Anon - Another Game Session

May 15th, 2014
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  1. >Another day at the bro-house
  2. >But this time things are different
  3. >There are mares here now
  4. >None of you know how you did it, but you all managed to finally persuade some mares into joining for some activities
  5. >Well, not the sort of activities that Virgo tried to suggest, it earned him Actiasses slap on the cheek and Acteusses glare at trying to get it on with his sister
  6. >It’s you guys and Actias, Hexferry, Golden Corral, Caramel, Sepia and Minty in the clubhouse
  7. >And you’ve got just the game you all can play
  8. >”It’s called the kings game”
  9. >Everyone seems to be interested in it more or less so you keep talking
  10. >”We’ll take as many similar sticks as to there are of us, that’s 13, and write the numbers 1 to 12 on them, and then draw a little crown on one. We’ll put them all into a mug with the numbers and such hidden, and then we all draw one. Nobody reveals the number they got, but the one who drew the crown is the king, and the king can give any sort of an ord-“
  11. >You notice a few questioning looks coming from the mares
  12. >”Almost any sort of an order, of course nothing too stupid or extreme, and then announce the numbers that have to do it. Then those who got those numbers have to do it. Simple as that. But the kings orders are absolute, well kind of”
  13. >Some of the moths look very positive about the idea, and some of them look not so sure
  14. “I think that’s a nice idea”
  15. >Sepia is the first one to speak and most of the moths agree
  16. >Hexferry speaks next
  17. “Are you sure? They can give out some embarrassing orders...”
  18. >Sepia tilts her head at Hexferry
  19. “Embarrassing?”
  20. >Hexferry sighs like she gives up on explaining
  21. >Caramel gives Hexferry a little nudge
  22. “Come on Hexxy, too embarrassed to join in?”
  23. >Hexferry blushes but before she can reply Golden Corral is now at her side as well
  25. “Yeah, I’m sure it'll be fun... in more way than one~”
  26. >Both Caramel and Golden Corral giggle as Hexferrys face goes beet red
  27. “So this is the sort of stupid stuff that you do in this little clubroom of yours daily?”
  28. >Acteus seems a bit embarrassed at his sister’s remark but replies with confidence
  29. “What’s wrong in having fun?”
  30. >Virgo suddenly pipes in into the conversation
  31. “Nothing at all, that’s what’s wrong in having fun!”
  32. >A lot of the ponies agree with Virgo as you prepare the sticks
  33. >They are your regular large ice cream sticks
  34. >Out of the guys the only ones who seem a bit unsure are Gemini and Pepper Dust
  35. >You approach the two with the mug of sticks in your hands as the other ponies talk about your idea
  36. >”Feeling shy?”
  37. >Judging by their reaction you were right
  38. >”No need to be, we’re just having some fun here. Even if you might feel a bit embarrassed at first I’m sure that it’ll become so fun fast that you forget to feel shy”
  39. >Both of them offer you a thankful little smile and a nod
  40. >Well, you’re putting up a though front, as a matter of fact you’re feeling a bit nervous as well, you’d be lying if you would say you were not hoping for some nice things to happen between you and the mares
  41. >As you turn to join the others you notice Minty standing behind you
  42. “That was very nice of you”
  43. >You’re a bit startled at the sudden praise and blush, but only for a few moments before collecting yourself
  44. >”Just trying to make sure everyone has fun”
  45. >Minty smiles at this
  46. “Well, I think we are all set for the game, pretty much everypony has agreed to it now”
  47. >Minty turns to join the center of the bro-house and you follow suit
  48. >Every pony turns to look at you as you twirl the mug a bit so the sticks mix and then you place it onto the small coffee table and all of you take seats around it, on bean bag chairs, on the floor and on the sofa
  49. >”Let the games begin!”
  51. >Everyone retracts a stick
  52. >You’ve got number 12 yourself
  53. >Moon Dust lifts up his stick
  54. “Umm... I got the stick, so... numbers 5 and 10 hug each other?”
  55. >Nice choice Moony, that’s a good thing to choose. It’s nothing too extreme so it won’t turn the mares away from the game right away
  56. >You feel a bit thankful it was not Virgo who got the king on the first round
  57. “I’m number 5”
  58. >Seems like Golden Corral is number 5, you suddenly feel very envious of whomever has got the number 10
  59. “And I’m 10”
  60. >Seems like it’s Caramel, this rounds order will have no problems in coming to fruit
  61. >Both of them get up and close in on each other
  62. >You have to admit that the stallions are paying much more attention to this than the mares
  63. >And then you notice a little wink that those two share, what might they be-
  64. >Golden Corral and Caramel engage in a rather close hug
  65. >...
