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  1. Aug 11 10:30:26 <Sciencegar>    <Sciencegar> Firewander isn't *completely* corrupted. While it certainly makes sense for the rest of NExus to wall it off, most of it has only been touched by the Wyld corruption, not all of the houses  are shaped like fruit or wobble like jelly or occasionally get up and walk off.
  2. Aug 11 10:30:28 <Sciencegar>    <Sciencegar> At the edges, its no worse than any of the other slums in the city. Its just that instead of drowning in the constant floods, you get mutated.
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  4. Aug 11 10:30:28 <Sciencegar>    <Sciencegar> But Firewander is also the centre of Hollow, the old city that stood here before the Contagion and Raksha, and where they haven't been  twisted by the dreamstuff of the Wyld, many first age buildings still stand proud, unmarked by years.
  5. Aug 11 10:30:30 <Sciencegar>    <Sciencegar> And inside one of these, a doorway, a little warped on its hinges, pops open.
  6. Aug 11 10:30:32 <Sciencegar>    <Sciencegar> "Gah!" Therak, Baron of the Hollow Pathway, a minor god who really, really wants a transfer to another job, holds the door open for his guest.
  7. Aug 11 10:30:35 <Sciencegar>    <Sciencegar> "Sorry, the Wyld  must've warped the frame again...I keep asking for someone to take a look at it, but no-one uses the darned thing anymore so..."
  8. Aug 11 10:30:38 <Sciencegar>    <AdventFalls> "It's fine," the guest replied.
  9. Aug 11 10:30:40 <Sciencegar>    <AdventFalls> She raised an eyebrow as she walked inside- a bit tall for a woman, with non-matching sleeves. It was as if her outfit had only been equipped with one, and the other got lost during its making.
  10. Aug 11 10:30:43 <Sciencegar>    <AdventFalls> A scratch of her auburn hair as she sighed. "Crazier things have happened."
  11. Aug 11 10:30:45 <Sciencegar>    <Sciencegar> "Erm, you want directions. I admit I don't know everything about this city. Not even many of the cities gods come around here..."
  12. Aug 11 10:30:48 <Sciencegar>    <AdventFalls> "Can't possibly see why. Then again with a city like Nexus you could be here for years and only know a sliver."
  13. Aug 11 10:30:51 <Sciencegar>    <AdventFalls> She chuckled. "It's too big to know everything unless you've got enough time on your hands to write a book about how much time you have."
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  15. Aug 11 10:30:58 <Sciencegar>    <Sciencegar> "....Maybe I should. If I do a good job of i
  16. Aug 11 10:31:00 <Sciencegar>    <Sciencegar> "....Maybe I should. If I do a good job of it, I might get a promotion to God of Pointless Book, or God of Having Too Much Time on your Hands. That'd be a nice step up..."
  17. Aug 11 10:31:03 <Sciencegar>    <AdventFalls> "It *would* give you something to talk about." She chuckled.
  18. Aug 11 10:31:05 <Sciencegar>    <Sciencegar> "Yeah...Anyway, this ain't Hollow central anymore, its just Firewander and its in the south east corner of the City. Most of the mortals here are poor, the rich ones live up on the hill."
  19. Aug 11 10:31:08 <Sciencegar>    <AdventFalls> "Can you tell me which way.... hm..... on the tip of my tongue... 'Nighthammer'?"
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  22. Aug 11 10:31:14 <Sciencegar>    <Sciencegar> "uh...Thats the far west of the city, around the lip of the river."
  23. Aug 11 10:31:16 <Sciencegar>    <AdventFalls> "Can you tell me anything about the area?"
  24. Aug 11 10:31:18 <Sciencegar>    <Sciencegar> "The River gods around there are mean old fellas. Probably better asking a mortal if you get lost."
  25. Aug 11 10:31:21 <Sciencegar>    <AdventFalls> "Gotcha. ....Unless the mortals are themselves asses and other such words?"
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  27. Aug 11 10:31:27 <Sciencegar>    <Sciencegar> "I suppose. There are a lot of them, and they tend to vary."
