Character sheet for Starlite's upcoming WUAH campaign

Sep 3rd, 2013
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  1. Omar Hacen
  2. Male, 24
  3. Dark, very short hair, a small beard, and a dark brownish-olive complexion. Brown eyes.
  4. Average build, a bit on the short side
  5. Student at University of Al-Nassar Alnayyb studying ancient Egyptian history
  6. Practiced cook; signature dish is shakshouka (poached eggs w/ tomato sauce, chilis, peppers, onions, garlic, cumin, and paprika)
  7. Religiously irreverent, but raised Sunni in an affluent family.
  8. Usually wears a button-up shirt that's never too loud, black slacks, and brown leather shoes.
  10. (Three tbsp extra virgin olive oil. Five to six eggs. Four cloves of garlic, diced. One brown onion, diced. Six diced plum tomatoes. One chili pepper and one sweet bell pepper. One tbsp paprika, one tbsp cumin, one pinch of sugar. Garnish with fresh chopped parsley and cilantro. Serve warm or cool with pita.)
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