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  1. Items needed: pestle and mortar, grapes, lemon, brush (obtained from quests), 1 normal log, greegree's, teleport runes for ape atoll + bananas
  2. stamina pots, slayer rings will be useful, m'speak amulet, armour, weapons, prayer potions, food, light source, pickaxe, restores,
  3. brews, blowpipe, slash weapon, monkey talisman, trollheim teleport, ring of dueling, chisel, hammer.
  5. Talk to King Narnode Shareen.
  6. Investigate Glough's house by the hot air balloon route.
  7. Grab the handketchief in his house next to the trap door
  8. Use the handkerchief on Anita, she can be found in the northwest of the grand tree near the swamp.
  9. Ask her what's wrong.
  10. He might be in trouble I could help.
  11. Go back to Glough's house, and the branch beside it has a climb up option.
  12. Investigate everything. You will find a half burned note, a brush, and a book on spy tactics.
  13. Read the spy book and the note.
  15. Grind a lemon with pestle and mortar, use the paper with the candles in glough's house, use grapes on the pestle and mortar, and use the
  16. brush on the note.
  17. Talk to the King once you have the note with the writing revealed. (Is currently bugged, Right that explains it, you're not meant to be able
  18. to translate the notes before speaking to Narnode, we're fixing that now.
  19. If you destroy your notes and go re-obtain them then speak to Narnode before translating you'll be able to continue.)
  20. Go to Anita and use the note on her. She will hand you a translation.
  21. Go back to the king. He will tell you to find Lori, the assistant pilot.
  23. She can be located by the hot air balloon. Ask her who she is. Take the balloon to Entrana using one normal log.
  24. Talk to Auguste. Ask him about Assistant Le Smith. Ask him to teach you the new route. He will refuse.
  25. Report back to the King. He will tell you to talk to Garkor on Ape Atoll. He can be located southeast of the temple by the monkey king.
  26. Equip your m'speak amulet and talk to King Awogogei. He tells you to find Kruk.
  27. Speak to Garkor again. He tells you to make a greegree and pose as Kruk.
  28. Go to the west side of the gate to Marimbo, and run up the path to talk to the archer monkeys.
  29. Follow the footprints leading from the monkey archers to find Kruk. There will be a hidden trapdoor by the tree.
  31. BANK AND EQUIP TANK ARMOUR, FOOD, PRAYER POTIONS, you will be in combat, and take a lot of damage. Using ranged will be of great help.
  32. Take a light source and a pickaxe. Wear spotted cape and boots of lightness to help.
  34. You enter a maze under the trapdoor. The maze will be randomized, for each player. The maniacial zombies use melee, so pray melee if you
  35. see them. The black archer monkeys use ranged. There is an agility maze throughout this area. Several obstacles will stand in your way.
  36. There is an area of dodgy ground later in the maze, walk onto the lighter patches (these may be hard to see). Past the giant area of dodgy
  37. ground to the north, you will find a bronze key. You need this later to open the bronze door.
  39. You will have several checkpoints along the way. This will be a very frustrating and just try your best through the maze.
  41. At the end of the underground maze you will have to fight Kruk. He uses all three combat styles. Pray ranged, and stay out of melee distance
  42. as he can hit 30+ through prayer. He hits under a 20 with magic, so try to have as much food as possible including brews, and restores/combo
  43. food. Once you kill kruk, take his remains, and make a Greegree out of them via Zooknock in the tunnels underneath Ape Atoll.
  45. Teleport back to Ape Atoll, and wield the Kruk Monkey Greegree. Talk to King Awogogei. He will tell you of a 3 fold alliance with trolls and
  46. ogres.Speak to Garkor. He will suggest you visit the general at Troll Stronghold and the head of the city guard of Gu'tanoth.
  48. Ogres:
  49. Teleport to Castle Wars, and enter the Ogre City of Gu'tanoth. Run around the city across the various bridges, until you see Keef at the
  50. end of the path. Tell him you know about the deal with the monkeys. Offer to spare his life, and challenge him to a duel. You can safespot
  51. Keef on the bridge using ranged behind the wall. Blowpipe works well here. After you defeat him, he agrees to not ally with the monkeys.
  53. Trolls:
  54. Teleport to Trollheim, and go inside the Troll Stronghold. Run south and west into the room, and talk to Kob.
  55. Tell him you know about the alliance, and threaten to crush him. He said the only way they will stop is if you kill him. Accept his challenge.
