MGE Side III Diane

Nov 13th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Patrol Ship Diane
  2. Did you say that’s just fine?... Or did you say it’s a bad time?... I could not hear your answer...
  3. The shadow of a huge ship is passing above us right now. The sight of a ship swimming through the sea... you must be terribly shocked.
  4. That is a “Submarine”... The shipbuilding technology our city is so proud of, passed down since the age of the Ship Nation Diana, has finally created a ship that can freely swim underwater.
  6. That underwater patrol ship “Diane” is the masterwork of our Queen Diana...
  7. This ship, which is also used for the expeditions of Dé Ryúa’s Fellowship of Dark Sea Knights, is fitted with various facilities to endure long voyages at sea, as well as hotel-like rooms so couples riding together may join with each other every single day.
  8. Furthermore, it is equipped with highly efficient, high capacity “Mana Cages” that collect all of the surplus mana generated from the intercourse of couples, and it can also travel around the world without needing to stop at port for refueling.
  9. This ship is the result of uniting the technology of Diana’s people and our magic.
  10. And now, as the humans and monsters on board continue to unite, it advances through the unseen sea of darkness...
  11. Truly, it is a vessel that symbolizes the Queen Diana our lord desires...
  13. During peacetime, it serves as one of the highlights of Queen Diana’s tourism, there is a regular service that connects this city with Dé Ryúa, and you can enjoy the sights of the deep sea from the windows.
  14. From a distance, you can see the beautiful cityscape of Queen Diana with its many lights, the deep-sea coral reefs glowing enchantingly as if to fan the flames of passion, the eerily beautiful forest of deep-sea tentacles...
  15. While gazing at the deep-sea scenery full of fascination and beauty, exchange wine with your beloved partner at the fashionable saloon on board, and while enveloped in the floating feelings of the ocean and the alcohol, head to the bedroom together...
  17. Fufufu... Actually, some of Queen Diana’s ships are also submarines, though not as large as this one.
  18. There are even couples that make smaller submarines their homes, and travel as they please through the sea.
  19. Of course, as they go along, they will eventually need to refuel by spending some time deeply making love...
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