Twizzle - Twijack

Apr 30th, 2014
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  3. >Twilight looked up from her book as she heard the sound of the train whistle, the piercing sound getting ever closer.
  4. >The train came to a full stop at the Ponyville Station platform, the crowd giving way to Twilight, much to her chagrin.
  5. >She preferred to be seen as an equal; after all, she didn’t feel like she did anything special to garner this much respect.
  6. >The doors opened up and all sorts of ponies spilled out, but none of them were the one that Twilight was looking for.
  7. >That is, until an orange mare swayed out of the train.
  8. “Whoowee! It sure feels good to be back home.”
  9. >Twilight heads over to help out with the luggage, giving a heartfelt nuzzle to the Stetson-covered mare.
  10. “How was Apploosa?”
  11. >Twilight shifted, feeling guilty for asking Apple Jack to go without her.
  12. “Well, it was certainly loads better than how it was before.”
  13. >Twilight attempted to take the luggage, but was denied by a guard.
  14. >She gave an exasperated sigh, relinquishing her control over the baggage situation and returning to Apple Jack’s side.
  15. >Apple Jack smiled as they trotted side-by-side, relishing Twilight’s undivided attention as she recounted the tales that she had from Apploosa.
  16. >Twilight smile widened as she listened, her focus broken when a guard pulls her back, Twilight chuckling nervously, thanking the guard before heading into the restaurant with Apple Jack.
  17. >A wordless exchange between Twilight and the maître d’ allowed Twilight and Apple Jack access to a private booth, the rest of the patron’s line of view cut off by a thick ornate curtain.
  18. “I’m sorry Apple Jack, I have to put so much pressure on you by being so …stiff in public.”
  19. >Apple Jack put her hat to the side and shook her head.
  20. “Don’t be sorry. I understood the conditions that were placed on you when you earned princesshood.”
  21. >Twilight’s sad eyes brightened a bit, but she was still morose as she shifted closer to Apple Jack, the earthy smell and scent of apple nectar wafting to her.
  22. >This was the scent that she longed for, her worries seeming to melt away as she settled into a mild trance.
  23. >Apple Jack nosed at Twilight, placing a hoof on Twilight’s shoulder and placing a light peck upon Her Majesty’s trembling lips.
  24. >Twilight reciprocated, leaning into Apple Jack and placing a hand on Apple Jack’s side, a lone tear spilling down her face as she rubbed.
  25. >Apple Jack broke the kiss, wiping the tear and giving a warm, glowing grin.
  26. “What’s the matter, sugar cube?”
  27. “Everything got so complicated, when all I really want is you.”
  28. >Twilight couldn’t help but beam back, her wings fluttering as she placed her other hoof on AJ’s motherly form.
  29. >they nuzzled tenderly, exchanging glances and coos, their tails flicking against each other as each one tried to keep their name calling to a whispered hush, with Apple Jack starting.
  30. “Cutie.”
  31. “Gorgeous.”
  32. “Majesty.”
  33. “Seraph”
  34. “Sera…wha?”
  35. “Seraph, it’s a class of angels. In ancient texts, they are said to be the ones that are closest to God. It’s the only thing that is appropriate enough for someone whom I can say is irreplaceable to me.”
  36. >Apple Jack snickered, leaving Twilight to cant her head
  37. “What?”
  38. “And you wonder why Rainbow Dash insists on calling you ‘Princess Egghead’.”
  39. >Twilight puffed out her cheeks, which only made AJ laugh harder.
  40. >Before she knew it, Twilight was laughing along with AJ.
  41. >At the end of their laugh attack, Twilight gazed at AJ, and Apple Jack returned the gaze.
  42. >Apple Jack reached up and hugged Twilight close, bringing Twilight’s body upon her own.
  43. “Twi…I hope that this never happens, but if the world crumbles, I wouldn’t even care so long as I have you and our filly.”
  44. “That’s sweet, but I’m hoping that I do a good enough job to make sure that the world doesn’t crumble. For her.”
  45. >Twilight chided, the two mares blushing brightly at the awkward pause left by the dialogue
  46. >Thanks to Shining Armor, Apple Jack and she were finally able to have a foal.
  47. >But with her becoming an alicorn, being Apple Jack’s special somepony proved to be much harder than she originally planned.
  48. >A shuffle of the curtain provided them ample time to sit up, the maître d’ placing their orders on the table, the order placed ahead of time by Princess Sparkle herself.
  49. “But we didn’t order.”
  50. >Twilight placed a hoof on Apple Jack’s lips to stop her protest.
  51. >Apple jack looked to Twilight, then back to the maître d’, the colt handing her a long, thin box of sorts.
  52. “Apple Jack, we’ve been together for a long time…”
  53. >Apple Jack’s heart skipped a beat, her face full flush as she listened to Twilight, hanging on to every word.
  54. Twilight opened the box, showing off the golden crated metal inside, beautifully wrought and set with an amethyst center.
  55. “…and I’m not going to let me being royalty get in the way of our happiness. Not again.”
  56. >Twilight placed an ornate necklace about Apple Jack’s neck, wrapping her hooves about the speechless earth pony.
  57. “Would you be mine, AJ?”
  58. >Apple Jack bit her lip, and in a trembling voice answered
  59. “I-I thought that I answered this a long time ago. I was always yours and I’ll continue to be yours. Until the day I die.”
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