W'EST form — @crybabyjoon

Dec 6th, 2016
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  1. f a c e
  2. wattpad username — @crybabyjoon
  4. full name — Ayu Minamoto
  5. nicknames — Mina, Yu, Min
  7. birthdate — July 4, 1998
  8. age — 18
  10. nationality — Japanese
  11. ethnicity — Japanese
  13. height — 169 cm
  14. weight — 50 kg
  15. blood type — AB
  17. background — Though Ayu is Japanese, she lived only till the age of 12 in her birthplace, Osaka, Japan. Then moving to a foreign country was difficult, she didn't know the language and barely new the culture and what they did differently from where she was raised. Being new to the language made Ayu seem like a quiet and distant girl because she never started a conversation nor did she carry one either. It was always short responses or shaking / nodding her head, she was always left alone for it was what she asked for from everyone and was always seen with her nose in a Korean school book, trying her best to learn the language. Ayu was a completely different person back at home though, loud and slightly obnoxious, always giggling and munching on something. As she become known with the place she was forced to live in, and the language, she started going out with friends she decided to talk to first, was fairly popular on social media, & showed her true colors to everyone.
  19. family —
  20. —Haru Minamoto / father / 42
  21. —Aki Minamoto / mother / 42
  22. —Daichii Minamoto / older brother / 20
  24. a c t i o n
  25. personality — Ayu can seem stand off-ish, or distant or just bored at times, but she's really a cheerful and optimistic girl who tries to let everything pass her. She finds the good in everything and always has a sparkle in her eyes. Though she's very smiley, and doesn't enjoy all the attention on herself & dislikes it when people worry too much for her, her feelings can get easily hurt and even though she tries her best to hold a smile— Ayu will show the negativity. She'll either frown or smile and be lazy and quiet about everything, she's easy to read, like an open book. Ayu is helpful and does her best to look out for everyone but she does have a point where she can't take much, she's easily angered and carries a lot of attitude within her, not afraid to show it to someone. She will get snappy but she knows exactly when to stop and when is the incorrect time and place to do certain things. For her age, she's really mature and takes care of others, rather than her being taken care of.
  28. —strawberry candies
  29. —romantic & comedy animes / dramas
  30. —ttokbokki
  31. —ramen
  32. —spicy flavored chips
  33. —fluffy blankets
  34. —being online
  35. —ulzzangs
  36. —the number 5
  37. —aesthetics
  38. —mint ice cream
  39. —the cold weather
  41. dislikes —
  42. —grape & pineapple candies
  43. —gore / angst
  44. —seafood
  45. —kimchi
  46. —cheese flavored anything
  47. —showing too much skin
  48. —being outside
  49. —disrespectful people
  50. —those with high ego
  51. —being compared
  52. —rocky road ice cream
  53. —hot weather
  55. fears —
  56. —spiders
  57. —falling in reverse
  59. allergies —
  60. —bees
  61. —peanuts
  63. hobbies —
  64. —being online
  65. —walking her pet dog, Mona
  66. —listening to R&B
  67. —memorizing dances of her favorite groups
  69. hidden talents —
  70. —flexible
  71. —gets along with babies / children easily
  72. —juggle
  73. —backflips
  75. is not good at —
  76. —cooking
  77. —baking
  78. —cleaning
  79. —driving
  81. trivia / facts —
  82. —she has two pets, a dog & a cat named Mona and Junior
  83. —really likes eating though she's very thin
  84. —usually eats snacks
  85. —always online no matter what
  86. —all her social media is @/aju.ayu with her bio always starting with "aju nice!"
  87. —big Seventeen fangirl
  88. —likes rap, listens to it on a daily.
  89. —big fan of rappers like Jay Park, Giriboy, Mad Clown, Jessi ect.
  90. —really dislikes being babied but takes it like a champ anyways
  91. —would rather stay home than go out
  92. —has been in various of relationships but has never had her first kiss before
  93. —always mentioning how she'd like to be reincarnated into a cacti in her next life
  95. s l e e p t a l k i n g
  96. slot — ren
  97. backup slot — none (ren tbh)
  99. face claim — Jeongyeon (twice)
  100. backup face claim — Jamie Park
  102. stage name — Ayu
  104. onstage persona — Ayu is really serious, doing her best when dancing and signing live. Doesn't mess up at all and is still looking out for her members, always making eyes contact with fans & camera.
  106. pre-debut activities —
  107. —was an ulzzang
  108. —modeled for a few companies
  110. talent twin —
  111. —sings like ; Jaime Park
  112. —dances like ; Lisa (blackpink)
  113. —raps like ; Jin (?)(bts)
  115. g o o d b y e b y e
  116. love interest — s.coups (seventeen)
  117. backup love interest — vernon (seventeen)
  119. how did you two meet — Ayu was bringing in coffee for the staff members and just trying to be helpful, to anyone she could be. When suddenly she had been bumped into by someone, coffee that was held in her hands falling all over her chest and she hissed at the hot beverage. "Oh, gosh, I'm so sorry. My members are so clumsy." A male she exactly knew who he was said, covering her up with his jacket. That's where their friendship & probably a little bit more took off.
  121. how he acts around you — he acts very "school girl" around Ayu, being very giggly and admiring Ayu every once in a while. He can be defensive and clingy, not letting anyone else get close to her and will put up a argument onto how great of a person she is. Buys and does everything for her, always wants to see her smile.
  123. how you act around him — Ayu is very questioning, curious, oblivious, and confused around him. Most of the time, she isn't sure what going on since he's everywhere, and acts kinda adultish. She's the one that gets embarrassed from the things he does, she'll occasionally calm him down and usually be giggling or smiling along with him.
  125. your story with him — they're really close, and really friendly. always being teased by their members but they couldn't care less, for their accompany is what matters the most to them. In the beginning, they were all about honorifics and didn't dare pass that line, but they would by accident at times and it coul get awkward. in the middle, they're much closer, tell each other anything and always together. though they were already low key always together. and by the end, they're inseperable, always being really close to one another and giving long & caring stares.
  127. f i n e g i r l
  128. message to fans — please take care of me! I'll try my best and I promise I'll never let you down.
  130. message to author — hopefully you do really great in this applying fic! I really like the ude and you're so creative oh my.
  132. password — hyuna
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