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  1. Black haired veteran Sighs, and begins to walk to the left "basically, Its a charge, It would close a gap between you and an opponent."
  3. Suddenly a flash of light was seen, to be replaced with a base keyblade. "I'll be using one for the sake of understanding rather than two." once he reaches the far wall he stops and turns back around. suddenly, Onyx's body turns back to the Rookies, Quickly his knees bend and with large force he pushes down against the concrete and his body leans forward.
  5. Onyx Launches himself forward leaving slight cracks in the ground. as he pushes off and tucks the keyblade to his side letting only the end point out from his body. A spit second after he extends his arm as if he was holding a spear and trusts forward as best he can before scraping his feet against the floor. and sliding back to where he was
  7. "Now would anyone else like to try?" he said with a smile. Something seemed like he was holding back for the demonstration to be seen.
  8. Black haired veteran has activated a technique: Sonic Blade!
  10. He didn't get what he came for but the technique itself still interested him to the point where he wanted to attempt it, it was quite natural to manifest his blade now, extending his arm out to manifest it his hand catches it before he attempts the same thing the as if he was mimicking him.
  12. He thrusts forward, his speed and strength was there but the technique itself required him to attempt this several times, it was obvious he wouldn't do it on his first try but those results quickly changed upon trying it once again, he glances forward as he points his keyblade forward as if he was holding a spear.
  14. His sights were on the person teaching them the technique and thus he dashes forward, thrusting his keyblade forward, again the strength and striking speed was there but his speed itself was what was lacking.
  15.   "G-Gah! I'll get this down one day!"
  17. He shouts.
  19. Alfric summoned his keyblade once more, he nods over towards Onyx it wasn't about reaching him but that's all he could think about! Maybe the technique wasn't for him, the way he put it was strange for the loud-rookie.
  20.   "Maybe it's not about reaching you.. it's about striking you!"
  22. And then it clicked, as long as his opponent was there and he could see them then his strike would hit, eventually he extended his blade, putting one foot forward before stepping forward, lunging his keyblade forward as well in an attempt to hit his opponent.
  23.   "Haaa!"
  25. He shouted as he charged forth.
  26. (Alfric)
  27. Alfric has activated a technique: T3 Strength!
  28. Alfric has activated a technique: T2 Striking Speed!
  29. Alfric shows: Academy Keyblade!
  31. Onyx sighed and smiled. he could see the attempt clearly at him. "The object of training isn't to fight." he thought within the amount of time the keyblade was about to make contact.
  33. As soon as it was about to touch him. All he did was stand there as The blade vanished. The boys attemp was canceled. "Please, I really am not the enemy. This is only practice." He said only offering a somber smile at the boy.
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