  28. Aug 11 10:31:29 <Sciencegar>    <AdventFalls> "Anything else I should know?"
  29. Aug 11 14:06:14 <Sciencegar>    "Ah, theres a...bucket on a rope? Or something like that? that the mortals use to get around. If you use it you can get to the top of the hill faster than walking
  30. Aug 11 14:06:14 <Sciencegar>    ."
  31. Aug 11 14:06:43 <AdventFalls>   "Weird. Anyway. Thanks for the help, and good luck with the book."
  32. Aug 11 14:07:21 <Sciencegar>    "Uh, right." Therak waves meekly, then shuts the door to Heaven.
  33. Aug 11 14:09:12 <AdventFalls>   "Hammerwhatever it is then.... which is.... er... follow the river, I guess."
  34. Aug 11 14:09:36 <AdventFalls>   She shrugged. "It'll be there soon."
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  42. Aug 11 14:20:55 <Sciencegar>    The new arrival heads out onto the dark streets, to see the rundown slums of the city. Compares to the slums of Yu-Shan, where the dirty alleyways are lined with silver instead of gold, and unemployed gods live off imported creation food rather than Ambrosia, the muddy peasant bunking down in rotting hovels is quite the surprise.
  43. Aug 11 14:26:11 <Sciencegar>    Eventually the s
  44. Aug 11 14:30:37 <Sciencegar>    Eventually the laneway comes out into a canal with a rainbow tinge. Across the canal the woman can see the 'bucket' from earlier: A system of pulleys with metal cars hanging from them, going up and down the hill, past the wall between Firewander and the rest of the city.
  45. Aug 11 14:32:30 <AdventFalls>   'How odd.' She tried to get into the bucket in order to get into the rest of the city.
  46. Aug 11 14:40:24 <Sciencegar>    The few other occupants of the car stare at the robed beauty getting on with them. The bedraggled men and women shuffle to the other end of the car, as if she might explode at any minute.
  47. Aug 11 14:40:53 <AdventFalls>   ".....ooookay."
  48. Aug 11 14:42:14 <Sciencegar>    The car lifts up and takes the worried and confused passengers towards the walls. Guards on the battlements watch the passengers, and grimace at her as well, but don't seem to take any action.
  49. Aug 11 14:42:57 <AdventFalls>   She whistled a tune as the car lifted.
  50. Aug 11 14:43:40 <Sciencegar>    Someone at the other end of the car starts to whimper
  51. Aug 11 14:44:22 <AdventFalls>   She blinked before turning her head. "...Is someone hurt?"
  52. Aug 11 14:44:47 <Sciencegar>    No-one responds to the question.
  53. Aug 11 14:45:10 <Sciencegar>    The buildings at the other side of the wall are in better condition, built into the  hill with brick and stone, but still hovels compared to the lowliest gods sanctum in Yu-Shan.
  54. Aug 11 14:45:40 <AdventFalls>   She sighed. "I'm just passing through. If someone is hurt, I might be able to help them."
  55. Aug 11 14:46:28 <Sciencegar>    There are a few buildings dotted around of much better manufacture. One is passing on the right round about now.
  56. Aug 11 14:51:51 <Sciencegar>    "N-n-no, your g-grace, everyones just fine down 'ere. You can go about your business."
  57. Aug 11 14:52:14 <Sciencegar>    "We w-wouldn't want to...d-d-delay the likes of you."
  58. Aug 11 14:52:23 <AdventFalls>   "Okay...." She tilted her head. "It's not like I'm gonna bite someone's head off if there's an issue."
  59. Aug 11 14:52:40 <Sciencegar>    "you sure?"
  60. Aug 11 14:52:46 <AdventFalls>   "Yeah...."
  61. Aug 11 14:54:39 <Sciencegar>    They don't seem that much more relieved at this reassurance.
  62. Aug 11 14:55:38 <AdventFalls>   "If I was that kind of gal, I'd have just leapt the wall and given you all a two fingered salute as I flew past. But I'm not because I *like* taking my time at times and people watching."
  63. Aug 11 14:56:21 <AdventFalls>   She approached, curious.
  64. Aug 11 14:56:55 <Sciencegar>    On the left, theres the eerie sight of a three-storey building made out of skulls, the eyesockets glowing like there are candles in them. Some of the passengers watch it intently as a distraction.
  65. Aug 11 14:57:57 <Sciencegar>    The rest continue staring at the woman as she approaches, trying not to palpably sweat and failing.
  66. Aug 11 14:58:21 <AdventFalls>   She kept one eye on the building, and the other on the people. "I'm being as sincere as I can. Please stop acting like I'm going to bring down the wrath of..... something really..... powerful.... down upon you. You're making me feel like a bad person."
