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Hidden UK Court Filing Won Assange Extradition Case

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Jan 4th, 2021
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  1. Hidden UK Court Filing Won Assange Extradition Case
  3. Against public expectations, the US case for extraditing Julian Assange, was collapsed by a hidden court filing served last September to UK Judge Vanessa Baraitser
  5. This filing - by a former US Justice Department employee in Europe, who is now a key voice to EU and world governments on US judicial corruption - exposed how the UK courts and Judge Baraitser herself, were targeted by court fraud and attempted humiliation by a criminal gang involving the US intel agencies, who had even succeeded in corrupting Julian Assange's own legal team.
  7. UK Judge Baraitser learned she was being set up as the "bad witch" in staged theatre involving both the CIA and US DOJ, with likely long-term damage to the international status of UK courts if she foolishly indulged the Assange case frauds.
  9. A key element as well, was Judge Baraitser receiving the file on international crimes against UK and European citizens enabled by US Virginia federal judge bribery, the same judges who would put Julian Assange on trial. This dossier on US Virginia federal judge bribery, had also been the key element in shutting down the Trump impeachment forays of former FBI director Mueller, who received huge payoffs from law firm crime gangs Mueller indulged, gangs who were bribing those US federal judges during Mueller's FBI tenure.
  11. Full original of the court filing key in winning the order blocking Julian Assange's extradition:
  13. 29 September 2020
  15. Her Honour Judge Vanessa Baraitser
  16. Westminster Magistrates Court
  17. 181 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5BR
  19. Re: Fraud upon the Court by all of Defence, Prosecution & Counsel re J. Assange
  21. Dear Judge Baraitser,
  23. You are being grossly insulted by multiple frauds upon the court in the Julian Assange case; this letter will inform you of the aspects of those frauds of which you may not be yet aware. Your own reputation - and the safeguarding of the UK reputation as a secure and just international legal venue - are at risk here.
  25. These frauds are indeed a matter for the UK National Crime Agency, the Law Society, and the Crown Prosecution Service, tho affected by political considerations especially via the intelligence agencies. Your Friday decision to postpone matters - after all of defence and prosecution counsel were served last week with challenges to these frauds - is helpful in giving you more time to act appropriately.
  27. Ultimately, a faction within US government is abusing you and your court as a foil or dupe in a deception scheme, when they already have the document of Agent Assange's 'pardon' drafted and ready. You are being set up as the 'bad witch' here in this drama.
  29. A quick way to inform you fully, is to forward to you the notice served on prosecution counsel a few days ago. Judge Baraitser, good luck to you in navigating these shoals, which seem to have already left several persons dead. I remain at your assistance.
  31. Very sincerely yours,
  33. Dr Leszek Sachs
  34. Brussels, Belgium
  38. --
  40. Challenge served upon UK Prosecution Counsel in September 2020, in case of United States of America versus Julian Paul Hawkins Assange
  42. James Lewis QC & Clair Dobbin, Three Raymond Buildings Chambers
  43. Joel Smith QC, Furnival Chambers
  44. Prosecution team for extradition of Julian Assange
  46. Re: Doughty Chambers, Fraud upon Court re Julian Assange
  48. Mr Lewis, Ms Dobbin, & Mr Smith -
  50. You will find that I am a former US Justice Dept employee, and a dual US-EU citizen, now supplying reports and perspectives to the European Commission and Parliament and EU governments and intelligence agencies.
  52. And I have been involved with Julian Assange matters for some time, most sharply when Assange mounted his attack on the new French Président Emmanuel Macron, when I helped the French government and intelligence agencies to better know who Mr Assange really is.
  54. There are some deceptions and frauds going on amongst various parties in Judge Baraitser's courtroom, and I hereby inform you about them. Plus challenge you about them re whatever degree you end up choosing to participate in illicit activity.
  56. This case poses perhaps more risk to your own careers than you might know at the moment, so please do take a moment to digest what I share with you, out of your own self-interest if not in the interest of broader justice.
  58. (1) There are significant items of evidence over several years, pointing to Doughty Chambers and the Assange defence team, receiving funds from US-government affiliated sources, laundered through the 'Wikileaks Legal Defence' donation schemes, 'Courage Foundation' etc -
  60. With the object of bribing the Assange defence team, to provide a weakened, insufficient defence, in order to give your side a fraudulent 'legal victory'.
