Social Posting Advise

May 25th, 2020
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  2. -Social Advice >>15186
  3. Twat advice for coming days
  4. 1) PollFlipping is fun. Find a dem poll, flip it and share with frens. Always Retweet using #PollFlip, so other anons can find it, help flipping it,
  5. and you can find your own twat later to make a nice screenshot to share! Flipping is fun. KEK.
  6. 2) Make or join a retweet lounge and share best tweets with group of 50 frens. Look for "retweet" as twat handle to find a group or start your own.
  7. 3) Always pin a new great twat to your profile. New one every day.
  8. 4) Make interdasting twats. Fights, drama and discussion are boring AF. Won't get you moar followers.
  9. 5) Replies to large accounts (PDJT, eye the spy etc) is a good way to get new frens.
  10. 6) Find #NewFrens by following repliers to large accounts (eye the spy, PDJT etc).
  11. 7) Retwat group twats with lists of patriots (look for #TrumpTrain, #NewFrens twats) follow everyone.
  12. 8) Don't fight on twat. Hit #InstaBlock on everyone that fights or causes drama. Never feed shills.
  13. 9) Use simple hashtags: #Breaking, #MAGA, #QAnon, WWG1WGA etc. These always have 2K-5K twats/hour.
  14. 10) When twatting about things in the news: USE SIMPLE HASHTAGS. Yesterday: #Turkey was a total winner. #Syria as well.
  15. Keep it simple. #Biden is great. Don't fall for all the variations. Better twat about #Biden and #Corruption than #BidenCorruption.
  16. Simple gets you FAR!
  17. 11) Always add a meme. Memes are magic. Memes win wars. ALWAYS USE A MEME!
  18. 12) Don't RT stupid twats. Less is MOAR. Keep it interdasting for your followers.
  19. 13) Don't RT video's that you haven't watched yourself.
  20. 14) Don't twat stuff that is Racist or has swastika's on it. People unfollow you or get #Permabanned for RT-ing it by accident.
  21. - eyes on pertinent nchan threads for meme drop offs and eyes here too.
  22. - tweet with '''.@them''' to hit all there followers too
  23. - make retweet lounge on backup account
  24. - always use a meme
  25. - hit reply on those HUGE accounts and use your best meme
  26. - only retweet GREAT STUFF
  27. - dont waste your time on fights/drama, hit BLOCK instead
  28. - always like twats you like.
  29. - stick to a daily routine
  30. - (re)tweet #TrumpTrain #NewFrens etc: posts with new frens to follow (and follow them)
  31. Use .@them to reply to all their followings
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