  67. Aug 11 14:59:23 <Sciencegar>    "Oh we don't think that miss!! We wouldn't!! Its just, your kind have a reputation for being...unpredictable."
  68. Aug 11 14:59:59 <Sciencegar>    "We're just simple superstitious folk, we don't mean nuthin' by it."
  69. Aug 11 15:00:33 <AdventFalls>   "Alright. Well, I suppose the only thing predictable about us is our unpredictability," she sighed. "Just relax. I've got no issues with you all."
  70. Aug 11 15:01:56 <Sciencegar>    "Alright!!" The group assumes a series of very tensely relaxed postures.
  71. Aug 11 15:02:25 <AdventFalls>   "....Never thought you could work so hard at relaxing." She relaxed as well, enojying the ride.
  72. Aug 11 15:02:44 <Sciencegar>    The car passes over the main canal, and into the market district. Dozens of scents enter the car, mainly coffee.
  73. Aug 11 15:04:37 <Sciencegar>    Looking about, two more puller lines can be seen ahead, intersecting with this one at a much larger station than the occasional stops.
  74. Aug 11 15:05:41 <AdventFalls>   "So.... um.... does this lead to the Hammer district or other?"
  75. Aug 11 15:08:17 <Sciencegar>    "Uh, this is Wanderstreet Line, it stops near the Nighthammer docks. The Cinnabar-Nighthammer line stops close to the same place, and the Riverlaine line stops near the Park."
  76. Aug 11 15:08:37 <AdventFalls>   "Okay, sounds like I can make my way there when we stop. Thanks!"
  77. Aug 11 15:09:43 <Sciencegar>    The old man smiles meekly, then joins the other passengers in hastily getting out of the car when it stops at the central station. The new passengers look rather perplexed.
  78. Aug 11 15:10:11 <AdventFalls>   "Must've been in a rush," she shrugged.
  79. Aug 11 15:11:20 <Sciencegar>    The city doesn't seem to sleep, but it is slowing down as darkness sets in. The city is quiet enough, with little wind to disturb the air.
  80. Aug 11 15:11:38 <Sciencegar>    ....Which is a problem as the air is getting smokier and generally less pleasant.
  81. Aug 11 15:12:45 <Sciencegar>    The car takes another left turn and heads down the hill towards the docks, passing market squares and open and closed businesses.
  82. Aug 11 15:14:28 <AdventFalls>   The woman lightly coughed. Air was never that big an issue.
  83. Aug 11 15:22:22 <Sciencegar>    The car nears the bottom of the hill, and the terminus, The buildings look as bad as in Firewander, and have a very...temporary look to them.
  84. Aug 11 15:24:43 <AdventFalls>   [Pllace kinda sucks,] she thought to herself.
  85. Aug 11 15:25:27 <Sciencegar>    "Catchin' a late-night boat, luv?" One of the three remaining passengers remarks?
  86. Aug 11 15:25:37 <AdventFalls>   "Something like that."
  87. Aug 11 15:26:02 <Sciencegar>    "Fair enough. You wouldn't be the only one."
  88. Aug 11 15:26:22 <AdventFalls>   She nodded. "What about you gents?"
  89. Aug 11 15:30:04 <Sciencegar>    "Goin' down to the local. Every rat has his own hole, and he can't drink in another, y'know?"
  90. Aug 11 15:30:14 <AdventFalls>   "i hear ya."
  91. Aug 11 15:31:43 <Sciencegar>    "Best o' luck on your travels. Hope theres no pirates, and the River Gods be kind." The man and the other passengers hop out with a well-practised leap as the pulley reachs the station.
  92. Aug 11 15:32:28 <AdventFalls>   "....Now why'd they go and do that?" She shrugged as she prepared to get out.
  93. Aug 11 15:41:06 <Sciencegar>    Nighthammer District sprawls all around her, hovels, mud, and docks.
  94. Aug 11 15:42:07 <AdventFalls>   She blinked as she looked around. Best thing to do would be to.... ask.
  95. Aug 11 15:42:14 <AdventFalls>   Find a local.
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  100. Aug 11 16:06:14 <Sciencegar>    After wandering around a while, the woman spots what looks like a guard walking the streets.
  101. Aug 11 16:06:53 <AdventFalls>   "S'cuse me!" She waved. "S'cuse me, you have a moment?"
  102. Aug 11 16:08:51 <Sciencegar>    The guard looks at the woman suspiciously. "Uh, you sure you're in the right district, miss?"