  56. He will hit you through prayer, using melee, just bring lots of food, super defence and ranged potions. He calls off the allliance when you
  57. get him to low enough health.
  59. Teleport to Ape Atoll, and talk to Garkor again. He tells you to go find Le Smith. He can be found on the rooftops of Marimbo, but he is
  60. in one of these random location for each player.
  62. 1) Bridge up to with the guards, where the gate is.
  63. 2) Building up above monkey child
  64. 3) Above Jail
  65. 4) Trapdoor building - SE crate and go through and up the rope to the building all take all ladders to the top floor.
  67. Dialog:
  68. I was going to ask you the same question.
  69. Why is that?
  70. Awogogei already informed me of the battleships.
  71. The shipyard seems pretty bare.
  73. Talk to Garkor. On the west side of Ape Atoll is a rowboat, talk him with your Kruk greegree on. There is a series of guards
  74. patrolling the construction platform. You should follow the maze of boxes and ladders, without being seen, and collect 6 satchels from
  75. a set of boxes,  continue on the 2nd level of the platform and take the ladder north to the first level. continue avoiding the guard until you
  76. find the barrels of gunpowder on the first floor on the northeast side.  Fill your satcherls with gunpowder. There are 2 weak points on each
  77. floor. 1st floor has 2 cracked foundations, 2nd floor has 2 cracks in the floor, and the third floor has 2 gas cylinders. You must prime a
  78. satchelat each one of these locations. Beware if you get caught, the monkeys will take your gunpowder, and you will have to go back to refill
  79. yoursatchels. Once you have placed all 6 satchels, return to the boat (just get caught by a monkey).
  81. Board the boat to return to Ape Atoll. Speak to Garkor. You must re-enter the tunnel on ape atoll, back through the maze into the area where you
  82. killed Kruk. Go west, and equip Kruk's greegree to climb the monkey bars and enter the cavern.
  84. Whilst keeping the greegree equipped, climb onto the stunted monkey, and go downstairs to attack the gorillas.
  85. A cutscene will occur talking about Glough's plan to infect the monkeys of Ape Atoll with an airborne virus. Put the stunted gorilla in
  86. the green holding chamber and go upstairs to tamper with the onyx device. Take the onyx as a human, and use a chisel on it to invert the energy
  87. flow in the onyx, and place it back into the device.
  89. Report back to Garkor of your findings. Talk to King Awogogei. He will tell you to leave after you tell him the "bad" news. Speak to Garkor
  90. again, but Glough is proceeding with his attack plan anyways.
  92. Teleport to the Grand Tree, and talk to King Narnode Shareen to inform him of the oncoming attack. After that, talk to Nieve to enlist
  93. her help in defeating the oncoming army. Walk around the Grand Tree until Nieve tells you you have killed enough monsters.  Head to the north
  94. part of the Gnome Stronghold, and prepare for the coming battle.
  96. Items needed: Melee and Range Switch, Super comb, brews, restores, combo food, ranging potions, tank armour. Be prepared to kill 2 demonic
  97. gorillas and 2 normal gorillas.
  99. Talk to Garkor, and head to the crash site. Run north into the cave. ITEMS LOST HERE WILL BE PERMANENTLY LOST.
  100. Talk to Glough.
  102. There are 2 demonic gorillas and 2 normal gorillas, and kill those. They switch combat styles, white attack = ranged, green = mage, and a melee attack
  104. Glough is in 3 phases, the first one can be ranged in a safe spot, second can be meleed w/ pray melee, third is DANGEROUS. You need to combo eat and stay as full
  105. hp as possible as you not have much time to eat. Pray melee.  After you kill him, go to king narnode shareen.
  107. Quest Rewards:
  109.     4 Quest points
  110.     Access to Crash Site Caverns
  111.     Ability to communicate with monkeys in Ape Atoll without the M'speak amulet
  112.     Access to Ape Atoll without the use of Monkey greegrees
  113.     Access to Ape Atoll bank and Javelin store
  114.     25,000 Slayer XP
  115.     20,000 Agility XP
  116.     15,000 Thieving XP
  117.     15,000 Hunter XP
  118.     2 x 50,000 XP Rewards from Duke in your choice of Magic, Ranged, Attack, Defence, Strength, or Hitpoints. Found on the hill east of main gate.
  119.     A Royal seed pod which provides unlimited teleports to the Grand Tree.
  120.     A Monkey can be found in one of the crates at the Crash Site. It is purely cosmetic and can be equipped in the cape slot.
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