Anon - The night of the yellow moon

Aug 25th, 2014
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  1. >Such a beautiful full moon
  2. >You gaze at it on the cloudless night sky as it shines bright yellow and casts its eerie yet tranquil light upon Equestria
  3. >You are Anonymous and you could not help but to go on a stroll on such a perfect night
  4. >It’s really light out thanks to the moon, and the air is slightly crisp from the approaching autumn
  5. >You just walk about on the dirt road towards the center of the village while taking in this eerie beauty you have not seen so often
  6. >That is until you see a familiar mothpony on the road, back towards you as she stares up
  7. >You can not see her face, only the back of her head, but you know that it’s Squeak standing there
  8. >”Squeak, sup?”
  9. >You wait for Squeak to turn around and give you one of her cute silly smiles before rushing to hang out with you
  10. >But instead, she does not react in any way
  11. >Well that’s weird...
  12. >You walk up to Squeak and poke her on her butt with your finger
  13. >”Equestria to Squeak...”
  14. >Aaaand no reaction
  15. >You sigh and gaze upwards
  16. >She’s staring at the moon
  17. >Maybe she’s gotten enchanted by it due to moth senses? That’s weird, you remember Meisa telling you that the moon should not be able to do that
  18. >But you have to admit, you have never seen the moon so bright, and big
  19. >You sigh and walk in front of Squeak so you can snap her out of it
  20. >”Squeak what ever am I going to do w-AAAAAAAAAH!”
  21. >You jump back a bit in shock while letting out a girly yell
  22. >Squeaks face is fixed in a silent scream
  23. >Her mouth hangs open, all the muscles on her face contracted and her eyes wide as saucers like she was fearing for her life
  24. >Shaken, you grasp Squeak by her shoulders and give her body a little shake
  25. >”Squeak! You ok? What’s wrong?!”
  26. >Squeak doesn’t react any way, her whole body is tense and you can barely shake her, and she shows no signs of reacting
  27. >In panic you turn your head around to see if there’s anyone around to help you
  29. >You spot a form of a mothpony sitting down on the road some ways from Squeak
  30. >”I’ll be right back!”
  31. >You take off and sprint towards the outline of a moth sitting down
  32. >”Hey can you help? There’s something wrong with my friend an-“
  33. >You stop
  34. >It’s Hexferry, sitting down on the dirt road and starring at the moon
  35. >And her face is the same way as Squeaks
  36. >You quickly take off running towards the village down the road
  37. >You’ve got to find help
  38. >The cold air whistles in your ears as you run as fast as you can
  39. >Soon enough you reach the village center, and as you see almost all the moths in the town standing in the centre of it, unmoving, cold dread takes over your heart
  40. >”M-moths?”
  41. >No answer, you steel your heart and walk up to them to take a glance
  42. >And what you see is a sea of silent screams
  43. >Panic hits you
  44. >What is this? What are you supposed to do now?
  45. >In desperation you kick a barrel next to you
  46. >The barrel falls down and makes a loud noise, making you wince
  47. >”Goddam...”
  48. >You stop talking as you glance up and see that all the mothponies have their head fixed at you
  49. >Some even at unnatural angles
  50. >You freeze as the moths stare at you with eyes as open as they can be, totally unmoving
  51. >You carefully take a few steps and keep a close eye on the moths
  52. >Their heads do not follow
  53. >Freaked out, you turn around to just run away
  54. >But instead you let out a scream an fall flat on your ass
  55. >Hexferry is standing behind you, looking at you with that horrid look on her face
  56. >But what unnerves you the most is how unnaturally angled her head seems to be
  57. >”H-Hexferry?”
  59. >Hexferry says nothing, just stands there like a statue, her gaze and face pointed at where you were standing just before falling down
  60. >You glance behind yourself and what you see makes your blood run cold once again
  61. >All the moths are now staring right at you on the ground
  62. >But that is not what scares you the most
  63. >Some of them have moved, now standing closer to you
  64. >And you just take off running towards your own house
  65. >You take a look behind yourself every now and then but find no mothponies following you
  66. >Every time you turn to look back before you your heart feels like stopping as you fear you might see them before you, standing still with that god awful expression on their face
  67. >You do not even care if it’s a prank, you just want to get home
  68. >You see your house, illuminated by the glow of the moon and rush in
  69. >You quickly slam the door shut and lock the door
  70. >And then you collapse and catch your breath while resting against the door and listening for any sounds
  71. >It’s dead quiet, except with a few night critter sounds here and there
  72. >Exhausted and heart beating fast you get up and make your way to the window
  73. >You move the blin-NO!
  74. >NO JUST NO!
  75. >You breathe hard as your heart pounds like it is going to burst out of your chest as you sit there on your floor as the blinds fall to cover the window once again
  76. >Behind your window was Squeak
  77. >Or at least something that looked like Squeak
  78. >What ever it was it looked like its face was melting
  79. >There is a thud against your window now and you jolt
  80. >And another
  82. >And then you hear something hit your door
  83. >And other windows, the walls...
  84. >It is like your house is under a large hailstorm as the sounds keep growing louder and louder
  85. >With tears forming in your eyes you just put your hands over your eyes and lie there on your floor drowning the voices out while repeating a calming mantra in your mind
  86. >It’s not real; this is a dream, not real, not happening, not real...
  87. >Soon you just stop thinking and loose consciousness
  88. >...
  89. >The birds chirping
  90. >What... why are you on your floor?
  91. >Last night...
  92. >A cold shudder runs down your body
  93. >You shift around to get u-
  94. >You freeze
  95. >Hooves
  96. >Countless of hooves on your floor, standing still
  97. >You feel your eyes water again as your lip trembles as you lie there, too scared to move nor look up at their faces...
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