  66. >There is a collective gulp as many of the stallions start to blush while some of the mares sigh
  67. >Golden Corral and Caramel are giving each other a rather... physical, so to speak, hug
  68. >It’s almost like the first stages of foreplay, their hooves are caressing each others body as they press their bodies together
  69. >As they pull away from each other you can feel that many of the stallions in the room share your disappointment that the show was over so quick
  70. “You just had to go and do that huh?”
  71. >Hexferry is asking Caramel this with a slight scrunch on her face
  72. “Nothing wrong in lighting the place up a bit~”
  73. >You guess Hexferry is used to those twos behavior as Caramel stroking her thigh has no effect on her, well minus a small blush
  74. >Virgo turns to look at you and so does Acteus
  75. “Anon, this game was the best idea ever!”
  76. “Yeah, nice job!”
  77. >Acteus seems to be oblivious at the slight glare Actias gives her brother
  79. >You laugh a bit and mix the sticks up again
  80. >Everyone gets one and this time the king is Virgo
  81. >Lord have mercy
  82. “Yes! Numbers 1 and 9 share a hot passionate kiss!”
  83. >A lot of glares shoot in Virgos direction
  84. “...on the cheek?”
  85. >This seems to lessen the threatening atmosphere in the room
  86. >Though Golden Corral seemed to like Virgos earlier idea much more
  87. “I-I’m 9”
  88. >Gemini sounds a bit embarassed
  89. “And I’m... 1...”
  90. >a few ponies try not to laugh, a few do not do that good of a job to hide their amusement and some seem a bit shocked
  91. >Waspy is number 1
  92. >Virgo smirks
  93. “Well, the kings orders are absolute, get to it”
  94. >Waspy looks in Virgos direction and grumbles a bit but then more ponies join in
  95. “Yeah, get to it guys, and remember to make it hot and passionate~”
  96. >Caramels remark did not really help with the situation
  97. “How would a kiss on the cheek even be hot and passionate?”
  98. >That was Pepper Dust, who did well on asking something that you as well were wondering
  99. >This actually seems to make everyone rub their heads in confusion, especially Virgo since a kiss on the cheek was not his original plan
  100. >But the one who talks first is Sepia
  101. “Doesn’t it make you feel warm if you are pressed up against another pony for a long time because of the body heat?”
  102. “So all they need to do is keep the kiss on the cheek going for some while?”
  103. >That was Minty
  104. >Moon Dust joins in
  105. “I don’t think that you could call it passionate if you would just press your lips against someone’s cheeks for a while...”
  106. >Waspy seems to become a bit irritated now
  107. “Whatever, let’s just get this over with”
  108. >Acteus lets out a fake gasp
  109. “But Waspy, how can you say that towards him, he’s so cute”
  111. >Actias looks at her brother with a raised eyebrow
  112. “Is there something you wish to share with everypony?”
  113. >Acteus seems to grasp on what his exclaim sounded like as a few snickers are heard here and there
  114. “N-no I was trying to make Waspy feel even more bothered about the kiss...”
  115. >Acteus takes a look in Geminis direction, who blushes and turns to look at the wall now
  116. >Virgo can’t hold his laughter in anymore and Caramel and Golden Corral are about to follow suit
  117. >You can see Waspys eyebrow give a little twitch and then he plants his lips against Geminis cheek
  118. >Gemini lets out a little squeak of surprise since he did not see it coming, since he was still staring at the wall
  119. >Some catcalls and whatnots ring in the air as Waspys blush grows as red as Geminis
  120. >And then he stops the kiss and pulls back
  121. “There’s your kiss Virgo”
  122. >Gemini looks at Waspy
  123. “...Was it that bad?”
  124. >His voice sounds a bit sad
  125. >Waspy falters and then mumbles something out very quietly
  126. “N-no...”
  127. >You know that he just blurted it out so Gemini won’t feel sad and like Waspy thinks it’s disgusting to hang out with him, but everypony else reacts in just the way you would have expected
  128. >A collective ooohh~ from Golden Corral and Caramel, Hexferry chokes a bit on the juice she’s drinking, Actias blushes a bit more than necessary, Sepia doesn’t have any idea what’s happening, a few shocked looks from Virgo and Acteus, Pepper Dust looks embarrassed for the two, Minty’s clapping her hooves together with a little “wow~” and Moon Dust is trying his best to not look like he’s blushing like mad
  129. >Gemini himself is now smiling happily
  130. >Waspy facehooves and returns to his seat
  131. “Let’s just keep playing...”
  132. >You laugh a bit while mixing the sticks up again and everyone draws
  133. >This time it’s Actias as the king
  134. “Well, let’s see... Numbers 12 and 11 act like each other but in a comical fashion”
  135. >You raise your hand
  137. >”I’m number 12”
  138. “And I’m 11”
  139. >It’s Hexferry
  140. >You already start to feel a bit embarrassed
  141. >”W-well, start the act Hexferry, n-not like I want you to go first or anything...”
