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ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre Full Crack

raijinlee Oct 30th, 2013 3,499 Never
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  1. TotalMedia Theatre 6 is your all-in-one media player for PCs. Whether playing Blu-ray and DVD discs, AVCHD, or high-definition files on the local machines or videos on an UPnP server and online. It covers all your needs toward a player. Improved with the industry-leading playback technology, it presents excellent playback quality and performance. Along with a brand-new Modern UI for Windows 8, TotalMedia Theatre 6 brings an immersive movie experience to you. Let you totally enjoy the audio-visual feast.
  3. Features:
  4. Cinema-like Blu-ray playback
  5. Brand-new Windows 8 Modern UI in Addition to the standard desktop UI
  6. Watch movies in dazzling 3D
  7. Watch movies in stunning HD
  8. Play all video files smoothly
  9. Incomparable theatre-quality audio effects
  10. User-friendly Smart Menu
  11. Magic View and perfect Media Management
  12. Download, play and share online videos
  14. Download: http://www.kingfiles.net/vvquwvr19tin/totalmediatheatre6_retail_tbyb_all.exe
  16. Crack: http://www.kingfiles.net/zzlkpm15tufb/Total.Media-Theatre-
  18. Direct Link: http://www.softdln.net/2013/10/arcsoft-totalmedia-theatre-651150.html
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