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  1. Lufthansa knew of a serious mental condition self-reported from the pilot who intentionally crashed a Germanwings plane, killing himself and 149 others.
  2. Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz took several months' leave during his flight training in 2009, according to the company. Lubitz relayed to the pilot school via email that he had a "previous episode of severe depression."
  3. He was later determined medically fit to fly.
  4. Debate has been continuous over whether or not employers of all industries should require a standard of mental fitness from their employees.
  5. Hulungia Pulimi, who got off of a U.S. Airways flight from Los Angeles, thinks so.
  6. "If it's to a point where you have people's lives in your hands, you should tell somebody," Pulimi said.
  7. Victoria Puloka came to Boston from San Francisco on United Airlines. She wants doctors to report to employers on workers' mental health.
  8. "It will actually help [...] not just the pilot," Puloka said.
  9. Another conversation is taking place over whether or not people nursing mental afflictions should be given more scrutiny and whether or not Lufthansa did due diligence in considering Lubitz for flight readiness.
  10. Megan Bachant, taking a WOW air flight to Reykjavik, Iceland, is surprised at Lufthansa's decision but empathetic for many in the workforce who live with mental illness.
  11. "If he's not mentally sound, they should at least invest in some sort of help for [Lubitz]," Bachant said. "Actively try to help instead of passively noting that and then not taking any action."
  12. Abby Lou, waiting for a friend to arrive in from Jamaica at Logan International Airport, is reminded that pilots are ultimately human.
  13. "We tend to think of pilots and people who keep us safe as a higher power," Lou said.
  14. She doesn't fault Lufthansa for their decision, though she did suggest for the company to conduct more research into mental afflictions and provide help for people who suffer them.
  15. But Lou also made clear that mental health history should not immediately exclude job candidates from employment consideration.
  16. "It wouldn't be fair to put everybody that has depression or a history of depression in a bucket and say that none of these people can have certain jobs."
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