[RGRE] Ponies in Heat

Jul 10th, 2016
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  1. >You are Anon.
  2. >You're lying on your back, enjoying the post-picnic springtime weather with your two best friends, Twilight and Applejack.
  3. >Twilight's got her head resting on your shoulder and your arm wrapped around her body and the two of you are watching the clouds go by.
  4. >Applejack is sprawled out on your other side by your head.
  5. >The tiny horse had wanted you to rest your head on her belly, but you were too heavy for her.
  6. >You think she was more embarrassed than she was disappointed when it became clear that it wouldn't work out well for her.
  7. >Twilight points her hoof towards a patch of whispy clouds, looking as though they were swept across the sky with a broom.
  8. >"That one looks like a Cirrus cloud!"
  9. >It sure does, Twilight.
  10. >It sure does.
  11. >You enjoy a brief moment of silence before Twilight spots another group of clouds floating into view.
  12. >She points to a big, fluffy clump of clouds that are a bit lower to the ground than the last ones were.
  13. >"And those ones look like Cumulus clouds!"
  14. >Jesus Christ, Twilight.
  15. >The mare tends to take the fun out of these "imagination" games.
  16. >But then again, she seems to enjoy herself a lot when you and her do shit like this, so you're more than happy to let her play the way she wants to.
  17. >God, you love spring.
  18. >Not too hot.
  19. >Not too cold.
  20. >No mosquitos like there are in the summer.
  21. >No hard ground and chilly puddles of water like the fall.
  22. >You take in a deep breath through your nose, loving the smell of spring wildflowers.... and get an olfactory gland full of something foul.
  23. >You sniff once more (gentler this time; no need to blind your nose with the stench) and discover that it's coming from Applejack.
  24. > smells like piss.
  25. >Did Applejack piss herself right next to you?
  26. >She better not have.
  27. >With Twilight distracted by identifying the clouds, you discreetly turn your head to see what Applejack's up to.
  28. >You're met with a facefull of orange horse ass sitting on top of puddle on your fucking picnic blanket.
  29. >This nasty bitch just pissed all over your stuff!
  30. >You poke her rump with an index finger.
  31. >Soft, plump, but backed by an almost obscene amount of muscle.
  32. >In short: she has a tight ass.
  33. "What the fuck, Applejack? Why did you pee on my blanket?"
  34. >Applejack jumps a little bit at your poking and turns to face you.
  35. >She's got a blush so bright that you can practically feel the heat from way over here.
  36. >"O-oh, whoops."
  37. >Whoops?
  38. "Seriously?"
  39. >You sit up and scootch away from Applejack, shoving Twilight away from you so that you don't accidentally sit on her.
  40. >Applejack stands up and turns to face you, not looking at ALL sorry.
  41. >She doesn't even look a little bit embarrassed.
  42. >If anything, she looks turned on.
  43. >Is this how she's going to drop a weird piss fetish on you?
  44. >She's not going to buy you dinner and talk you to while you're relaxing together in bed?
  45. >>"Oh, honey, can we try something different tonight?"
  46. >Nothing like that; not from Applejack.
  47. >This is probably her idea of subtlety.
  48. >"Sorry, partner. Ah was..."
  49. >She licks her lips and quivers slightly.
  50. >"...thinkin' of something else."
  51. >This IS how she's dropping her fetishes on you!
  52. >Man, you are not prepared for this.
  54. >Twilight, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be concerned at all that Applejack just peed all over you things.
  55. >Doesn't she know how long it's going to take to get the smell of horse piss out of your blanket?
  56. >Jesus, you aren't even sure you want to touch this thing now that it's tainted by AJ's idea of a good time.
  57. >You know what? She probably doesn't know; you haven't seen a single mare take care of her own laundry since you arrived here in Equestria.
  58. >These fucking ponies.
  59. >The purple pony in question is pretty busy right now - sniffing the air and walking around in tight circles.
  60. >Are they drunk?
  61. >Are YOU drunk?
  62. >Why are they DOING this?
  63. >The sound of hooves on grass grabs your attention - that nice stallion from the clock shop has come to visit. You don't know his name, so you call him Doc Brown.
  64. >He has no idea what fresh hell he's walking into.
  65. >The poor, brave bastard.
  66. "Hey, Doc! How's it been?"
  67. >The brown stallion ignores you, not sparing a single glance as he marches resolutely towards Applejack.
  68. "Doc?"
  69. >CHOMP
  70. >"Ahh~!"
  71. >What the fuck?!
  72. >Doc Brown gets one good bite on the back of Applejack's neck before you shove him off.
  73. "What are you doing? Stop that!"
  74. >First a horse pisses on your blanket, and now another one is biting your friend.
  75. >Why are ponies such assholes today?!
  76. >You kneel down and knee-walk over to your orange friend to check for damages.
  77. >Her fur is coarse (but soft), but you don't have time to enjoy the sensation as you dig through her fur to see if that bite left her bleeding.
