Mar 1st, 2014
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  3. Name: Maali
  4. Gender: Male
  5. Race: Deer
  6. Class: Shaman
  7. Alignment: True Neutral
  8. Talent:Nature expertise:Nature elemental can target an additional target,and even Maali himself
  9. Hit points:5/6
  10. Cutie Mark: roots-shaped tribal stripes sprouting from flank and scatering to the rest of the body
  11. Description: Bright eyes that are ridiculously green(due to his bond with nature) Cream and brown colored fur with light-green tribal stripes that barely resemble leaves forming from flank. antlers that look like and grow like trees,also change depending of the season.other than that,looks like any other regular deer.Around his neck is a rather large necklace that is composed of a large,prism shaped emerald,covered with torns.It is his catalyst.
  13. Maali was born and raised on the edge of the Everfree until he was in the middle of his teenage years when part of the forest where his village was localized misteriously burned down. He escaped but never found any survivours of his tribe. Shaken and dejected,he roams equestria in hopes of finding any of his tribe,or find others that also idolatrize Gaia and the nature.Taking missions,looking for informations and doing services to survive and continue his true quest.
  15. Personality:Maali is usually a little shy with new faces,but is very affecionate with friends,and also,somewhat of a pacifist,but will fight if it seems necessary,unless it involves causing direct damage to nature,which he will defend with his life.Malli was born and raised deep in the everfree.Also Maali is gay(just for the heck of it)
  16. Skills:
  18. *Antlers: passive; (stag only); A deer’s antlers are better suited for defense than for attack. You count as carrying a shield at all times(this bonus stacks with a normal shield). You may forfeit this bonus for the remainder of the session to attack with your antlers as an instant action.
  20. Earthen Strike: recharge 1, spell; a melee attack against a single enemy using an earth-covered limb, crits on 8+ and crit fails on 3-
  22. *Natural Remedy: recharge 1, ranged; Use an unpredictable tincture to fully restore a target’s hits to full and restore one wound, or removes status effects. Crit on 9+ restores 2 wounds, but crit fail on 2- deals a wound of damage.
  24. Nature Elemental: automatic, recharge 8 after effect ends; your connection to the natural world is complete, allowing your body to reflect the natural cycles. The transformation lasts for the next 3 turns, and you may perform any action that you normally can. You can choose 1 of 3 forms whenever you transform:
  25. Decay: you burst into rot and fungus, multiplying your physical attack damage by 1.5 rounded up and gaining +1 to intimidation
  26. Earth: you harden like stone, gaining +2 hits and a +1 bonus to physical attacks
  27. Life: young buds and sprouts flow from you, passively healing an ally (but not yourself) for two hits or one wound each turn
  29. Inventory:
  31. Gaia necklace(catalyst)
  33. A long rope
  35. canteen full of water
  37. A small bamboo flute
  39. various seeds of various plants
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