Dream Entertainment Application

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  3. TRAINEE NAME: Hwang Jaesoo/Rachel Hwang
  5. STAGE NAME: Jae-Elle (JL)
  7. PERSONALITY: She's a feminine girl who is really cute. She does aegyo quite a lot and she is always making people smile. She can pull off both cute and sexy concepts which is really useful. She works very hard to please everyone, thus not taking care of herself. She can sometimes be really blunt and not know what's going on but it's really funny and adorable to see her that way. She is always putting others before her and lending a helping hand, bringing smiles to everyone. She sometimes gets insecurely about what others think of her and she isn't that easy to cheer up when feeling down. Overall, she's a cute, feminine, hardworking, caring and clumsy girl.
  9. BACKGROUND: She was born in Seoul, South Korea but she lived with her grandparents in Vancouver, Canada. Along with her older Brother, She learned English and French while schooling there. She loved kpop since young and aspired to become a trainee and debut one day but her Brother said that it was going to be tough and he just wanted to be come a simple interior designer. She wasn't discouraged by him because she isn't easily influenced so she joined the school's Dancer team and formed a small band it's her friends in school, buskering on the streets. She then told her grandparents about her dream and they knew how hard she had been working for it so they let her move back to Seoul so that she could continue to work hard and pursue her dream. Her Brother also followed her to Seoul hoping to work hard and achieve great thing she as well, so the two siblings lived together in a small apartment in the middle of Jung-gu. When she auditioned for many companies, only Dear Entertainment accepted her and she is where she is now.
  12. • Plushies
  13. • Bubble Tea
  14. • Bunnies
  15. • Aegyo
  16. • Dancing
  19. • Bitter Food
  20. • Procrastination
  21. • Mean People
  22. • Creepy Crawlies
  23. • Hate
  25. TRIVIA:
  26. • She really loves fashion and she's always wearing whatever's trending and high prices clothes.
  27. • She's a health nut. She's always trying her hardest to stay healthy despite the temptations.
  28. • She love she reading. She'll read and listen to music in her free time when she's bored.
  29. • She can be a workaholic sometimes. She sometimes practices too much and that affects her physical health so others have to remind her when enough is enough.
  30. • She's on social media a lot. She takes a lot of selfies and is always posting because she loves to interact with her fans.
  31. • She has a pet bunny called Heekie.
  32. • Shes loved kpop since she was 7.
  33. • Her Lucky Number is 14.
  35. GROUP OR SOLO: Bae
  37. POSITION: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer
  39. BACKUP POSITION: Lead Dancer, Vocalist
  43. If there are any typos or things needed to be edited just let me know. Thanks!
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