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sanssexual explained

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Aug 24th, 2014
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  1. okay so i have honestly been agonizing over what the FUCK my sexual and romantic orientations even are for YEARS now
  3. i thought i was bi but then i learned about trans identities and then i thought i was pan but that didnt feel right either
  5. and then it dawned on me:
  7. i literally have no orientation. there is no solid trend in the way i experience attraction. there are no common threads between all the people i have been attracted to other than the fact that i was attracted to them.
  9. and i realized that pansexual doesnt fit b/c pan kinda implies a consistent trend of "everyone" a pan person's preference IS "everyone" which just... isn't me.
  11. when asked about my sexuality i end up saying: "i don't have a preference. i'm not straight. i'm not gay. i'm not bi. i'm not pan. i'm not anything."
  13. so i thought i'd come up with a short and concise word to define that whole sentiment- at least for online use! and maybe other people will see this and be like "omg that's me" and they will stop being confused and uncomfortable with their sexuality and romantic orientation thinking that they dont fit in w/ anything else
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