Bubble Vision 1

Feb 15th, 2013
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  1. Today is Friday, the last day of the school year. You sit at your desk, staring vacantly at the whiteboard and resting your head on your hands as your chemistry teacher drones on and on about the importance of your summer revision, or whatever. Your mind is too distracted by the thought of your upcoming holiday plans, and a quick look around the room reveals a similar expression on everyone else's faces. Glancing at your watch, you see it's 2:45. Another 20 minutes of this and you'll be free to enjoy the holidays the only way you know. By watching Ponies.
  3. You trudge up the path to your small-ish house, your back straining against the heavy bag of homework you've been given. You fling your bag onto your bed without a glance, and flop down at your computer desk. You're just starting to get comfortable in your chair when the doorbell rings, which is odd. Your parents won't be home for hours, and nobody mentioned coming over to your house. Perplexed, you open the front door to see a small brown cardboard box with your name on it. This is odd, you didn't order anything. You glance up and look around, but there's no sign of any delivery van. You shrug and wander back inside, staring inquisitively at the box.
  5. You grab a knife from the kitchen drawer and slit the packing tape on top of the box, curious as to what could be inside. Pulling apart the lid and tipping it out onto the kitchen table, you see...
  7. "A Derpy plushie?!"
  9. Incredulous, you check the box again, trying to see if there is any clue as to who could have sent you this. No return address, no note inside, nothing. Just a few foam packing pellets and a label with your name on it. Looking back to the plushie, you see that it's smiling at you with those two big, yellow eyes. One looking at the ceiling, the other at the floor, but you can tell it's meant to be looking forwards. The thing looks really cute, and you can't help but squee with delight. Whoever sent this to you must have known it was your favourite character, and you can't shake the feeling that it's a bribe or a hidden microphone to spy on you or something like that, as nobody liked you enough to just send you something as well-made as this for free. Oh well, free Derpy plushie! You can't really complain.
  11. Turning the plush over in your hands, you notice that the felt has a very smooth, silky feel to it, as if you're stroking real fur. As you walk back up the stairs to your computer, the run your fingers absent-mindedly through its mane, feeling just how soft it is. It's quite relaxing, really.
  13. You shake your computer's mouse and the screen springs to life as you open up steam and message each of your friends, asking if they know anything about it. None of them say they have, but they're all really jealous. You shrug, and turn back to the plushie which you've left sitting on your desk.
  15. "Well, aren't you a cute little ball of mystery?"
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