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  2. LBERTAD KaseO in english
  3. [Intro]
  4. Yeaah !, aha, yeeah!
  5. Freedom, I, tell me freedom
  6. Freedom! (x4)
  8. [Stanza I]
  9. You have to fuck with the canons
  10. Habits and customs
  11. You have to be unique in the crowd
  12. You have to be a man or a woman depending on the case
  13. You have to evolve, grow in each step
  14. There are those who exercise their right to the bonds
  15. For me it is an obligation to live without restraint
  16. You have to lose your composure
  17. And notice that life comes out of the seams
  18. still go without plans!
  19. I said follows without plans
  20. Let only guide you the impulse of your magnets
  21. That nothing stop you
  22. Sayings are not always become true believe me
  23. Direct your movie, reserve the best paper
  24. Get on the train of freedom
  25. Be the snow that goes to the river and then to the sea,
  26. Be objective because everything is relative
  27. Except that you're alive.
  29. [Chorus]
  30. Take this train that is offered to you
  31. Go free, live, grow, be your boss. (x2)
  33. [Stanza II]
  34. Life goes on despite the disastrous surveys,
  35. I walk with my debts in tow
  36. Where are you? love answer!
  37. My heart protests because the answer is not in it
  38. It sucks, the world gives honest nausea, because
  39. The capitalist has not learned to subtract,
  40. And does it bother me? How will it not bother me?
  41. I almost changed my ideals for those of welfare
  42. And even if others are wrong, I do not care?
  43. As a child I had a vision, sweet innocence
  44. Living with little, and still in the hands of providence
  45. A crazy wolf, he was trying to understand the world
  46. Contradictions are symptoms of intelligence
  47. Thousands of questions are asked
  48. and sitdown on the floor I feel that I do them all together
  49. There's nothing true, so it's normal to get confused
  50. A blind man told me, and he had deep reasons
  51. If you want to change something, change you
  52. He told me, peace in the world, not without peace of mind
  53. Take care of yourself, be your own teacher
  54. Believe in you, brother, doubt the rest!
  56. [Chorus]
  57. Take this train that is offered to you
  58. Go free, live, grow, be your boss. (x2)
  60. [Bridge]
  61. Teach me how to unlearn
  62. To how things get undone. (x2)
  64. [Outro]
  65. Freedom, I, tell me freedom
  66. Freedom! x4
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