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  1. minetest.override_item("default:cobble", {
  2.    after_place_node = function(pos, placer, itemstack, pointed_thing)
  3.       local player_name = placer:get_player_name()
  4.       local privs = minetest.get_player_privs(player_name)
  5.       if not privs['pr_regular'] == true then
  6.          privs['pr_regular'] = true
  7.          privs['pr_noob'] = false
  8.          minetest.set_player_privs(player_name, privs)
  9.          core.chat_send_player(player_name, '**Now your not a Noob! Your a Regular Player!**')
  10.       end
  11.    end,
  12. })
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