Dt/Anon story

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  1. >Why is life so unfair?
  2. >Staring at yourself in the mirror, you give a sigh before you pick up the paint brush.
  3. >Slowly, you draw your "cutie mark", fighting the urge to cry the entire time.
  4. >The wet paint feels gross against your skin, but after having done it for this long, it doesn't bother you so much.
  5. >Dotting the last gem on the tiara, you turn and make sure you got everything right.
  6. >With a sigh, you put on your namesake, and step out of your room.
  7. "Dad, I'm going out." You call, and getting no response, you sigh again before stepping outside.
  8. >Putting on your everyday face, you go out to meet your BFF, Silver Spoon.
  9. >She's grown up a lot, maturing into a great young mare.
  10. >You on the other hoof...
  11. >Sure, you look like a normal mare, but with your fake cutie mark, and no real skills, nopony would hire you.
  12. >Trotting through town, you give a small sneer to Applebloom, standing at her new carpentry stand, before coming to the kitchen shop.
  13. >Ever since that monkey thing Anonymous arrived here, silverware has become more popular, and he even came up with a way to make what he calls "Flatware".
  14. >Silver Spoon was quickly hired when she reached the age she could work, and since then she has found herself a special somepony and moved out.
  15. >Opening the door, you step into the shop, and there is an immediate squeal.
  16. >"Diamond!" Silver calls out, running from behind the counter to hug you. "Its good to see you."
  17. "You too Silver. How's it working for a big monkey?"
  18. >"That isn't nice Diamond" She starts when a deeper voice speaks from behind her.
  19. >"Its sort of true though." Looking up, you see Anonymous, and you instantly feel yourself look down.
  20. "I'm sorry, that was a little rude of me." You say, a slightly darker pink appearing on your cheeks.
  21. >His hand pats you on the head, and you look back up at him with a glare.
  22. >Silver laughs a bit, and says "You havn't changed a bit since we were little fillys Diamond, always so serious."
  23. >'Thats not the only thing that hasn't changed.'
  24. >"We were just about to head for our lunch break, would you like to join us Diamond?" Anonymous asks, preparing a sign for the window.
  25. "I don't see why not, if you two don't mind me getting in on your together time."
  26. >Silver starts quickly waving her hoofs, going "NoNoNoNo Its not like that."
  27. >Anonymous chuckles, and says "We are with eachother most of the day, I'm sure we'd love some company, isnt that right Spoon."
  28. >"I told you not to call me that." Silver fumes at him, and he just puts the sign up and chuckles.
  29. >"So, what do you say Diamond, you want to join us for lunch?"
  30. "Sure, I suppose I have the time to join you two."
  31. >Holding the taller door open for you and Silver, Anonymous gestures for you to head out.
  32. >The shop temporarely closed, Anonymous leads you and Silver to a quaint little cafe, the three of you taking a seat outside.
  33. >A waiter comes and takes yours and the others order, and you all relax a bit.
  34. >"So Diamond, how have you been? Silvers mentioned you as an old friend, but this is the first time I've met you."
  35. >You feel a twinge of curiosity, and at the same time, something else.
  36. "And what kinds of things did she say?" You ask, leaning forward on the table.
  37. >"Hmnnn,lets see..."
  38. >The moment he starts, Silvers reaches over and covers his mouth.
  39. >"It's nothing, just stuff like how we have been friends since fillyhood, and how we are both from wealthy familys and what not."
  40. >You look at Anonymous, who seems a little off, and at Silver, who has an awkward grin on her face.
  41. "Right..." You say with a roll of your eyes.
  42. "So, anyways, how is it, actually having a job?"
  43. >"It's different, but it makes you feel like you have done something with your day."
  44. >Anon leans back a bit, and says "Her having a related cutie mark and skills definetally helped her get hired."
  45. >"I thought you hired me because I was cute?" Silver says with a flip of her mane.
  46. >Both you and Anon suppress a laugh, before patting her on the back when she gets angry.
  47. "You know you are onw of the prettyest ponys in Ponyville, we're just bugging you."
  48. "So what about you Anon, whats your cutie mark?"
  49. >"I don't have one. Humans dont get them, and because of this, we rarely find what we are truly good at."
  50. >This sends you for a bit of a spin.
  51. >'Anon doesn't have a cutie mark, and yet, he is so liked in Ponyville.'
  52. "So you were lucky to find that you are good with kitchen stuff, right?"
  53. >"Nope, actually, I'm not that good, its just compared to you ponys, humans use these things more and so I can help with such things."
  54. "Wouldn't you want to know what your special talent is then?"
