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  1. <scene name="init">
  2.   <goto sceneName="intro" condition="!met_b" />
  3.   <goto sceneName="root" />
  4. </scene>
  6. <scene name="intro" goto="root">
  7.   <setGameVar name="met_b" value="true" />
  9.   <line>Hello. Did you land in that balloon? Nice looking thing.</line>
  10.   <line>Wish I had a balloon. Oh, I'd probably just ruin it. I suppose they know how to do things properly $[player_came_from].</line>
  11. </scene>
  13. <scene name="root">
  14.   <line>
  15.     Sorry I'm not more fun to talk to, $[player_name].
  16.     <option goto="aboutThreeSpireSettlement">What is this place?</option>
  17.     <option goto="whatAreYouDoing">What are you doing?</option>
  18.     <option goto="joke" condition="got_joke_quest&!joke_quest_completed" hideIfNotAvailable="true">Do you know any good jokes?</option>
  19.     <option goto="doYouHaveAnyCloth" condition="!accepted_delivery_mission" hideIfNotAvailable="true">Do you have any spare bits of cloth?</option>
  20.     <option goto="completeDeliveryMission" condition="accepted_delivery_mission&gave_letter_to_worker&!completed_delivery_mission" hideIfNotAvailable="true">I found someone to carry your message.</option>
  21.     <option goto="goodbye">Goodbye</option>
  22.   </line>
  23. </scene>
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