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Nathan Grayson & Riot Games

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  1. Subject: Nathan Grayson & various at Riot Games.
  2. Sources: Twitter, Rock Paper Shotgun, Kotaku, Linkedin.
  3. Date Compiled: April 22nd, 2015.
  4. Credits: Original Investigation.  
  5.                                                 **************************************
  7. Summary:
  8. Taylor Cocke and Nathan Grayson are clearly friends. Wattenmaker and Tatman have hung out with Nathan Grayson multiple times, even referencing going to karaoke. Jared Rosen and Nathan Grayson went on a trip to Vegas to launch a gonzo zine together.
  10. 03.05.12: (@afraidtomerge) hung out with @Vahn16, @taylorcocke, @kirkhamilton, etc tonight. good times. #deathstarbar https://archive.is/p33zC
  11. 05.13.12: (@taylorcocke) @Vahn16 You wouldn't even come over to Oakland. https://archive.is/EdLju
  12. 05.13.12: (@vahn16) @taylorcocke I so would. I'll bet you one beer. On a porch. https://archive.is/EdLju
  13. 07.18.12: (@vahn16) @taylorcocke I'm not sure I feel comfortable enabling a friend to do such grievous harm to himself, but OK, sure. Is this for Silver Lining? https://archive.is/UV6XG
  14. 10.03.13: (@vahn16) Good evening of catching up with @RiotNaKyle, @taylorcocke, and others. Now more work in slim hope of maybe playing Audiosurf 2 before bed.  https://archive.is/BhpJy
  16. 06.10.13: (@mockenoff) Why you should always go to IHOP with @RiotNaKyle, @Vahn16, and @trishans. (Also why you'll have nightmares tonight.) https://archive.is/82Djd (During E3)
  17. 07.05.13: (@vahn16) looks like i have a couple spare seconds before i have to go meet @RiotNaKyle time for 47,000 games of rogue legacy  https://archive.is/vwddo
  18. 07.05.13: (@trishans) Dinner with @RiotNaKyle and @Vahn16 ! So much deliciousnesssssss. https://archive.is/TYoOq
  19. 07.07.13: (@vahn16) I don't know what it is about him, but when @RiotNaKyle is around, weekends always turn hedonistic in a hurry. https://archive.is/yWTz0
  20. 07.07.13: (@vahn16) Magical brunch with @Tishes34, @RiotNaKyle, and @trishans. I think we frightened the other customers. And wait staff. And viewers like you.  https://archive.is/LBjvX
  21. 07.24.13: (@vahn16) ok the academy where is my oscar (also i guess give @trishans a few too) https://archive.is/GmgJd
  22. 10.02.13: (@_nakyle) @Vahn16 @danielzklein by the way, the three of us should hang out this weekend! https://archive.is/SNhJV
  23. 10.03.13: (@vahn16) Good evening of catching up with @RiotNaKyle, @taylorcocke, and others. Now more work in slim hope of maybe playing Audiosurf 2 before bed.  https://archive.is/BhpJy
  24. 10.06.13: (@trishans) @BillyShibley @catherinetcai I know @Vahn16 will be there after lunch. NK wants to take him to Komodo first. https://archive.is/8Al3Q
  25. 01.19.14: (@vahn16) @RiotRedQueen @RiotNaKyle Karaoke next time I'm in town? Yes? Super yes? (Also, I'll totally be around soon. Start of Feb)  https://archive.is/jO781
  27. 03.31.14: (@zoequinnzel) @leighalexander it involves me and @notquitefrodo and @Carachan1 and @Vahn16 all going to vegas. https://archive.is/45to9
  28. 04.02.14: (@notquitefrodo) Headed into the Los Vegas desert with @ZoeQuinnzel and @Vahn16 to launch a gonzo zine. As you do. https://archive.is/2YnUF
  29. 04.02.14: (@zoequinnzel) This is the "before". Or what will probably come to be known as "the people's exhibit A" @notquitefrodo @Vahn16 https://archive.is/aIdRv
  30. 04.04.14: (@vahn16) A stern yet potentially life-saving rap PSA from Miner Dan (ft @notquitefrodo, engineered by @ZoeQuinnzel) http://www.smule.com/p/177961699_37048697 …  https://archive.is/1TXqS
  31. 05.08.14: (@notquitefrodo) Remember that zine that @TheQuinnspiracy, @Vahn16 and I drove into the desert to finalize? We have new, exciting developments. Stay thirsty. https://archive.is/Va01D
  32. 05.21.14: (@vahn16) @TheQuinnspiracy @notquitefrodo Niagara Falls gonzo field trip time? https://archive.is/EkbzO
  33. 01.06.15: (@notquitefrodo) I see the GG conspiracy wagon has circled back to 'Jared Rosen has had sex with everybody in gaming,' except now it's also all the dudes. https://archive.is/OhPlF
  34. 01.06.15: (@vahn16) @notquitefrodo they've come back around to you today too? I guess this means we have to have sex https://archive.is/OhPlF
  36. Notes:
  37. @taylorcocke accepted a position at Riot Games (Web Content Coordinator) on Apr 04, 2014. https://archive.is/GDzSk
  38. @RiotNaKyle is a writer for Riot Games. He has been with the company since Feb 2013. https://archive.is/tWHnz
  39. @trishans was the Recruiting Coordinator and is currently the Merchandise Coordinator for Riot Games. She has been with the company since Nov 2012. She was Recruiting Coordinator from Nov 2012 to Jan 2014 at which time her title changed to Merchandise Coordinator. https://archive.is/5o8wH
  40. @notquitefrodo is Regional Ambassador - Creative Writing at Riot Games. He started in June 2014. He lists himself as Producer in his twitter bio, however. https://archive.is/YGFZv
  43. Articles with Potential Conflicts of Interest:
  44. 10.17.13: An Outsider’s Critique Of LoL Esports’ Biggest Stage (RPS) https://archive.is/cL2Kb
  45. 12.05.13: Why Riot Really Needs To Rethink Pro Stream Restrictions (RPS) https://archive.is/uZsFz
  46. 07.08.14: League of Legends Getting Better, ‘More Fun’ Tutorial (RPS) https://archive.is/nn1YS
  47. 07.15.14: Riot Deactivating LoL Skin Codes To Fight Resellers (RPS) https://archive.is/4gvnU
  48. 02.02.15: Only One LGBTQ Person Allowed Per Team In LoL Tournament [UPDATE] (Kotaku) https://archive.is/M27Rk
  49. 02.03.15: League Of Legends' Latest Character Skin Is Damn Cool, Damn Expensive (Kotaku) https://archive.is/4laa8
  50. 02.23.15: Why Riot Is Pissed Off At A League of Legends Streamer (Kotaku) https://archive.is/ULPW8
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