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  1. * Aidan nods slightly as she listens
  2. <Aidan> So you've made it clear you are challenging in 30 days, no matter what.  Yes?
  3. <Tanner> If we agree to do it togather... and someone feels they are not ready.
  4. <Tanner> We dont do it until we are all ready.
  5. * Pierce looks thoughtful for a moment as Tanner speaks, then turns to Aidan, letting her have the floor.
  6. <Aidan> Here is my issue with all of this... You've got people betting on whether you pass or not... you are the one with something to prove.  So now that you've done all this posturing, now you want all of us to challenge together.  
  7. * Magdalene listened with a tilt of her head, arms crossed beneath her chest.
  8. <Tanner> Honestly I wasnt who had people betting on me; and I would bet on each and every one of you tomorrow..
  9. <Tanner> If you said lets do it tomorrow or you decieded to do it yourself tomorrow; I'm confident that each of you would pass your rites of passage today, tomorrow.. 30 days from today; we all have what it takes.. we all have the determination to pass.
  10. * Pierce looks to Tanner with a neutral expression, his lips tight.  "So, you are willing to back down from your pledge to challenge on the next full moon, so that we all may challenge together when each of us are ready?"
  11. <Pierce> "Just to be clear," he adds.
  12. <Tanner> "If all of us are in, and decide to do this togather; we wait until all four of us togather feel we are ready"
  13. <Tanner> "If we decide next week we are ready we do it next week; if we decide by the 20th of august we are not ready we are not ready"
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