WarpedRealm release 1.46

Feb 26th, 2023
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  1. @everyone
  3. Release 1.46 Changes:
  4. - :tick: Fixed the end crate mentioning 4 netherite blocks instead of one
  5. - :tick: Added auto tip schedule mentioning multi kill for spawner mobs
  6. - :tick: Added confirmation GUI for the resource world
  7. - :tick: Fixed booster end-messages showing wrong type of booster and percentatge
  8. - :tick: Fixed players being able to use /exp to set own experience levels.
  9. - :tick: Added random mob spawning for resource world
  10. - :tick: Jobs in /jobs now glow when you joined the job
  11. - :tick: Fixed handling of repair discounts being broken for Lord and underlord allowing negative repair costs (thank u @Luke)
  12. - :tick: Added new command /checkexp to replace /exp
  13. - :tick: Added /resourceworld to TCF
  14. - :tick: Added /checkexp to TCF, removed /exp
  15. - :tick: Fixed "to make money faster" line in /boosters not being green
  16. - :tick: Fixed pvp being disabled in boss arenas
  17. - :tick: Added RTP handler for the resource world
  18. - :tick: Disabled MV Portalform for resource world
  20. - :tickanimated: Completely removed adaptations
  21. - :tickanimated: Added Resource world, atm exclusively accessible through /resourceworld. Claims are disabled, access is free. World border is set at a 10000 block radius
  22. - :tickanimated: Added new skill system with 4 default skills: Mining, Combat, Farming and Woodcutting.
  23. These skills increase your overall stats with every level (Defense, Attack speed, Crit damage, Strength etc.)
  24. And grant you access to abilities like 4x drops, Ignoring immunity frames, Less durability damage and much more.
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