Takuya The Blow Job Master

Jan 4th, 2015
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  1. Takuya The Blow Job Master Review
  2. by Sil3nt, sorry Rjob stole your template.
  3. (PS. Yes that's what I usually go by and yes I made it when I was 13. Don't comment on it, remember all the money I'm saving you anons by finding out that you should switch to yen on nls.)
  5. ====
  6. General Info:
  7. Intercourse Simulated - Oral
  8. Producer - Rends x タクヤ(Takuya)
  9. Purchased from - NLS for ¥2,570
  11. Toy Bag Size - Medium will probably work, but Large to be safe.
  13. ====
  14. Variables:
  15. Lube - Pepee(Normal)
  16. Unwarmed
  17. Fapped night before
  19. ====
  20. The Review:
  22. Box Art - 1/10. For obvious reasons, it gets a one as the box is nice non-bendable cardboard, unlike other onas that are more flimsy.
  24. Review-
  26. Build Quality and Material: First off, this is made in China and not Japan, thus quality is not as good as a normal Japanese ona. The entrance split after first use, although not much(much less than other onas) and thus I'm happy with how it holds up(for reference I need a large condom, so if your small this might not even be a problem). The entrance also has some stretch marks due to the poor material. The material is quite weird, the first 3/4 is a normal, maybe even a hard texture(at least it is on the hard side of normal); the last 1/4 is a soft material, this however isn't felt too much as a bit of it is taken up by the back wall, leaving only about a thumb width of soft material. Ultimately, the material just feels hard, the soft part not really being able to be felt, as it does not even cover the full glans. The back wall is quite thin, thus susceptible to breaking. The material is non-sticky which is fantastic and does not really need to be powdered.
  28. Feeling and Lube: The entrance is very large and so is the actual hole, so there is lots of room to move; it therefore requires lots of lube, which is very unusual for Pepee's. The excess room in the hole traps a lot of air, which can be squeezed out, in turn providing a decent suction(the back wall gets sucked inwards quite a bit). It does not really feel all too much like an oral hole, the tongue is really not felt, only the suction eludes it to being an oral hole.
  30. Cleaning: is very easy with such a large entrance. There is a typical rends smell to the ona, which faded significantly after cleaning(it is compatible with the onashaker). Drying is also simple with the sticks sold at Hotpowers(, as there is not much room under the tongue and if needed is easy to get fingers in to wash and dry.
  32. Buyers remorse?-
  34. Kind of, it isn't too bad, but at that price I did expect a little better from the "Blow Job Master".
  36. Conclusion:
  38. Go with the Mouth of Truth, it is a much better oral hole or if you already have the MoT I would skip over this hole. Ultimately, I was a little disappointing and I would only recommend it if you were either homosexual or were looking for a hard oral hole, as I haven't seen one before.
  40. Final Score: 6.5/10
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