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  1. Hello,
  2. I think I should clear up a few things here.
  4. 1. Before the match, the opponent was bragging about "we're a div 3  team, you're not going to beat us" "don't try" etc, etc, and I'm pretty sure that's a violation of 2 Wireplay rules, no harassment/trashtalking and misplaced divisions, although after explaining this to the admin he seemed to brush it to the side, explaining that his "crossreferencing" (is this csi miami?) of ETF2L and Wireplay means that there cannot be a single problem with the Wireplay system.
  6. 2. I think you are misled here, we did pull a team of 6 and joined in time, whereas they weren't even in the server while we were all there! This is explained in the screenshot in the conversation I had with the aforementioned admin, and hopefully he wasn't incompetent enough to forget to enable IRC log saving.
  8. 3. The admin shocked me with this quote in particular: "Are you high?" As a member of society who would not even DARE touch any sort of narcotic or harmful drug, this has deeply offended me. My mom even managed to hack into my IRC account again (she's very good with cross referencing) and is now worried that I am a heavy user of drugs, and may even get authority figures involved. Thanks.
  10. 4. Surely if we were all there, as I explained before, we should have at least played Gullywash? Even if they did get the default win for Granary, they shut down the server without even switching to Gullywash, let alone only having one player on the server.
  12. Overall, I believe that, if this result isn't at least reviewed by an admin again, I see no point in carrying on in this league, so feel free to drop our team, and please give a stern talking-to to "Drake", I believe his name was? About not accusing A* students of drug use.
  14. Regarts,
  15. Nigel Wants KFC
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