  103. Aug 11 16:09:18 <AdventFalls>   "Yup!" She smiled. "P-retty sure~ I'm trying to find someone, and was wondering if you could help."
  104. Aug 11 16:10:58 <Sciencegar>    "Uh-huh. Looking for someone. And who might this be?"
  105. Aug 11 16:11:23 <AdventFalls>   "My sister, gonna meet her for the first time today. Her name is Rabbit."
  106. Aug 11 16:12:43 <Sciencegar>    "Uh-huh." the mans expression remains suspicious, but gains a quizzical air.
  107. Aug 11 16:13:07 <AdventFalls>   "And.... well, I was told I could find her in this district. But I've never been here before."
  108. Aug 11 16:13:27 <Sciencegar>    "Rabbit, Rabbit...I feel like I've heard the name....No, I can't remember."
  109. Aug 11 16:13:42 <AdventFalls>   "Oh! I forgot the surname! Rabbit Weaver!"
  110. Aug 11 16:15:14 <Sciencegar>    "The Iron League are guards, miss, not information brokers. I don't keep track of everyone in the district, theres too much passing trade."
  111. Aug 11 16:15:32 <AdventFalls>   "Aaaaaw." She sighed. "Can you tell me where I could find an information broker?"
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  113. Aug 11 16:17:22 <Sciencegar>    "They're around, a few in the bars, but most work in the Undercity. I'd say they ain't cheap, but you look like you've got silver, and if you can afford it then warning you off is technically Obscructing Trade."
  114. Aug 11 16:17:46 <AdventFalls>   She grinned. "Which one would you recommend?"
  115. Aug 11 16:19:03 <Sciencegar>    "Urgh...Who's the one the captain uses sometimes, his old friend...."
  116. Aug 11 16:19:37 <Sciencegar>    "Some pale girl with the dark eyes...I can't remember her name...."
  117. Aug 11 16:20:09 <Sciencegar>    "Gah! Theres enough of them down there! You can take your own damned pick! I'm providing enough public service as it is!"
  118. Aug 11 16:20:32 <AdventFalls>   "Oooookay! I'll go see her then!" She walked off, smiling.
  119. Aug 11 16:20:49 <Sciencegar>    The guard grumbles, and heads off into the night.
  120. Aug 11 16:33:33 <AdventFalls>   Once he was out of sight, she pulled out a strange looking contraption- a spider made of emeralds. "You awake, lil' boy? I got a question for you."
  121. Aug 11 16:35:53 <AdventFalls>   "Got a question for you- where is the nearest entrance to the Undercity?"
  122. Aug 11 16:37:42 <Sciencegar>    The spider scuttles off along a thread of probablity, into a realm of pure fact. It returns a few moments later.
  123. Aug 11 16:38:47 <Sciencegar>    [Through an old sewer drain 246 paces north and 67 east.]
  124. Aug 11 16:39:41 <AdventFalls>   "Thank you!" And so she started to go to the northeast.
  125. Aug 11 16:47:40 <Sciencegar>    The drain in question seems to be just touching the lip of the water in the canal, but still doesn't look like a pleasant thing to travel through.
  126. Aug 11 16:53:14 <AdventFalls>   The woman tilted her head as she turned around and smiled. "Hello!"
  127. Aug 11 16:57:13 <Sandwitches>   A blonde haired girl a couple of yards behind the woman freezes in place.  She stares at the woman for a moment...  before darting into a nearby alleyway.
  128. Aug 11 16:57:57 <AdventFalls>   "It's no big!" She kept smiling. "Really! I think I've been looking for you, actually!"
  129. Aug 11 16:58:40 <AdventFalls>   "Rabbit Weaver?"
  130. Aug 11 16:59:47 <Sandwitches>   The top of the blondes head sloooooooooooowly peaks out from around the corner ot the alleyway.  "No Weevah, here.  Jus' Rabbit."
  131. Aug 11 17:00:07 <AdventFalls>   "Oooookay.... I'm Lavender."
  132. Aug 11 17:01:04 <Sandwitches>   "Don' mattah who ya ah.  what ya need?"
  133. Aug 11 17:01:32 <AdventFalls>   "...It.... It doesn't matter that I'm your sister?"
  134. Aug 11 17:02:12 <Sandwitches>   "..." The Rest of her head emerges from the alleyway.  "... Eh?"
  135. Aug 11 17:02:46 <AdventFalls>   "Yup! We're sisters! I don't think we ever got to met because... well, things happened."
