Breakfast - Brooms

Mar 8th, 2014
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  1. >You are Shimmer Light.
  2. >And you can't find it.
  3. >You're currently at the marketplace, and you can't find a single broom.
  4. >Not even one.
  5. >You desperately need one to be able to clean your house correctly.
  6. >Well, you don't technically need to clean your house ever, because no one ever sees it, but you like cleaning around.
  7. >You have to make sure your house is always better than everyone else's.
  8. >They may never know of your superiority, but you don't really care.
  9. >As long as you know...
  10. >... Seriously, you've been searching for a broom for quite some time.
  11. >Your last broom... broke unexpectedly.
  12. >It certainly wasn't thrown against a wall.
  13. >... You aren't sure breaking it that way is actually possible...
  14. >But it happened, which only heightened your anger.
  15. >The extreme lack of brooms is making it even worse.
  16. >Why, in a village filled to the brim with dust-collectors, is there not-
  17. >Out of the corner of your eye, you see one.
  18. >A beautiful, golden-handled broom.
  19. >But... it's moving. No, being carried.
  20. >It belongs to someone else now.
  21. >...
  22. >Her.
  23. >Hexferry is presumably on her way home, ecstatic about buying such a beauty of a cleaning supply.
  24. >Your anger now has a direction.
  25. >That's unhealthy.
  26. >... But you continue to hate her while also continuing your search.
  27. >...
  28. >You return to you house after quite the experience.
  29. >Apparently, there was some sort of party happening in the marketplace, which made your quest much more difficult than it needed to be.
  30. >Then it got dark.
  31. >At some point, a pony you couldn't identify due to the darkness tried to wrap their foreleg around you.
  32. >Though, they may have just been stretching.
  33. >You dodged it nonchalantly, so it never became an actual problem.
  34. >... But it was all worth it.
  35. >You and your new broom agree it was worth wasting an entire day searching, because your broom is even more amazing than the horrid one Hexferry bought earlier.
  36. >Even the things you buy are better than everyone else.
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