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HCI P6, Group 12 Task Script

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May 6th, 2013
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  1. Virtual Lifting Coach
  2. HCI Group 12, P6
  4. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Task Script
  6. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  8. Hi ____, thank you for your participation in the usability study of our new system, the Virtual Lifting Coach. You will be testing how intuitive our design is, so don’t worry if you have trouble navigating through the system. Feel free to ask questions throughout, although we may direct you back to the screen
  10. Here is a consent form, please sign if you would like to continue. If not, thanks again for your time.
  12. To begin, please fill out the first section of this form, providing us with some background information on your prior experience with lifting.
  14. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. You will be interacting with the system with a particular exercise, known as a back squat. This is usually done with a bar and weight, but for safety we will be doing it without weight. Please pretend there is a bar resting across your back for the remainder of the session
  17. In case you don’t know what this exercise is, [Group member] will demonstrate this three times for you. If you have any questions about it, please ask and we will do our best to answer them.
  19. We are now going to ask you to do three back squats for us, with your hands above your shoulder as if they were holding a bar.
  21. We would now like you to utilize the to system to learn how to do a back squat. The system in its final form will use a touchscreen, but for this demonstration you will use a mouse.
  23. *****Start timer*********
  25. *****Stop timer when they reach the last page of the teach me steps*******
  27. Could you now perform three additional back squats, using the techniques you learned from the system.
  29. That concludes the first third of the study.
  31. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  32. Now, imagine you’re an experienced user who wants the system to track your form while you do sets at the gym. The next step is to ask the system to track your form while performing a set of back squats (since you now know how to perform them correctly).
  34. *****Start timer*********
  36. *****Stop timer when they finish the 3rd rep of the 3rd set*******
  38. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39. Now, we’ll ask you to perform a series of tasks based on your completed sets.
  40. Which rep was your best?
  41. Which rep was your worst?
  42. How would you find out what was wrong with your worst rep?
  43. How would get advice on how to fix these problems?
  45. That concludes the second third of the test. The final portion is: imagine you are a user who has lifting data saved in the system. Please navigate to a page where you can see your past data.
  47. Please look at your workout data from 1/1.
  48. Please look at your history for the back squat for this data, and tell us what the weight was for the first set.
  49. Which rep in that set was your worst?
  50. What problems did you have on that rep?
  51. If you wanted more feedback on the problems in that form, how would you get more information?
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