  136. Aug 11 17:03:45 <Sandwitches>   "Y'all abandoned me ya mean."
  137. Aug 11 17:04:30 <AdventFalls>   ".....Well, considering my condition I kind of got spirited out of Creation."
  138. Aug 11 17:04:41 <Sandwitches>   The girl sighs and shrugs, emerging from the alley.  "Why ya comi-  EH?"
  139. Aug 11 17:05:07 <AdventFalls>   "....Yeaaaaaaah, there's a big, BIG reason why you never got to meet me before today. I'm... not quite human."
  140. Aug 11 17:05:17 <AdventFalls>   "Well, human yes, but it's weird."
  141. Aug 11 17:07:28 <AdventFalls>   She scratched the back of her head. "....They kind of knew about my condition when I was born, and I was shipped off to Yu-Shan before I got to meet you."
  142. Aug 11 17:08:05 <Sandwitches>   The blonde just kind of tilts her head to the side.
  143. Aug 11 17:08:22 <AdventFalls>   "Okay. You've heard about.... the Exalted, yes?"
  144. Aug 11 17:08:53 <AdventFalls>   "People who basically become more than ordinary men and women and get ludicrous amounts of power?"
  145. Aug 11 17:10:54 <AdventFalls>   She waved her hand. "Hi! I'm one of them! And before you freak out, yes. I'm here to help, not burn the town down."
  146. Aug 11 17:11:07 <Sandwitches>   "...  Wut."
  147. Aug 11 17:12:44 <AdventFalls>   "Yup! I'm not a Dragonborn, though! And before you start going to the Wyld Hunt, I'm not a Solar or a Lunar, either!"
  148. Aug 11 17:13:16 <AdventFalls>   "...And if I was an Abyssal, well, let's face it I'd be killing a LOT more people right now and be drinking out of a baby's skull."
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  150. Aug 11 17:13:49 <AdventFalls>   "Oh, and cutting myself. No idea WHY those guys do it."
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  152. Aug 11 17:15:53 <Sandwitches>   "..."  By this point the girl is just standing there tuning out the Exalted's jabber.  
  153. Aug 11 17:16:26 <AdventFalls>   "Okay." She sighed. "I'm what's called a Sidereal. Mom and I went to Yu-Shan when I was born, and that's why you've never seen me before!"
  154. Aug 11 17:16:51 *   Sciencebolt has quit ()
  155. Aug 11 17:17:15 <AdventFalls>   "...Of course, Mom's one too, but... well, there's no guarantee it gets passed on through the bloodline unless you're a *really*.... um.... potent, shall we say, Dragonblood."
  156. Aug 11 17:17:47 <AdventFalls>   "But that should make you.... well, quite frankly a bit more badass than most people."
  157. Aug 11 17:20:30 <Sandwitches>   "...  Do ya EVAH Stop talkin?"
  158. Aug 11 17:20:56 <AdventFalls>   ".....Um.... Usually I end up getting slapped before that happens. Any questions?"
  159. Aug 11 17:21:22 <Sandwitches>   "Yeah.  Why ya here?"
  160. Aug 11 17:23:02 <AdventFalls>   "Besides getting to meet my sister for the first time? I want to finally finish this search I'm on, and I'm told you're one of the best information brokers in all of Nexus."
  161. Aug 11 17:24:35 <Sandwitches>   The Girl grins.  "Ya bet ya ass Ah am.  Wha' ah ya after?"
  162. Aug 11 17:26:36 <AdventFalls>   "Well, I know that there are some other Exalts in Nexus, ones that let's face it, probably don't want to be found."
  163. Aug 11 17:26:42 <AdventFalls>   "Guess what I need to do?"
  164. Aug 11 17:29:16 <AdventFalls>   "Hint: it does NOT involve jelly..... which kind of stinks."
  165. Aug 11 17:29:44 <Sandwitches>   "Ya need 'a find 'um." Rabbit puts her hands on her hips.  "Ah Can help wi'h dat."
  166. Aug 11 17:29:53 <Sandwitches>   "For a price."
  167. Aug 11 17:29:58 <AdventFalls>   "...What price?"
  168. Aug 11 17:30:34 <AdventFalls>   "I meant the amount, not the 'my own sister is charging me' thing. I know you need to make a living."