  142. >You give out a small hmph to perfect the act
  143. >You can see a small vein twitch in Hexferrys forehead as Caramel tells her how you were spot on
  144. “Umm...Uhhh... W-why won’t you go first... that is if you want to, I mean... uhh haha...”
  145. >Hexferry rubs the back of her head and gives out a rather silly looking smile
  146. >She made fun of your awkwardness around mares, you have to mentally pat Hexferry on the back
  147. >Both of you share a smile as a sign of not holding any grudges over each others act and the sticks are mixed up again and drawn
  148. >Minty’s the king this round
  149. “I want that number 4 will have to cuddle with number 6 for the rest of the game”
  150. >You gasp
  151. >You had forgotten that commands like that could be issued as well
  152. >Hexferry and Actias are looking at Minty in a way that makes you want to imagine them going “Et tu, Minty?”
  153. “Well, I’m number 6”
  154. >Acteus looks a bit worried, yet hopeful as he makes the announcement
  155. >And suddenly, Actias looks like she just felt sick
  156. >Golden Corral takes a glance at Actiasses stick
  157. “Actias, you’re number 4”
  158. >The room is quiet for a while, until Virgo breaks out laughing his ass off and pointing at Acteus
  159. >Actias and Acteus both now glare at Virgo
  160. >Even Hexferry is trying her hardest to not to giggle
  161. >”Well then, get to it”
  162. >Even if that made both of them direct their glare at you, you just had to say it
  163. “It’s ok sis, we’re family so it won’t be embarrassing”
  164. >Actias looks like she would rather jump into a freezing lake
  165. >...
  166. >Time passes
  167. >Acteus pats the area next to him
  168. “W-well, come here so the game can continue”
  169. >Actias looks at her brother with disgust but then grumpily gets up, plops down next to him and lies against him while looking not too happy with her ears flat
  171. >you have to hold your laughter in so you won’t get one of those glares shot in your direction as well
  172. “It’s nice to see family members get along so great”
  173. >That was Sepia, as oblivious as ever
  174. >The sticks are mixed up and drawn again
  175. >You’ve got the king now
  176. >”Number 2 flirt with number 4”
  177. >Sepia raises her hoof up
  178. “Umm... how exactly do you flirt?”
  179. >Caramel grins and starts to get up
  180. “Let me te-“
  181. >But Hexferry pulls her back down and gives her a stink eye
  182. “Don’t you dare”
  183. >Caramel lets out an embarrassed laugh while rubbing the back of her head, but when Hexferry was too busy with her another dangerous element made her way to Sepia
  184. >Golden Corral is now whispering into Sepias ear and Sepia nods every now and then
  185. >Hexferry notices this and quickly calls out for Minty to stop Golden Corral but Minty just shakes her head while smiling
  186. “I’m number 4...”
  187. >Pepper Dust lets out a sneeze and then rubs his nose while blushing a bit
  188. >There’s a few mumbles about Pepper Dust beign a lucky stallion, well minus Acteus as he’s too embarrassed to say anything with his sister next to him, and Sepia gets up and makes her way to Pepper Dust
  189. >Pepper Dust himself gets up from lying on the floor and stands before Sepia nervously and then all eyes are on those two
  190. >Sepia suddenly presses herself against Pepper dust and nuzzles him
  191. “I want you inside me~”
  192. >The reactions are priceless, jaws drop, shocked looks adore faces, ponies trying their hardest to not to choke on their own saliva and Pepper Dust looking about ready to faint while blushing heavily
  193. >Sepia removes herself from Pepper Dust and turns to look at Golden Corral with a triumphant look on her face
  194. “Like that?”
  195. >Golden Corral gets an answer out from between her laughs
  196. “Yeah, just like that”
  197. >Hexferry grabs Golden Corral in shock
  198. “What are you teaching her!?”
  200. >Golden Corral just keeps laughing while Caramel pets Hexferrys back and tells her to loosen up
  201. >Hexferry sighs
  202. “How can I loosen up with you two?”
  203. >Suddenly Golden Corral and Caramel are both rubbing Hexferrys body like they were seducing her
  204. “I’m sure we can come up with a way~”
  205. “We’ll be gentle~”
  206. >Acteus seems to forget that his sister is lying against him as he utters the words “awesome” out
  207. >Virgo bumps his hoof with his own
  208. >Hexferry squeaks angrily at Caramel and Golden Corral as you mix the sticks once again
  209. >the sticks are drawn and Hexferry ends up as the king now
  210. “3 will give 10 a back massage”
  211. >Caramel lets out a fake gasp
  212. “Hexferry, I didn’t know you had it in you to make such a lewd request...”
  213. >Hexferrys face shoots beet red
  214. “There’s nothing lewd about that, it’s just relaxing!”