  78. >"Ah-Anawn?" gasps Applejack, pushing her body against your hands.
  79. >She's a lot stronger than she looks, and she nearly shoves you over and onto your back.
  80. >"Puh-please... Mmmm~"
  81. >What a little fucking weirdo.
  82. >You do a quick check on Doc in case he decides to bite you next.
  83. >Doc is on the ground, wriggling and kicking his hooves ineffectively.
  84. >Aww.
  85. >Serves him fucking right.
  86. >You-
  87. >Applejack extends her long, disturbing horse-neck under your arm and shoves her face into your armpit, wriggling around and just generally having a gay old time.
  88. >Something clatters over around Twilight and you turn to face her, worried that something's going down with her too.
  89. >Twilight's still spinning in circles, but now she's made a mess of her lunch.
  90. >She's kicking over plates of food, and she's using her magic to topple over the picnic basket.
  91. >What is her problem today?
  92. >A sudden shove brings you back to the present - Doc Brown's face is less than 6 inches away from your own.
  93. >Startled, you fall backwards and get a good look at what he's doing.
  94. >His floppy horse dick is out of its sheath, and he's trying to line himself up with Applejack.
  95. >No, sir.
  96. >Not on YOUR picnic blanket.
  97. >Not today!
  98. >You stagger to your feet and give his face a firm smack.
  99. "Hey, no! No! You get out of here!"
  100. >Despite how weird the situation was, you still had a few expectations.
  101. >Doc bursting into tears and running away was not one of them.
  102. >Why the fuck did he just try and mount Applejack in the middle of your goddamn picnic?
  104. "Twilight?"
  105. >Twilight stops ruining your homemade lunch and looks up at her.
  106. "You wanna tell me what's going on here?"
  107. >Twilight stares at you with glazed-over eyes, responding with only by whipping her tail back and forth.
  108. >Oh, no.
  109. >The whatever-the-fuck got her first.
  110. >You crawl over to Twilight and try to ignore Applejack pawing at you as you leave her side.
  111. "Twilight."
  112. >You grab your purple friend's face with both hands and force her to look you in the eye.
  113. "What the actual fuck is happening here?"
  114. >Again, you still had a couple of expectations.
  115. >And again, Twilight shoving her lips onto yours was not one of them.
  116. >Twilight has the element of surprise on her side and manages to shove her tongue in your mouth.
  117. >She wraps a hoof around your neck when you try and pull away, deepening the kiss and moaning loudly.
  118. >Jesus, she sounds like a bitch in hea-
  119. >.....
  120. >No fucking way.
  121. >Twilight talked to you about this, but you thought she was fucking with you!
  122. >What kind of sapient, intelligent species goes into heat?!
  123. >You grab the forearm wrapped around your neck with both hands and slowly pull her off.
  124. >....but you're promptly interrupted by Applejack shoving her face into your armpit again, knocking you to the ground.
  125. >For fuck's sake; really?!
  128. Epilogue:
  130. >You are Time Turner.
  131. >The human colt calls you "Doc Brown" and you have no idea why.
  132. >You don't really want to raise a fuss, so you haven't bothered to correct him yet.
  133. >He always struck you as a reasonable type, if a bit of a Janefilly.
  134. >Not reasonable enough to SHARE, though.
  135. >Estrus hit the local mares especially hard this year, and you were out shopping when the smell hit you.
  136. >You'd been passing by Sweet Apple Acres and thought to yourself, "Timey Wimey? You're a pretty cute colt. You have a nice job, you're independent, and nopony thinks you're a slut. Why not see if you can't find yourself another nice mare for your herd this year?"
  137. >And lo and behold, you found none other than Applejack and Twilight Sparkle just over the hill.
  138. >Twilight was a bit "ehh" and could stand to lose a bit of weight.
  139. >Some colts think that chubby mares are cute, but you aren't one of them.
  140. >Applejack, though, was a different story entirely.
  141. >You could cook a hayburger on those thighs of hers.
  142. >You'd eat it right off her rump, too.
  143. >No hooves, colt!
  144. >Mmm!
  145. >Anon didn't seem to be doing anything important, and you thought this might be a chance for you to one-up him.
  146. >You know, show him who's the head bastard here!
  147. >He tried to get rid of you, but you were going to show him why all the other colts didn't buck with you!
  148. >After you got Applejack in your herd, you were going to spread the MEANEST rumours about him.
  149. >He'd go down to the spa to get his hooves done and AALLLL the stallions would laugh at him behind his back.
  150. >Oh, he'd be MISERABLE then.
  151. >...but your plans changed when he smacked you.
  152. >How could he?!
  153. >That hurt!
  154. >You were too afraid to try anything with Applejack after that.
  155. >Anon made it clear that he was the dominant colt here, and you high-tailed it before he and his herd did anything more to you.
  156. >You don't really know what you'll do the next time he sees you.
  157. >Oh, you HATE when another colt outranks you.
  158. >Now you can't say ANYTHING about him without him chasing you away from your herd!
  159. >This is the worst.
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