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Tactics Ogre Chronicles of Valeria changes in English

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Oct 24th, 2021
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  1. Tactics Oga Warehouse
  2.  Modification patch for Tactics Oga (v1.2) for SFC.
  3.  If there is a header, please apply it after removing it. (3,145,728 bytes)
  5. Bug fix patch
  7.  Bug fix patch v1.08 (updated on Jul. 1, 2011)
  8.    This patch fixes bugs in the original ROM.
  10. Class extension patch
  12. ☆ Tactics Ogre Chronicle Valeria2 v1.66 (Updated on June 17, 2014)
  13.    Expanded class slots, expanded item slots, introduced extended attributes, and expanded item set effects.
  14.    Introduced RANK system, RISK system, and dedicated glass for Volcas, Voltaire, etc.
  15.    Ravinis, Cressida, and Death Knight Gildas will join the game.
  16.    I've included a dedicated tool so that anyone can easily modify it... or should they?
  17.    I've only tested it with Snes9x.
  19.  Tactics Ogre Chronicle Valeria v1.51 (old version: no longer available)
  20.    The content of TO_KT_Expand has been introduced.
  21.    This version includes all of the contents of TO_KT_Expand, except for the 100-man army.
  22.    Expanded class slots, expanded item slots, introduced extended attributes, and expanded item set effects.
  23.    Introduced RANK system, RISK system, and dedicated graphics for Volcas and Voltaire.
  24.    The ROM size ended up being 6MB.
  25.    I have only tested it with Snes9x.
  27.  TO_KT Expand v1.97 (old version: no longer available)
  28.    Class IDs 91 to DB, F1 to FE can be used as expansion areas.
  29.     Add 55 S size and 14 L size animals by default.
  30.    The magic SP ID can be used as an expansion area up to FC.
  31.    Introduced the concept of day and night.
  32.    New parameters "Brave" and "Fame (title)" introduced.
  33.    New parameters "Brave" and "Fame (Title)" have been introduced. ・Hit rate and evasion rate formulas have been changed, and weather resistance has been expanded.
  34.    New parameters for hit rate and evasion rate calculations, expanded weather resistance
  35.     Dragon killing, fear, beast support, dragon support, golem support, JUMP+1, persuasion, and fear invulnerability classes can now be set per class.
  36.    Expanded the number of good weapons to three, and added WAY to each attack method for each class.
  37.    Expanded the number of targetable units to five, and adopted bare-handed double attack.
  38.    Introduced item synthesis and special battles.
  39.    The game has been tested with Snes9x.
  40.    The game has been tested on Snes 9x only.
  42.  Class change extension KTEdition2 v1.02 (old version: no longer available)
  43.    Expanded the class, unigra, and face to class ID:CF~DB, F1~FE.
  45. Partial modification patch
  47.  Title Change Patch v1.01 (updated on Jan. 5, 2013)
  48.    Change the subtitle of the title screen (LET US CLING TOGETHER).
  50.  Optional character joining patch v1.09 (updated on May 30, 2012)
  51.    You can join a character at the end of a battle at any time.
  53.  Job Change Item Patch v2.16 (updated on May 10, 2012)
  54.    You can change any item to a new job item. (Maximum 100 items)
  55.    You can set the attribute (alignment, element) change and status change when you change jobs.
  57.  Undead Annihilation Patch v1.03 (Updated on Feb 19, 2012)
  58.    You can set the attribute (alignment element) change and status change when you change jobs.
  60.  Unit Sorting Patch v1.05 (updated 02/09/2012)
  61.    You can change the order of the units in the organization screen.
  62.    You can change the name of the unit in the organization screen.
  64.  Quickness card patch v1.00 (updated 07/15/2011)
  65.    The speed card appears. Help is already available.
  67.  Double Attack Patch v1.01 (updated 04/03/2011)
  68.    Change the specification of double attack from "attack -> counterattack -> attack" to "attack -> attack -> counterattack".