  215. >Virgo speaks up next
  216. “No, a back massage is in itself a very erotic experience”
  217. >Many of the ponies nod as well, making Hexferry feel even more embarrassed
  218. >But you on the other hand, you look at your stick
  219. >You are number 10
  220. >Jackpot
  221. >”I’m number 10”
  222. >you keep your fingers crossed as you wait for number 3 to appear
  223. “I’m 3”
  224. >You take a look in Mintys direction
  225. >You’ve have not paid that much attention to her but she’s an attractive mare non the less, you suddenly feel very lucky
  226. >Although, you kinda had wished for Golden Corral or Caramel, for obvious reasons...
  227. >You lay onto the floor while feeling a few envious looks in your direction as Minty settles down next to you
  228. >And then you feel her hooves on your back
  229. >W-wow
  231. >She’s actually pretty good at this, she’s not using too much force, but not too little so it feels pleasant, not to mention she’s not pressing in any weird or painful spots
  232. >”Mmmhhh...”
  233. >You can’t help but to let out a sound of enjoyment which makes Minty let out a cute little giggle
  234. >You suddenly feel like your whole body has turned into jello as you lie on your stomach
  235. “Wow Anon, she’s that good?”
  236. >You face must show just exactly how much you are enjoying this as Waspy asks you that
  237. “See, nothing lewd about a back massage!”
  238. >Your eyes are closed but you’re sure Hexferry is still going on about that with the two
  239. >But then suddenly you feel weight against your upper back and a warm breath on your neck
  240. “You’ve got a strong back~”
  241. >Your eyes shoot open as you hear the seductive tone in Mintys voice
  242. >You are greeted by many envious looks coming from your friends and a Hexferry looking at Minty desperately
  243. “Don’t just play along with them Mintyyy... You’ve been spending too much time with those two”
  244. >You are kind of thankful she did just that, you are feeling all kinds of shivers down your spine
  245. >But then Mintys upper body weight leaves your back
  246. “It’s already this late?”
  247. >You try your best to not show on your face how sad you are that that ended so fast
  248. >Everyone else starts to look at the time as well and the air fills with ponies talking about appointments, having to go and stuff like that
  249. >You and your bros feel a bit disappointed that it ended so fast as you all get to cleaning the place up and the mares start to leave
  250. >Before they leave though they turn to look at all of you from the doorway
  251. “This was really nice, let’s do this again”
  252. “See you later guys~”
  253. “Don’t get your hopes too up next time~”
  254. “Can't you two pause even for a bit?”
  255. “I had fun you guys!”
  256. “See you!”
  257. >With their waves the mares leave and leave the bro-house back as a sausage fest
  259. >As you carry a bean bag chair to sit against the wall Virgo gives you a playful jab to your side
  260. “So Mr. Lucky guy, how was the massage?”
  261. >You turn to look at Virgo
  262. >”Lucky? Why lucky?”
  263. >Waspy walks up to the two of you
  264. “Minty’s not really a mare that flirts or plays around that much so something like that was kind of rare. Not to mention Virgo finds her attractive”
  265. >Virgo puts on his best sleazy smile
  266. “I like all the mares Waspy”
  267. >Acteus, Gemini, Moon Dust and Pepper Dust yell out a collective “We know!” from all over the clubroom
  268. >You can’t help but to smile as Virgo shakes his head in defeat
  269. >”So Acteus, did you like bonding with your sister?”
  270. >Acteus blushes and almost drops the cup he was carrying to the cupboard
  271. “If I’d have to pick up one of the luckier ones of us I’d vote for Pepper”
  272. >Everyone seems to agree with Moon Dusts statement as Pepper Dust blushes beet red
  273. “S-she was just saying that because Goldie told her to...”
  274. >Virgo grins
  275. “But it did make you feel rather good didn’t it? In various places~”
  276. >You did not think that it was possible for Pepper Dust to blush even redder but it happens
  278. “W-well talking about feeling good in various places, what was that about Waspy?”
  279. >Pepper Dust does a good job at directing the attention elsewhere as Waspy trips into his own hooves from the sudden mention of his and Geminis little moment
  280. “W-what was what? It was just embarrassing that’s all...”
  281. >Virgo is already at Waspys side
  282. “Are you suuuuuure that was all it was?”
  283. >Virgo grins as Waspys face blushes as he seems to get a bit angry
  284. “I swear I feel like the male Hexferry from time to time... Tell them how it was nothing special Gemini”
  285. >The trap in question jumps a bit at the sudden mention of him in this embarrassing conversation and starts to blush deeper and deeper
  286. “N-no it was nothing special, I mean it did feel good, no I mean...”
  287. >More laughter is had as Waspy seems to facehoof to hide his own embarrassment
  288. >”Well, I’m off for now”
  289. >You give a little wave to your friends as they say goodbye and then you walk out of the bro-house
  290. >Damn you love having fun in the bro-house
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