  62. This is quite a long dossier and won't bore you with most details in this note, but just point to one major item - the US Justice Department file on political corruption, bribery, and terrorist extortion, implicating US Federal Judges in the Eastern District of Virginia where Assange would be 'put on trial'.
  64. Doughty Chambers knows well this file would make Julian's extradition impossible, as it helped to prevent another UK extradition - that of Mr Lauri Love - and as it plays a role in upcoming EU discussions about possibly putting up higher barriers, and perhaps blocking nearly all extradition requests of the United States, until certain reforms are instituted there.
  66. If you wish to view it on line:
  68. or
  71. Doughty lawyer John Jones was thrown under a train and killed, the coroner quite suspicious ... Jones aghast with his colleagues, and about to expose the corruption?
  73. This is a deadly serious affair you are in.
  75. (2) You three barristers, are perhaps already familiar with the absurdly blatant conflicts of interest involving Judges Arbuthton and Baraitser, with Lady Arbuthton's son Alex involved for ten years marking 'anti-Julian-Assange' cyber-security services, his company Darktrace garnering millions of pounds selling wares to protect against the 'Assange or Snowden' who might lurk inside an enterprise or government agency?
  77. You understand that the Assange 'trial' and how it is carried on, is essentially a giant marketing vehicle for Lady Arbuthton's son's multi-million business?
  79. And that Judge Baraitser no doubt understands how important this is to Lady Arbuthton's family, Judge Baraitser being rather dependent on Lady Arbuthon for her career progress, isn't that right?
  81. You've known all this but have just blown past it, as this conflict of interest seems to presage your 'success'?
  83. (3) And maybe the hardest thing of all for you to digest - in case you are not aware.
  85. Have you ever discussed with your employers & paymasters from the USA, the question of whether Julian Assange has been, and remains, a US intelligence agency asset & agent?
  87. Have you ever asked your employers to put in signed writing - under liability of criminal prosecution in Britain - an assurance that Mr Assange is not and never has been a US intel agency operative? If you haven't, maybe you should do so.
  89. You might consider the quite real possibility, that our friend Julian, was never really 'living' in the Ecuador embassy all those seven years. It was quite easy for the special police squad linked to MI5, to move Julian in, and out, for photos, videos and meetings, whilst Julian stayed rather comfortably at an estate. You never thought about that?
  91. Did you know that nearly a decade ago, Netanyahu identified Julian to Israeli media as co-ordinating with Mossad?
  93. Online you can view a 29 Nov 2010 video of the USA PBS News Hour with Zbigniew Brzezinski, then 82 years old, who blurted out that the Wikileaks content was coming from the intel agencies themselves, have you seen it?
  95. Julian began his 'leaking' career damaging Swiss Bank Julius Baer, which had become too-strong a rival to another bank involving the family Rothschild ... a relative of that family has posted Julian's bail ... a lawyer for that family's trust has previously done legal service for Assange
  97. You three barristers still believe Julian is some kind of 'dissident'?
  99. People who have contacted Julian with whistle-blowing leaks have been turning up dead, Julian sometimes absurdly claiming his team never got the files. A 'rat-trap' operation.
  101. By going along with so many fictions regarding Julian ... you are maybe helping to kill some innocent people?
  103. The site of retired Canadian professor Henry Makow can help fill you on Julian and also on the people paying you to 'prosecute' him.
  104. Aside from all of the above, there is all the collateral damage to the UK legal system from this whole obviously diseased farce of a proceeding under Judges Arbuthton and Baraitser.
  106. You are prejudicing global parties to no longer trust London for their cases and commercial disputes, by going along with so much corruption here.
  108. Also, inside the USA and inside the US Dept of Justice itself, there are two factions right now, a sort of civil war. Only one of those factions has hired you, to serve as their duped agents in this theatre piece.
  110. By drawing out this farce, you are also serving to delay needed reforms in the USA, where they need to perform a house-cleaning both within DOJ and amidst their rotting judiciary
  112. You're in a frightening position, and the people who perhaps killed Doughty solicitor John Jones, are perhaps ready to murder you if you don't play along.
  114. In any case you now have the facts, and are documented as having known the facts in good time. Two e-mails follow with details and links and a file.
  116. Don't throw away your law licences just to play along with some bent USA shenanigans.
  118. Good luck on having the courage to choose wisely,
  120. Dr Leszek Sachs
  121. Brussels, Belgium
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