  70.  Bow related patch v1.04 (updated 07/20/2011)
  71.    Increase the effective range of the bow when controlled by COM.
  72.    The range of the archer will be shortened due to bad weather.
  73.    Archer's range will be shortened by bad weather.
  74.    It is possible to set the damage modifier by STEP difference when attacking.
  76.  Breakaway Patch v1.01 (Updated on June 15, 2011)
  77.    It is possible for a player character other than the main character or a guest to leave the battlefield.
  79.  Special Moves Weapon Limitation Flagging Patch v1.06 (updated 01/24/2011)
  80.    This patch allows the player character to leave the game during the battle.
  82.  Ethnicity expansion patch v1.00 (updated 08/29/2010)
  83.    You can set Rhodians and Zenobians as the ethnicity when hiring stores.
  85.  Re-actionable patch v1.00 (updated 12/12/2009)
  86.    You can set the ethnicity to Rhodians or Zenobians when hiring a shop.
  88.  Additional class features patch v1.01 (updated on Feb 16, 2010)
  89.    Add, expand, and flag class characteristics.
  90.     See readme for details.
  92.  Patch to change WT calculation formula after waiting v1.05 (updated 10/26/2011)
  93.    This patch will change the calculation formula of WT after waiting.
  95.  HP Limit Breakthrough Patch v1.02 (updated on Feb 16, 2010)
  96.    The upper limit of HP is changed from 999 to 32767.
  98.  Store 5-Digit Display Patch v1.02 (updated 12/27/2009)
  99.    This is a patch to make the screen no longer buggy when you set the prices of items and magic in the store to 10000Goth or more.
  100.     This is a patch to make the screen not buggy when the prices of items and magic are set to 10000Goth or more.
  101.    I think it can be used with any patch.
  103.  Patch to change the calculation formula of hit/avoidance ratio v1.00 (updated 11/06/2009)
  104.    This patch can be used with any patch.
  105.    This patch is a partial patch of KTEX.
  107.  The patch to change the whole MAP graph v1.01 (updated on Oct. 23, 2009)
  108.    It changes the graphic of denim on the whole MAP.
  109.    You can also change the graphics of the uncle and Deneb in the store.
  111.  Class Name Kanji Use Patch v1.03 (updated 12/17/2010)
  112.    You can now use Kanji characters in your class name.
  113.    You can also use "Zan, Nami, Ken, Fist" for character names.
  114.    Also, "Zan, Wave, Sword, Fist" will be saveable.
  116.  Attribute-Changing Item Patch v1.07 (Updated 12/27/2010)
  117.    Changes any item into an attribute (alignment/element) changing item.
  118.    You can also set status changes. (Maximum 20 items)
  120.  Mobility change item patch v1.08 (updated on Jun 29, 2011)
  121.    Add ±1 movement power, ±2 movement power, fixed movement power (5 types optional), and +1 jump to the item's normal characteristics.
  122.     Jump +1 is added. Cannot be used in conjunction with the Jump Extension Patch.
  124.  Item Type Protection Patch v1.24 (Updated on July 13, 2011)
  125.    Add item-specific defense effects for each item by item flag.
  126.    This patch is not compatible with the jump expansion patch.
  128.  The patch will also add enchantments, protection against abnormalities, and halving of hit points.
  129.    The new version of the patch will be released in the next week.
  131.  Patch for joining Leonard v1.07
  132.    The patch will make Leonard a member in all routes.
  133.    You can change it as you like.
  135.  Enemy Level Relative Patch v1.05 (updated 10/26/2011)
  136.    This patch will change the enemy level from absolute to relative, which is the highest level in your army plus alpha.
  138.  Magic Type Change Item Patch v1.01
  139.    Add magic types (16 types) to the normal characteristics of items.
  140.     The magic type can be changed by equipping the item.
  142.  RES formula change patch v1.03 (updated 04/03/2011)
  143.    Change the RES calculation when attacked by an attribute weapon.
  144.    Change the RES calculation when attacked by an attribute weapon. The attack weapon attribute will reduce the opponent's RES. (Can be turned on and off)
  146.  Double Attack Item Patch v1.03
  147.    Add double attack, bare hand double attack, shuriken, and finger bombs to the item's normal properties.
  148.     (Can be turned on and off) ○ Double Attack Item Patch v1.03
  150.  Kill count and loyalty display patch v0.06
  151.    The number of kills and loyalty of each character will be displayed on the organization screen.
  153.  Patch for normalizing the organization screen v1.10 (updated on 01/06/2012)
  154.    The graphics of the enemy class in the organization screen will be displayed correctly.
  155.    This is the first time I've seen this patch.
  157. This is a patch that should not be installed too often.
  158. The following is a list of patches that have been added
  160.  Patch for adding special skills v1.08 (updated on 2012/03/06)
  161.    It will be possible to attack diagonally or in all directions with a weapon with a range of 2.
  162.    It is possible to steal or destroy items randomly when attacking directly.
  163.    The attacker's direct attack will be blocked and the defender will be able to counter.
  165.  Jump expansion patch v1.01
  166.    Add 16 types of jump specifications other than the conventional slow and light steps, and set them for each class ID.
  167.     It can be set for each class ID.
  168.    It is possible to jump over obstacles.
  170.  Move Cost Expansion Patch v1.11 (Updated on June 29, 2011)
  171.    You can set the movement cost by height difference.
  172.    You can also set the jump cost, flight cost, and warp cost.
  174.  Line Modification Patch v1.03
  175.    You can set the jump cost, flight cost, and warp cost.
  176.    You can also set the dialogue when the character starts an action, avoids an attack, or takes damage.
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