  55. >Silver gives a faint sigh, before saying "Here we go again."
  56. >"Honestly, no, I wouldn't want to know my special talent here."
  57. >"Back on earth, sure, but here where a mark pretty much decides your job and life, its not the best thing."
  58. >"Take Silver for example, sure, she may be happy working with her namesake, but what if she wanted to be a musician?"
  59. >"With her special talent involving cutlery, she doesn't have much of a chance."
  60. >"Me on the other hand, I could do whatever job I want, so long as I have the skills for it."
  61. >"So you see, sometimes its better to be a blank flank in this world, since it means you are unrestricted."
  62. >You find yourself leaning forward on the table, staring into his eyes before snapping out of your trance.
  63. "I see, thats a unique view on such things. Maybe we can get together some other time and talk about other things."
  64. >'Oh Celestia I must sound like an idiot, asking him that.' You think, ears leaning back.
  65. >"Sure, I'm always ready to teach ponys a bit about my old home."
  66. >With a barely contained squee, you sit back as your food arrives.
  67. >You and Silver ordered slightly different salads, and Anonymous, a...
  68. >As the smell hits your nose, you have to suppress a gag.
  69. "Ugh, I hate the smell of fish."
  70. >Silver nods while scrunching her nose, and Anon shrugs. "Its the only meat based protien I can get readily here. Personaly, I would love a nice juicy steak or some ribs slathered in barbecue sause."
  71. >Focusing on your meal instead of the smell, you quickly finish and reach for your bit purse, before you realize you left it at home.
  72. "Ummm, Would you mind paying for my meal Silver, I forgot to bring my purse."
  73. >Anon reaches to his belt, and pulls out some coins "Don't worry, this is my treat, since I asked if you wanted to come."
  74. >"Always the gentlecolt, huh Anon." Silver says with a smirk.
  75. >He gives Silver a smug grin, before giving her a light shove.
  76. "You two are good friends, huh."
  77. >They look at eachother, and nod. "Yeah, but then, so are you and her."
  78. >"Well, It's time to head back to the shop Silver. It was nice meeting you Diamond."
  79. >You nod and stand, pushing your seat back.
  80. "So, when would you feel like telling me more about your homeland?"
  81. >He scratches his chin a moment, before saying "How about saturday over dinner?"
  82. >The suddenness of his proposal makes you blush and stutter a bit.
  83. "S...Sure Saturday sounds perfect. I will see you then."
  84. >Moving as fast as you can without running, you head towards home.
  85. >The door closing behind you, you sit, trying to calm your heart.
  86. "I... He asked me to come over for dinner."
  87. >'Why is it bothering me so much? He's just a friend of a friend I'm getting to know.'
  88. >Pacing in your room, you look to your flank and fake cutie mark.
  89. "He said he odoesn't have a cutie mark, but that can't be true."
  90. "Someone as liked and talented as him can't be a blank flank."
  91. >You start digging in your closet, looking for something to wear.
  92. >Half your dresses are too short, you want something that will cover your "cutie mark", just in case.
  93. >Comparing yourself against the dresses in your mirror, you let out a loud groan.
  94. "Why am I making such a big deal over this? It's just a friendly get together."
  95. >Throwing the dresses and yourself on the bed, you stare at the ceiling.
  96. "It doesn't make sense. Why do I feel like there are butterflys in my stomach when I think of him?"
  97. "Sure, he's nice, energetic and polite, but he's also a monkey who works at a silverware shop."
  98. >Closing your eyes, you picture his face, his flat features and vivid eyes.
  99. >The butterflys return, and you place your hooves on your chest, imagining his hands there instead.
  100. >Warmth fills you, and one hoof starts slowly moving down, before your eyes snap open, realizing what you were about to do.
  101. >Jumping off your bed, you rush to the bathroom and jump in the shower.
  102. >The hot water rushes over you, and you try and focus on the sound of the water, rather than Anonymous.
  103. >Slowly, you feel yourself relax, and you step out, drying off.
  104. >For the next few days, you manage to remain calm, and all too soon, its Saturday.
  105. >The day crawls by at a snails pace, and you find yourself pacing around, not wanting to start anything.
  106. >As the clock hits four, you start getting ready, deciding on a form fitting dress of pink and grey, its length covering your blank flank.
  107. >If Anonymous truly is a blank flank, maybe its alright if you are as well.
  108. >All the memorys of when you taunted Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetiebelle come back, and you let out a slow breath.
  109. "I guess I have some appologies to make."
  110. >Making sure everything is right, you hear the doorbell and spare a quick glance at the clock.
