Saudi Aramco, once again..

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  1. 23 aug 2012 /SHN/AMOO
  3. According to media which we rarely believe, Saudi Aramco is thinking that the 15 aug attack was done by us but with a man in the middle helping us with different kind of info and that's the reason why the head management of Aramco is still investigating.. Garbage investigation.
  5. What we're going to do to prove our ability to do more? well, we don't really need or even feel like proving anything to anyone and show them that we can, but here is a headline story:
  7. we are going to make it, next week, once again, and you will not be able by 1% to stop us.
  9. Date: 25 august 2012
  10. Time: 21:00 GMT
  12. That's will happen for two reason:
  13. 1- you're brutal and selfish to harm any employee just for the sake of expecting.
  14. 2- we do hate, hate a lot, arrogance.
  16. Be prepared for something you will see in your eyes and you will not be able to stop it.
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