  169. Aug 11 17:31:29 <Sandwitches>   "A bi' of silver..." The girl meets her 'sisters' gaze.  "And ya bring Mah down here so Ah can mee' her."
  170. Aug 11 17:32:02 <AdventFalls>   Lavender reached into her pocket and produced a handful of silver. "Will that do?"
  171. Aug 11 17:32:34 <AdventFalls>   [Funny thing about being a Sidereal in good standing. Your money is worth *boats* on Creation.]
  172. Aug 11 17:32:55 <Sandwitches>   The girls grin grow.  "Yeah,  Dat'll work."
  173. Aug 11 17:33:50 <AdventFalls>   "So. Where to?"
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  184. Aug 11 18:54:41 <Sandwitches>   "Firs' we need tah g-"  The girl leaps back as half a dozen crossbow bolts hit the ground where she had been seconds before.
  185. Aug 11 18:55:17 <AdventFalls>   "...Wha was that for?" Lavender blinked. She looked around, confused.
  186. Aug 11 19:02:50 <AdventFalls>   "Seriously! It's a waste of arrows shooting someone who hasn't screwed with you!"
  187. Aug 11 19:07:21 <Sandwitches>   As Rabbit scrambles back into the alleyway, six figures all dressed in black drop down in a circle around Lavender, crossbows drawn.
  188. Aug 11 19:10:37 <AdventFalls>   "...The Guild? Really? What's your beef?"
  189. Aug 11 19:11:00 <AdventFalls>   "I've only been here what, half an hour?"
  190. Aug 11 19:11:54 <Sandwitches>   None of the six figures say anything, they simply keep their weapons trained...  As a screech of pain echoes from the alley.
  191. Aug 11 19:12:10 <AdventFalls>   Her eyes widened as she sprinted for the alley.
  192. Aug 11 19:14:33 *   I_am_not_mad ( has joined #E:TROR
  193. Aug 11 19:16:31 <Sandwitches>   The six all fire at once.
  194. Aug 11 19:22:23 <AdventFalls>   "NOPE!"
  195. Aug 11 19:22:32 <AdventFalls>   "TODAY IS NOT THE END OF ME!"
  196. Aug 11 19:23:08 <AdventFalls>   Lavender *soared* straight up into the air, gritting her teeth as she leaped out of the way.... and her landing trajectory was coming in right at the alley where her sister had run.
  197. Aug 11 19:31:35 <Sandwitches>   As she lands in the alleyway, she catches sight of four more of the men, surrounding Rabbit, a crossbow quarrel embedded in her thigh.
  198. Aug 11 19:32:46 <AdventFalls>   "Gentlemen," Lavander stared, eyes cold. "I'd like to make you an offer. Let her go, I spare your lives. Don't let her go, and I will *personally* ensure you are punched right out of Creation."
  199. Aug 11 19:52:03 <Sandwitches>   The men actually *tremble*and take a step back from the woman...  lowering their crossbows...
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  201. Aug 11 19:52:51 <AdventFalls>   "Good. Now, if you value your continued existence.... *leave*. And never return."
  202. Aug 11 19:55:11 <Sandwitches>   Yet the crossbows slowly move back towards Rabbit.  "...  Even if you kill us...  We will complete our contract first."  One of the figures says.
  203. Aug 11 19:55:29 <AdventFalls>   "Tell me. How much are you being paid for the contract?"
  204. Aug 11 19:55:47 <AdventFalls>   "Because I can tell you this- you can get *far* more money by not killing her."
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  207. Aug 11 20:18:02 <Sandwitches>   "...  Oh REALLY?"  One of the men lowers his crossbow slightly, and the other three momentarilly follow suit.
  208. Aug 11 20:18:28 <AdventFalls>   "Really. Check her pockets."
  209. Aug 11 20:19:36 <Sandwitches>   Rabbits eyes widen in horror as one of the men grabs her and roughly slams her to the ground.
  210. Aug 11 20:20:57 <AdventFalls>   "....Now. I guarantee you the amount of silver she has on her is at least equivalent to the amount on our head."
