Psychoactive Secretions

Mar 3rd, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Your head aches as you gradually stir to consciousness. It's more than just your head that hurts: you feel like you've been slammed into a concrete wall by a semi. Withdrawal symptoms, you quickly deduce through the pain. You try to open your eyes but a thick layer of gunk keeps them sealed, and you groan quietly pain. Your voice sounds jagged and dry. Ears ringing...sweating. You feel like you're dying. You process the turning of a chair as a soft 'wah!' fills your ears. Something within you clicks on when you hear it. Calm washes over you in a wave of dizziness and nausea, and pain is replaced with anticipation. It won't hurt for much longer.
  3. "Oh, you're up." Ina remarks. You barely wrench your eyes open enough to see her leaning over her chair, smirking at you. "And you look like you slept hard. Come here."
  5. Weakly, you attempt to roll over to face her better, but you barely make it part way before pain shoots through your sternum, causing you to groan and relent. Ina frowns for a moment but quickly cheers back up as she leans forward just a bit more. Swathes of tentacles slowly grasp at your limbs, wrapping themselves around your arms and legs before gripping your torso properly. With a huff of concentration, you're lifted up off the bed and brought forward. You aren't sure when Ina became this...strong? Maybe you're just lighter than you used to be. Something about this feels off. Brought face to face with the priestess, she leans in, giving you a soft kiss as a tentacle teasingly snakes its way up your torso. Your body burns in excitement as the tip of it stops in front of your face.
  7. "You need your medicine, don'tcha?" She asks teasingly. You nod furiously in excitement, much to her delight. "Ask nicely, like a good boy."
  8. "Please..." You cough out. Speaking hurts. "P-Please, Ina...I love you..."
  10. Satisfied with your answer, the tentacle before you begins to...spasm and swell, swinging intimidatingly from side to side. Ina's face flushes as she huffs, idly toying with one of the appendages on her head as if it were hair, giving you an almost amorous look. You know where this is going. At the tip of the tentacle, a thick, black droplet begins to form, almost resembling something like a small water balloon. Your mouth opens instinctively as another tentacle slowly wraps its way around your neck, squeezing you softly as Ina eyes you, running her tongue over her upper lip. The liquid seems to swirl and pulse with odd colors. Oil on water. It's unnatural...hypnotic, almost. Something within you recoils in horror. But you *need* this. It makes the pain go away...
  12. "Here...don't waste a drop of it, okay? It's special..."
  14. Carefully, the tentacle positions itself just above your open mouth as your pupils shrink to pinpricks, hyper-focused on the package it carries. Slowly, it lowers itself into your mouth, and as soon as the droplet makes contact with your tongue, you convulse. An involuntary moan of pleasure slips from your lips as your brain is crashed into the ground from a flood of dopamine. Ina worms the limb in and out of your mouth carefully, panting as she watches your reactions. The pains in your body wash away as your vision clears...almost becoming sharper, colors seeming brighter. You feel light. You immense amount of pleasure, as Ina's tentacles continue to squeeze and writhe over your exposed skin, the one in your mouth continuing to softly piston, secreting more of Ina's 'medicine' into your mouth as you groan. Oh, God, it feels so good...but beneath it all, something inside of you is...terrified. Fighting for a moment against the sensation, your brain racks. When was the last time you went outside? What day is it? What month, even? All you can remember is...this, and even then it's blurry. You gag as the tentacle tickles the back of your throat expectantly, breaking you out of your train of thought.
  16. "Th-That's a good boy...keep drinking..." Ina practically gasps. You feel an appendage slither towards your waistband. The thoughts of before fade away as you sink back into a comfortable, pleasured haze. "Juuust like that...I'll take care of you as long as you need..."
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