Be the Change You Want to See in the World (Part 2)

Nov 2nd, 2013
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  1. I trotted along as best I could. Well, more or less stumbled like a drunk. Taking steps was strange. Due to lack of nerve endings in my hooves, it felt like nothing was there, as though I was floating, but I could still feel my weight pressing down. It was also strange not having... anything in the way between my legs.
  3. I saw two ponies ahead of me on the dirt road. I attempted to follow and quickly realized they were stumbling as well. Now that I looked closer, I noticed that every pony was stumbling in that strange fashion. I must be doing it right then if everybody else was. What a strange place. A group of six ponies were all together at a restaurant, talking like old friends. They must know something. I decided to make my way over. A purple unicorn with wings looked over and I wondered if they would suspect something.
  5. “Hey Vinyl,” she said, “what brings you here?”
  7. Vinyl? I thought, What a weird name.
  9. “Not much,” I winced at my clearly female voice. I hadn’t said a word in this body until now. The voice sounded feminine, but with a hint of masculinity, which made me feel slightly better. Still not a voice I wanted to hear from my mouth though. I was a bit of a late bloomer, and I had enough of getting hit on over xbox before. Huh, xbox, I was going to need to find a way back to my REAL body if I wanted to use a controller again.
  11. “So, uh, how’s it going everybody?” I asked. God this was awkward.
  13. “Most excellent Vinyl Scratch, and how is Octavia?” A white pony with a very fancy-schmancy voice asked.
  15. “Not bad,” I replied having no idea what she was talking about. Okay, I needed to bail from this conversation. I turned and began to canter from the table, consistently tripping up on my hooves. I looked over my shoulder, err, back, and saw the six ponies return to their lunch.
  17. Suddenly, a minty blur slammed into me, pushing me into an alleyway. I turned to look at my assailant. Oh shit, I can get raped in this body, can’t I? I looked up angrily, and saw myself looking into bright golden eyes. Before me was a female unicorn with a minty colored coat and a lighter mane. She, like every other pony here, had a mark on her ass. Her mark was a lyre.
  19. I was about to yell for help, but before I could even open my mouth, a hoof plugged my mouth shut.
  21. “Shh sh sh,” she said calmly. “I’m not sure if the case is the same for everyone else, I think so, but I can’ tell. I can however, tell you aren’t from around here.”
  23. Oh shit, my cover was blown. “Yeah, uh, I’m form a neighboring town,” I said.
  25. “Don’t bullshit me,” the unicorn replied. “I won’t hurt you, and I know exactly what has happened. You used to be human, likely male.”
  27. “How did you...?” I stammered.
  29. “The same happened to me. I have been here for weeks now. Fortunately, I have the skills I need to survive.”
  31. “And those are?” I frowned.
  33. “Well, being a brony helps,” she said. A brony? Well that explains a little bit. heard about them before, but it didn’t really cross my radar. However now that I looked around, it did look like this was something out of a cartoon for little kids.
  35. “Okay, what do you want?” I asked.
  37. “Well first you need to act much more like a pony. I knew you were different when I heard you use ‘everybody’ instead of ‘everypony’. Around here, that is the correct term.”
  39. “Okay, here is what I want to know; who is Octavia, who is Vinyl Scratch, what are these ass tattoos for, and how the HELL did this all happen?”
  41. The unicorn donned a serious look, “I can’t answer why or how this happened, but Vinyl Scratch is you. Octavia is an earth pony, which means no wings like a pegasus or horns like us unicorns. She is your roommate. As for these ‘ass tattoos’, they are called ‘cutie marks’. They are a way of letting other ponies know what you are good at, and what you were meant to do. Also, it’s not ass, it’s called a flank.”
  43. “Huh, an expert on pony anatomy too?” I smirked.
  45. “No, but it would help if you knew more. You should visit Twilight Sparkle in the Ponyville Library. Getting to know the culture here would help you greatly.”
  47. And the Ponyville Library is where...?”
  49. “This is Ponyville, the library is the structure built directly into a tree. Twilight Sparkle is the first pony you talked to, the purple one.”
  51. I thanked the unicorn, “Lyra”, I think was her name, and headed back to the house I came out of. I assume it was my house. So, how could my special talent be related to music? I didn’t really listen to much music,so were these changes into this pony the luck of the draw? I opened the door and walked into the house. Lyra had given me a few tips on navigating as a pony, so I was doing slightly better than before. I made my way up the stairs, a much easier feat than I imagined. All I had to do was angle my method of locomotion at about a 45 degree angle and walk, lifting my hooves slightly higher each step. Eventually, I reached the top. There were two bedrooms, one was finely furnished with clean walls, and the other had posters all over the walls and even the door, each one displaying records or music mixers. Considering the name of the pony who’s body I was inhabiting was Vinyl Scratch, I went into the messy, poster covered room. Yup, it was definitely my room. There were massive speakers and all kinds of crap I had no idea how to work. I curled a lower lip and rubbed my jaw with a hoof. I assume the other room was Octavia’s. I trotted out of “my” room and went across the hall to the well furnished room. Inside were various string instruments and music stands, while retaining a neatness about the place. I did like movie soundtracks and stuff, so maybe she had some sweet orchestral pieces.
  53. I spotted a phonograph on the far side of the room. Picking a record off the ground, I moved over and placed it on the phonograph. I hope I knew how to work something like this. My parents had one when I was a kid, but it got damaged after staying out in the sun. I gingerly placed the record down and placed a hoof on the needle, lowering it onto the record. Eventually, I was listening to an epic orchestral score.
  55. Then, out of nowhere, a grayish brown hoof tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to see an earth pony with pinkish purple eyes, black hair, and a pink musical note cutie mark behind me. It was Octavia. Well, we were roommates, so I may as well confess everything to her for the lulz, even if it gets me in the looney bin. I mean, there was no way I was sane right now anyway, right?
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