is surprised by such a sudden question and strongly denies this fact.
MC² stares at him while smiling..

To be continued..
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