  111. "4:30, he's a little early."
  112. >Answering the door, you find instead of Anonymous, Silver Spoon is there.
  113. >"Hey Diamond, your a little dressed up for just dinner."
  114. "There is nothing wrong with wanting to make a good impression. Besides, its not like we are dating or anything."
  115. >"I know, but I know something else too. You have a crush on him."
  116. "I DO NOT!" You retort, and she chuckles.
  117. >"You cant hide it from me Diamond, and I think it's good for you. You've never been, for lack of a better term, kind, to any stallions our age."
  118. >"Finaly having one you like might help you improve as a pony and as a mare."
  119. >Your ears flatten angrily, before slowly returning to normal.
  120. "You're right, but I don't know what to do. I don't even know if he likes me."
  121. >Silver steps over and lays a hoof on your shoulder. "Think of it like this, would he have even invited you over if he didn't at least like you a bit."
  122. >This makes you smile, and you lean over, hugging her.
  123. "Thanks Silver, that means a lot."
  124. >The two of you retreat to your room, and you share gossip and good times, just like like when you were fillys.
  125. >As the clock strikes five, the doorbell rings again, and you and Silver go to the main hall.
  126. >One final quick checkover, and Silver moves into another room and you answer the door.
  127. >"Good evening Diamond, Are you ready to go?" Anonymous asks, dressed in a semi-formal suit.
  128. "Of course, lead the way."
  129. >Following him out, as you close the door you catch sight of Silver giving you a wink before it shuts.
  130. >The two of you walk down the relatively quiet streets of Ponyville, before coming to a house, slightly larger than the rest.
  131. >"This is my house, as you can tell. I've got dinner just finishing in the oven, but if you want to go out, I have no problems with that either."
  132. "Your house is just fine." You say, and he opens the door, holding it for you.
  133. "Silver was right, you are quite the gentlecolt."
  134. >"Nah, it's just polite behaviour, at least where I'm from."
  135. "It must be a really different place, you home, since most stallions are kind of jerky, just because there are a fair number fewer of them."
  136. >He nods, showing you to the dining room table.
  137. >The house is rather simple, minimalistic furniture and decorations, but then, he is newer here so he wouldn't have much anyways.
  138. >Looking at the chair, you find its a little too high for you to get up easily.
  139. >Anonymous notices this, and steps over. "Would you like some help?"
  140. "Okay, just..." You start, your heart pounding a mile a minute.
  141. >His strong hands wrap around your waist and lift you up into the seat.
  142. "Thanks." you say, trying to hide your blush.
  143. >"Its not a problem, you aren't the first to have problems with the larger size of my house."
  144. >Moving into what you guess is the kitchen, Anon dissapears from view, and you spend some time looking around.
  145. >There are no pictures anywhere, just a few paintings and a small sculpture or two.
  146. >Anonymous returns with two steaming plates, a delicious odor wafting over.
  147. "Mmmmm, that smells delicious." You comment, nose high.
  148. >"Thanks, hopefully it tastes as good as it smells."
  149. >You let out a small laugh, and he chuckles as well.
  150. >Setting down the plates, he takes a seat across from you, and looks over.
  151. "So, whats it like, your old home, that is?" You ask, picking up some of the equine utensils supplied.
  152. >"Its really different." He starts.
  153. >As dinner progresses, you learn bits and pieces about his old home, which was apparently a different world entirely.
  154. "You know, you are quite an interesting stallion, I bet you have had no shortage of potential special someponys."
  155. >He nods, a weird look overcoming him. "You could say that."
  156. "It might be a little innapropriate of me, but do you have a special somepony?"
  157. >"No, I don't mind, I actually get asked that a lot. I don't have one."
  158. >You feel your heart soar in your chest.
  159. >'I may have a chance with him!' You mentally cheer.
  160. "I'm surprised a nice mare hasn't snatched you up yet." you comment, a small, slightly seductive smile on your face.
  161. >He leans back, staring at the ceiling.
  162. >"To tell you the truth, I'm not interested in mares."
  163. >Your heart plummets. 'He's a colt cuddler...'
  164. "So you prefer stallions?" you ask, your ears flattening.
  165. >His eyes look back at you and he shakes his head.
  166. >"It's... You know, you are one of the few ponys I have told this to, but..."
  167. >He reaches into a pocket and pulls out a slightly worn scrap of paper.
  168. >Setting it on the table, he slides it over to you.
  169. >Picking it up, you see Anonymous and another human, this one a bit thinner and with a longer mane.
  170. "Who is this?"
  171. >"My wife, or at least, she was..."