  211. Aug 11 20:21:11 <AdventFalls>   "A lot less work, and a markedly higher life expectancy than dealing with me."
  212. Aug 11 20:21:32 <AdventFalls>   "All you have to do.... is to let us live, and abandon the contract."
  213. Aug 11 20:22:45 <AdventFalls>   She quietly winked at her sister.
  214. Aug 11 20:24:53 <AdventFalls>   [Money. Mortals always think in terms of silver.]
  215. Aug 11 20:25:50 <Sandwitches>   The man throws the girl back to the ground a moment later, holding out the rather... impressive amount of silver that the girl had on her.  The lead one looks it over and then looks back to Lavender.  "The price on her head is three times this."
  216. Aug 11 20:28:42 <AdventFalls>   "How about this." He put our another handful. "It's half of the asking price on her head, BUT- and here's the kicker- you get to live. Now think about this. I managed to get through your buddies with the crossbows without a scratch. Do you want to get greedy and risk it, or do you want a guaranteed payday?"
  217. Aug 11 20:36:18 <AdventFalls>   "So what do you think, gents? Guaranteed payday, or guaranteed punch out of existence?"
  218. Aug 11 20:42:26 <Sandwitches>   "... "  the Mans crossbow vanishes.  As do the three others a moment later.  "You have a deal."
  219. Aug 11 20:42:57 <AdventFalls>   "Alright." She scooped up the agreed upon silver and frowned. "That's what I promised. Now go."
  220. Aug 11 20:48:36 <Sandwitches>   The man take the money... and all four vanish down the alley, leaving the woman with her injured younger sister.
  221. Aug 11 20:49:35 <AdventFalls>   Lavender gingerly picked up her sister before ducking into a nearby abandoned building and beginning to administer first aid. "The silver lining is that I have *far* more silver than they think they got. I'll pay you back."
  222. Aug 11 20:50:49 <AdventFalls>   She chuckled at her own joke before saying, "Hold still. This is gonna be painful."
  223. Aug 11 20:51:25 <Sandwitches>   Rabbit nods slowly, still looking unsure of the strange woman who has come into her life.
  224. Aug 11 20:59:02 <AdventFalls>   She pulled out the spider from before. "Hey. What are the steps for a safe medical procedure that will remove the arrow from my sister?"
  225. Aug 11 20:59:57 <AdventFalls>   The woman was not as jovial as she had been, focusing on the task at hand.
  226. Aug 11 21:02:40 <Sandwitches>   The spider scuttles off along a thread of probablity, into a realm of pure fact. It returns a few moments later.
  227. Aug 11 21:10:41 <Sandwitches>   []The spider whispers into her ear and scttules off.
  228. Aug 11 21:13:10 <AdventFalls>   Lavender began trying to remove the arrow.
  229. Aug 11 21:15:50 <Sandwitches>   the bolt comes out without a problem, the girl flinching slightly.
  230. Aug 11 21:18:18 <AdventFalls>   She began looking over her sister VERY carefully. "Sorry about his," she apologized, observing the wound as sharply as she could. "It's just I don't want to seal it up only to have given you an infection or something even nastier, you know?"
  231. Aug 11 21:20:58 <Sandwitches>   She finds absolutely nothing wrong with the wound.  "...  Erh....  'hanks."
  232. Aug 11 21:22:11 <AdventFalls>   Lavender proceeded to wash up and seal the wound. "Okay, it's gonna be pretty ginger for a few weeks, and there will be a small scar. But you're not gonna lose any mobility."
  233. Aug 11 21:22:51 <AdventFalls>   "...Man. Those medicine lessons during training were *worth* it.
  234. Aug 11 21:23:11 <Sandwitches>   Without warning a flash of light envelopes the alleyway.
  235. Aug 11 21:24:50 <AdventFalls>   Out of reflex, she threw herself on top on her sister.
  236. Aug 11 21:25:42 <Sandwitches>   Through the flash, she catches sight of a figure swinging towards her, weapon drawn.
  237. Aug 11 21:26:27 <Sandwitches>   "GET AWAY FROM HER!"
  238. Aug 11 21:28:11 <AdventFalls>   Lavender ended up pulling both of them off of the table in time to avoid the weapon. "I JUST SAVED HER LIFE!"
  239. Aug 11 21:36:47 <Sandwitches>   The figure slides to a stop, a long cord retracting into a gauntlet on it's left arm as he raises what looks like a short sword in his right towards Lavender.  "BULLSHIT.  You're just another one of the asshole who decided to fuck with us today."  He takes a step forward, revealing himself.  The man looks to be in early twenties, dressed in shorts, and a brown hooded vest over a blue shirt.  A Green Bandanna and purple hair p
  240. Aug 11 21:36:47 <Sandwitches>   eak out form the cowl as the fgure enters a fighting stance.  "We're not losing anyone else today."
