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  1. Minecraft Username:
  2. FitzyPvP
  4. Age:
  5. 14
  7. Timezone:
  8. GMT
  10. Where do you live?
  11. England
  13. Discord Username:
  14. FitzyPvP#3628
  16. How long have you been playing on InvadedLands?
  17. Honestly, I have no idea. I have played on many servers, quit minecraft many times, and how long I have been playing Invadedlands is a blur. But I am sure I have been playing for at least 6 months.
  19. Have you ever been punished on InvadedLands?
  20. Yes. I have been false banned once, and Muted a few times.
  22. Whilst all of the mutes were correct, only one of them was Toxicity.
  23. The others were either mistakes (the recent ones), or I wasn't aware that I was breaking any rules.
  25. Ever since my last mute, I have promised myself to be careful what I do on the server. I have no problem with toxicity (Apart from my mute a few months ago), it is just accidental mistakes.
  27. For example, I am streaming, reading the chat, reading donations, and I accidently spam my Stream link more then once per 5 minutes. I believe I have now learnt from my mistakes, and promise to never let myself down again.
  29. Do you have a functioning microphone?
  30. Yes
  32. Are you able to record videos of hackers at reasonable frame-rates and quality?
  33. Yes
  35. What skills do you feel you have that will help the community?
  36. Maturity:
  37. Maturity is one of the most important traits in a staff member. I am an extremely mature individual, and although I love a joke, I am hard working, professional, and extremely mature. Maturity can come in many different factors, Professionalism, integrity, kindness and being trustworthy. Being mature had taken me a long way both in the Minecraft community and out of it, and it is one of the reasons I am such a great staff member.
  39. Trustworthiness:
  40. Having spent the past 3 hours on my application, I would never let the server down by Abusing my perms. Being apart of the Invadedlands staff team is a privilege, and even the thought of abusing my perms makes me uncomfortable. I can be trusted with anything, and I would never let the server down. I always try my best and help the server I am staff on as much as I can.
  42. Reliability/Activity:
  43. I am extremely active on whatever server I am staff on, I can spend up to 20 hours a week moderating on invadedlands. I am extremely reliable, and always get work done fast, and to the best of my ability.
  44. and I am good at giving, and doing any instructions given to me without any complaint.
  46. Moderation:
  47. Having played on Minecraft server for the past 5 years, and moderating for 3, I have a strong knowledge of Moderation. I have banned hundreds of Hackers, and muted thousands of Chat offenders. I know hacks like the back of my hand:
  49. Kill Aura: A hack that automatically hits any player in a certain radius.
  50. Speed: Self explanatory, you will have unnatural speed.
  51. Fly: The ability to fly unnaturally.
  52. Jesus: The ability to walk on water.
  53. AutoSoup: Drink soup automatically without having to get it from your inventory.
  54. AutoArmour: Automatically equipping armour that is in your inventory.
  55. Velocity/Antikb: The hackerWont take any knockback when hit. Can be mistaken for lag.
  56. AimBot: Your crosshair will automatically move towards your opponent.
  57. BowAimbot: Same as aimbot, except with a bow. When you hold left click with a bow, your crosshair will shake and move with the exect movement of the player.
  58. TriggerBot: When your crosshair touches a player, it will automatically click for you.
  59. AutoClicker: Often a macro on your mouse. When triggered, it will unnaturally click for you.
  60. NoFall: Won't take any fall damage.
  61. Xray: The ability to see ores through the wall.
  62. Crits: You will automatically crit your opponent out without jumping.
  63. Bhop: The hacker will do further jumps while running. Often around an opponent so they are harder to hit.
  65. What past moderating experiences do you have?
  66. AllianceMC - Owner, my server is fairly new, it is mainly a community server where me and my friends can hang out and play KitPvP.
  68. SkyUn - Manager, This is where I learned the basics of becoming a staff member. The server did terribly now that I look back on it, but my experience has grown a lot since then. I was staff there for 10 months.
  70. ReaperSky - Manager, Reaperskys was a lot like the first server. It closed 1 year ago, but I sadly resigned due to the Owner being extremely inactive. This server was very good, but I was giving up my time to a server where I needed permission to do something and the owner wouldn’t come on for a week at a time.
  72. SkyCore - Manager, SkyCore is a nearly fully custom coded server as the Owner is an experienced developer. The owner is very busy with the server so she left me to do deal with everything, she does the development work. I have been a manager here for 5 months.
  74. AngelsPvP - Admin/Dev. I was staff here for 1 month as the Owner was new to staffing and didn’t know how to run a server. As I was busy at this point I couldn’t stay here permanently. He wanted a KitPvP server and I told him how to get plugins, how to edit them, and I helped get him some more staff to help. I was able to get him the basics. I haven’t heard from him for a while.
  76. ValtoxMC - Admin. Valtox had about 30 players minimum. Here I had to moderate chat, deal with staff applications, player reports and ban appeals. That is where I got most of my experience in dealing with hackers. I have a vast knowledge of the different hacks people use to try and manipulate the anti-cheat. Valtox also had a discord server with 700 members as the company that ran it was actually a gaming group with channels for all types of games. I was the highest staff role as they didn’t have a manager.
  78. Legendcraft - Senior Admin, Before the shutdown, Legendcraft had 20 - 50 players on at once. I have been here the whole time, 6 months. It is now shut down due to the fact that one of the owners (The one who paid), left the server and we had no host. That problem is sorted and we are now rebuilding the server with all the 700 players in the discord spamming me every day asking when the release will happen.
  80. McEpicGames - Mod and Builder, This server has now shut down due to the fact that it died. At its prime, it had at most 20 players online. It is now being rebranded into a Towny/roleplay server. This was the FIRST ever server I was staff on, and when I joined, I knew nothing about being staff, literally nothing. I was hated on ferociously, at that time I was immature and I thought of quitting. I had a word with the Manager, and he encouraged me to ignore them and get on with my job. I am now able to staff on any server easily and hate is encouraged as I know what to improve on.
  82. BadlyMC - Mod, and Builder. BaldyMC. The most we have received so far is 40 players on at once. I am still encouraged to Moderate chat frequently as a large portion of the players are toxic players from a server called invadedlands.
  84. SomenClub - Helper and builder. Somenclub is a practise, and kitmap server. I am called on everyday to ban hackers, and mute chat offenders. SomenClub was recently owned by ApexWasabi. He left ownership to 3 of the other owners when he resigned from here.
  86. Player Council: I am also part of the Invadedlands player council. Here I spend a lot of my time, checking tickets, and helping the community.
  88. Do you know any of our current staff members?
  89. Yes
  91. What languages can you speak fluently?
  92. Just English.
  94. Why would you be a good fit for staff?
  95. I can moderate the server for at least 4 hours every day. I have a calm and cool head and I can moderate chat easily and fairly. I check the forums about 4 times a day, and I love moderating the forums in my own way. I am always there to help fix a problem for a player whether it is a problem in-game, a problem on the forums or if anyone needs any questions answered. I also see a lot of players complaining about ban appeals. And I also know that they spam staff to check them. While I was apart of ValtoxMC, I had to frequently check ban appeals and player reports. I liked doing those things and I would love doing them for invadedlands. Despite me being muted a couple times, I also report players! I have reported at least 40 players on the new forums, and many more on the old forums.
  96. I also have lots of experience with all types of roles. Headbuilder, Manager, Owner, Dev. (Was promoted so I have gone through every rank)
  98. Any other information:
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