May 12th, 2021
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  2. "Otsukaresama deshita~! Bye bye~!"
  3. And with that Fubuki started her usual ending clip and ended the stream.
  5. "Hanafuda is really fun right!" said Fubuki over the Discord call with Oga.
  6. "Yeah I agreed, that was an heated battle"
  7. "Too bad that it ends with draw huh"
  8. "That means both of us got to do the punishment game"
  9. "Noooooooo, why do both of us have to do that?"
  10. "Hahaha let's do a poll on the twitter later, Ojou-sama"
  11. "Are you still calling me that? We're off stream now, Oga-san"
  12. "But that is my duty as your maid"
  14. The two always have a small talk after a stream, sometimes it just ends quickly,but on some rare occasions they could talk for hours.
  15. Since it started a few months ago, Fubuki always looks forward to their once-a-month collabs.
  16. She found it is refreshing to talk casually with someone who doesn't really care that they are of opposite genders.
  18. But lately, she felt something different, like how she could relax more when talking with him, or how she enjoys teasing-and-being-teased by him. The one month wait until the next collabs felt longer and longer to her. Well she could just chat with him anytime, but she worries that she is being a bother. Deep down she knew that she won't be a bother to him, but just "what if?" she always told herself.
  20. "We're just a mistress and a maid." Every time she hears this, her chest tightens. Are we just that, a mistress and a maid? Nowadays she sometimes regrets starting with this roleplay, but she is too shy to start dropping hints. That is just not like herself, she thought. But what could she do?
  22. There are also other things that she worries about. Lately Oga starts collabing with other girls, like Iofi and Risu. Sure she is happy for him being able to talk to more people and having fun. But what is feeling?
  24. No, she thought. She perfectly knew what she was feeling. "I should not lie to myself any further." And tonight, she decided, will be the night that she will tell him all about it.
  26. "Hey, Oga-san"
  27. "What is it, Ojou-sama?"
  28. Her throat stopped for a moment.
  29. "Umm, nevermind. What are you going to do after this?"
  30. She really hates herself for backing on the last second.
  31. "Not much I think- Ah, I need to go to the toilet, would it be okay?"
  32. "Sure, go ahead~"
  34. At this moment she wished that she is more straightforward, just like Matsuri, being able to tell her feelings easily. It's not that she's playing a character, but that is just how she really is.
  36. "Nihihihi"
  38. She heard something from Oga place, but it's not Oga's voice.
  40. "Are you there?"
  42. She recognized that voice. It's Risu's.
  44. "R-Risu-chan?"
  45. "Hello Fubuki-chan!"
  47. Why is Risu at Oga's place? What they could be doing? Since When? Tons of questions start flooding Fubuki's mind.
  49. "Why are, you, there?"
  50. "Nihihihi, not much, just having fun, I guess"
  51. "Having, fun?"
  52. "Yeah you know, having fun. Anyway, I know what you are about to say"
  53. Nothing could come out of Fubuki's mouth.
  54. "I'm going to warn you. Oga-kun is mine," said Risu and then went somewhere off.
  56. Fubuki could feel her soul sinking from the chair that she is currently sitting on. There is just so much going on in her mind that she doesn't know where to start thinking. Was she too late? What are they going to do after this? Even if she didn't want to, many scenes went through her mind.
  58. "-llo?"
  60. Fubuki came back to her senses for a moment.
  62. "Hello?"
  63. "Ah Oga-san! Welcome back!"
  64. "What are you currently doing? I called you a few times but you didn't responded"
  65. "Uun, it's nothing." Said Fubuki while shaking her head.
  66. "So where were we. Ah that's right. Ojou-sama too, what are you going to do after this."
  68. It's that word again.
  70. "Ah! I just remembered that I have to run some errands after this." Said Fubuki trying to find a way to end the call quickly.
  71. "Errands? But it's already midnight, you know"
  72. "Haha, it's just near my place, I'll be okay. I'm going to go so I'll hang up, okay?"
  73. "Eh, ah, okay then. Take care Ojou-sama, Goodnight"
  74. "Goodnight too, Oga-san"
  76. Silence.
  77. The silence after the call felt more overwhelming than usual.
  78. She tried not to think too much about it.
  79. Will she be able to do collabs with him again?
  80. Rather than that, will she be able to just talk with him as usual.
  81. While deep in thought, she could feel something in her tear glands.
  83. A single tear starts rolling on her cheek.
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