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  1.     .text
  2. main:   la $t9,str      #register address will always be the start of str
  3.     li $t1,0        #t1 and t2 hold comparing bytes
  4.     li $t2,0   
  6. in: li $v0,12       #prepares for syscall 12 where 1 letter is allowed to be input
  7.     syscall        
  8.     move $t1,$v0        #loads the input into t1
  9.     beq $t1,0x0a,in
  10.     la $t0,str      #resets t0 (current address register)
  11.     j fowd
  13. fowd:   lb $t2,($t0)        #loads current byte into t2
  14.     beq $t2,$t1,shift   #if this is the letter we are looking for, we go ahead and start moving forward to shift
  15.     addi $t0,$t0,1      #otherwise, we move forward until it's the right letter
  16.     j fowd
  18. shift:  lb $t3,1($t0)       #gets letter after
  19.     beqz $t3,bkshft     #if next byte is zero, start moving backwards and shifting
  20.     addi $t0,$t0,1      #otherwise, keep looking forward
  21.     j shift
  23. bkshft: lb $t5,($t0)        #grab letter
  24.     sb $t5,1($t0)       #place letter one forward
  25.         sub $t0,$t0,1       #move back a byte (starting from end of string)
  26.     beq $t5,$t1,in      #if we are at the right place, then our insertion is complete and we are ready for the next letter
  27.     j bkshft
  31.     .data
  32. str:    .asciiz "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz"
  33. buffer: .space 30
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