  172. >You feel bad for just asking, and you can see the pain on his face.
  173. "What happened?"
  174. >"I don't know. How I got here is still a mystery, and I can't let go of her yet, I still feel like she is faithful to me."
  175. >Ears flat, you slide the photo back.
  176. "I... I had no idea. I hope this didn't bring up any bad memories or anything."
  177. >"No, its actualy kind of refreshing, like a weight has been lifted from me."
  178. "I'm glad I could help, I guess. Maybe you can help me with something."
  179. >He looks at you confused, before saying "I can try."
  180. >Mustering up all your courage, you take a deep breath and ask
  181. "Could you show me you don't have a cutie mark?"
  182. >He nearly falls out of his seat, before asking "Where did that come from?"
  183. >Shuffling your hooves nervously, you hop off the chair.
  184. "I just... Argh, just please, show me."
  185. >He looks at you suspiciously, before nodding.
  186. >"We'll follow human rules. I'll show you mine if you show me yours."
  187. >Your small amount of courage falters a bit, before you nod.
  188. >Reaching back, you pull up your dress, revealing you blank as a newborns flank.
  189. >He, in turn reaches and pull down the side of his pants, revealing a blank flank as well.
  190. >"I thought you had a mark though?" He comments, pulling his pants back up.
  191. "I've... Ever since I was a filly, I've been faking it, and I've never found anything I'm good at."
  192. >Looking down, ears flat, you wait for him to laugh at you, until you feel his hand on your head.
  193. >Your heart skips a beat, and you look up at him, vision slightly clouded by the beginings of tears.
  194. >"It's nothing to be ashamed of. Like I said before, it just means you still have the potential to be anything you want."
  195. >You smile up at him, and he ruffles your all done up mane.
  196. "Thanks, I guess I owe some ponys an appology..." You mutter to yourself, and Anon starts cleaning dinner.
  197. "This was nice, I hope you don't mind me eating and running, but there are some ponys I have to go see today."
  198. >"Not at all, in fact, feel free to stop by every once in a while. It's nice to have company."
  199. >Taking your leave, you head into the market to see Appleblooms stall closed up, so you head to Sweet Apple Acres, where you assume she is staying.
  200. >As you reach the farm, you knock on the door.
  201. >An orange mare you recognize as her older sister answers.
  202. "Excuse me, but is Applebloom home?"
  203. >She glares at you, and you shrink back a bit.
  204. >"I hope you ain't tryin nothin."
  205. >You shake your head meekly, looking at the ground.
  206. "I came to appologize."
  207. >She gives you another stern look, before giving you the faintest of smiles.
  208. >"Her friends are here too, if'n ya want to appologize to all of them."
  209. >Your heart beats hard, and you feel slightly faint from nervousness, but you nod.
  210. >She heads back inside, before a trio of familiar mares comes out.
  211. >"What do you want Diamond Tiara?" Sweetiebelle asks, a frown on her face.
  212. "I... I'm sorry."
  213. >All three of their jaws drop, before their expressions firm.
  214. >"We ain't falling fer none off yer tricks anymore."
  215. "It's not a trick, I really am sorry. I should never have taunted you for being blank flanks when fillys."
  216. >"And why should we beleive you?" Scootaloo asks, punctuating her point with a jab of a hoof.
  217. >With ears as flat as they can go, you undo your dress, revealing your markless flank.
  218. >The three of them go silent, before Applebloom asks "Why?"
  219. >Thinking on what Anonymous told you, you sit down on the porch.
  220. "I guess a friend convinced me that its not such a bad thing."
  221. >"It doesn't make up for you being a jerk to us for so long, but I guess you aren't all bad." Scootaloo says, holding out a hoof.
  222. >Tentatively shaking it, you feel, well, normal.
  223. >A small smile forms, and the other two hold out their hooves as well.
  224. "We may not be able to start over, but maybe we can end up as friends."
  225. >"Ah wouldn't push it missy, lets just go with you ain't our enemy anymore."
  226. "That's better than I expected."
  227. "Well, I have to go, but I'm glad I got this off my chest. If I had a chance to redo it, I'm sure we could have been friends."
  228. >They all nod and wave as you head back to town, putting on your dress on the way.
  229. >As you pass Anonymous's house, you see the light in what you assume to be his bedroom go out, and your smile grows a bit.
  230. "Thanks Anonymous, for letting me be a more open me. Maybe someday, I can help you be a more open you."
  231. >Back home, you slip into bed, and for once, you don't dread having to wake up and fake your cutie mark.
  232. >Not ever again.
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