Trixie knows rope tricks (TrixxGlim, bondage, lewd) to do

Jul 17th, 2017
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  1. >Glimglam goes kiting with Trixie
  2. >Trixie gets bored, decides to use spells to spice things up
  3. >Fireworks starts firing from Glimmy's kite
  4. >Tries another spell, but she fucks up
  5. >It backfires horribly, Trixie loses control of her magic and sends the kite whirling like crazy
  6. >It happens way too fast for Starlight to react
  7. >So she keeps her hold on it
  8. >It's a brand new kite! No way she's letting go of it
  9. >So she's sent flying with the kite, whirling and spinning in the air for a good ten seconds, before she crashes into a nearby tree
  10. >"Oh my gosh! Starlight!"
  11. >The great and powerful culprit runs towards her friend, worry in her eyes
  12. >She's suspended mid air, the kite's tethers wrapped her like a gift package in her aerial stunt, slowly spinning in place
  13. >She winces a bit, expecting the scowl on her friend's face
  14. >"Trixie is soooo sorry, are you okay?"
  15. >But when her face turns her way, she can't see anger
  16. >Only slight annoyance
  17. >Starlight really is too good for Trixie
  18. >"Yes, I'm okay, but I'll feel better when I'll be back on the ground,"
  19. >She squirms about, trying to find a way out of her rope prison
  20. >She's completely entangled, comedically so, if they didn't know better, they might even think that there was an invisible force that pushed the situation
  21. >But good thing this is real life
  22. >"Leave this to Trixie! She knows rope tricks!"
  23. >Her horn glows and her magic spreads around the rope, tugging on one end
  25. >And Glimmy squeals in surprise
  26. >Now realizing that the threading found a way to spin itself around her inner thigh, and Trixie's magic pulled it even closer to her sensitive flesh
  27. >"W-wait Trixie, don't--nh!"
  28. >Another tug and the string creeps its way next to her flower, the thin material barely brushing against one of her plump lips
  29. >"Trixie got this!"
  30. >She tugs on another section of the rope and Starlight's eyes widen when she feels it spread her back legs apart
  31. >Exposing herself to her friend for a couple seconds, before she spins back to face her
  32. >"A-are you doing this on purpose?!"
  33. >"What?! How could you say that! Trixie is only trying to help!"
  34. >Glimmy's answer dies in her throat when she feels another pull, this one from the thread entwined around her dock
  35. >And she gasps when she feels it forcefully jerked up, exposing herself even more
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