  241. Aug 11 21:38:16 <AdventFalls>   "Nononono," Lavender explained. "Listen. Take a look on her side. You'll see some stitches. I did that."
  242. Aug 11 21:38:29 <AdventFalls>   "The *Guild* tried to wipe her out."
  243. Aug 11 21:46:33 <Sandwitches>   "..."  The mans teeth flash as he growls.  "Yeah, and you jsut HAPPENED to be there with enough money to buy them off?  Bullshit."    
  244. Aug 11 21:47:04 <AdventFalls>   "Alright. Then believe this- you are speaking to an Exalt. I can prove it if need be."
  245. Aug 11 21:47:23 <AdventFalls>   "But I will *not* give up my sister that easily."
  246. Aug 11 21:49:53 <Sandwitches>   "I fucking KNEW It."  He snarls.  "Rabbit, get away from her.  A Deathknights been riling up the local thugs agains the old gang!"
  247. Aug 11 21:50:13 <Sandwitches>   Rabbit's eyes widen and the girl looks back to Lavender.  "..."
  248. Aug 11 21:51:05 <AdventFalls>   "Listen to me," Lavender explained. "I am not a Deathknight. I wanted my sister to help me find other Exalted in teh city. Would you like me to prove I'm no Deathknight? Other than the fact that I'm currently not drinking blood out of a baby's skull?"
  249. Aug 11 21:59:07 <Sandwitches>   "That... won't be nessacary."  A woman's voice echoes out form the front door as a blonde haired woman in a red dress enters the room, flanked by multiple men in cluttered armor of various colors.  "We are going to need all the help we cna get at this point."  
  250. Aug 11 22:00:00 <AdventFalls>   Lavender raised an eyebrow. ".....I suppose we should introduce ourselves. Lavender Weaver. Rabbit's long-lost sister."
  251. Aug 11 22:02:17 <AdventFalls>   "You could call me.... a Reckoner."
  252. Aug 11 22:02:25 <Sandwitches>   "...  Our names don't matter for now.  What matters... is whether you will assit the Nighthammer Iron League in this battle?" the woman says, the man haveing gone silent.
  253. Aug 11 22:03:01 <AdventFalls>   "If you can assure me that Rabbit will ultimately do as I have requested of her, yes."
  254. Aug 11 22:03:26 <AdventFalls>   "Don't worry," she smiled. "I promised her compensation. And it's increasing due to all of these difficulties. She's earned it."
  255. Aug 11 22:06:35 <Sandwitches>   Rabbit picks herself up and shakes her head. "Ahm no' par' of the league anymore...  Ahm jus' an information broker.  Ya guys know 'his."
  256. Aug 11 22:07:08 <Sandwitches>   "Rabbit.  The Deathknight was last seen heading for *their* bar."
  257. Aug 11 22:07:58 <AdventFalls>   "...Who is 'their'?"
  258. Aug 11 22:09:01 <Sandwitches>   "... Da old bosses."  Rabbit grits her teeth and looks to Lavender.  "... Ya can keep da money...  Ah'll help ya find who ya loooking for, bu' ya gonna need 'a figh' for i'."
  259. Aug 11 22:09:37 <AdventFalls>   Lavender cracked her knuckles. "Quick question, Rabbit- can you read?"
  260. Aug 11 22:10:07 <Sandwitches>   "Erh... Kinda."
  261. Aug 11 22:10:36 <AdventFalls>   She proceeded to scribble something down. "Just something to help you remember me by. Because there's a good chance you'll forget if I don't."
  262. Aug 11 22:11:16 <AdventFalls>   Folded. Into Rabbit's hands. Then she turned ot the others. "Alright. Lead on- and Rabbit, I still plan on paying you."
  263. Aug 11 22:13:03 <Sandwitches>   Rabbit looks form the paper up to Lavender in confusion. "Eh?"
  264. Aug 11 22:14:04 <AdventFalls>   "I promised you pay," Lavender smiled. "And I plan on keeping my promises. And... well... I'll explain why I gave you that when this is done. But you *have* to not throw that paper away."
  265. Aug 11 22:18:26 <Sandwitches>   "... Ahlrigh'.  Ah won'."
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