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Nov 20th, 2018
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  1. The Kickstarter for VenusBlood Frontier just finished, and it achieved an extra ¥6.941.140 of the planned ¥16,665,000 goal for a grand total of ¥23,606,140.
  2. Important people in the Eroge industry were keeping track of this KS. Many which didn't believe that there was a market for their titles in the west and that we were all pirates.
  3. This KS just proved them wrong. That there is in fact a market for gameplay eroge in the west.
  5. Of course I'm talking about Eushully and SofthouseChara.
  7. It's time to contact them again.
  9. Eushully's Meister series of games would make a killing on the west. SofthouseChara's Bunny Black series too.
  10. Both are series with hours upon hours of gameplay and with high replayability, they would sell wonders on Steam.
  11. And that's a factor too, that Steam is now accepting full-fledged porn games.
  12. Evenicle is pulling amazing numbers now that is on Steam. Not that it wasn't pulling good numbers on MG store before though, as it is still on MG's top 5 sales ranking months after release.
  14. It's like the stars have aligned.
  15. Just for you.
  17. I'm aware that in the past they may have rejected your offers, and that you've been burned by localization companies before.
  18. But this time, more than ever, it is very possible that they'll listen to you.
  20. As a huge fan of your work, I really want to see games you translated like Kamidori and Bunny Black on Steam and MG/JAST/FAKKU stores.
  21. And for you to be rewarded for it.
  22. Because you deserve it.
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