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  1. Demonology (Draft):
  2. As any witch hunter will tell you, you need to know your demons in order to fight them. Or if you’re an occultist, the right types to deal with.
  4. Demons have a hierarchy, based on sheer power. The highest tier demons are usually bosses that can bestow massive boons, or screw you over horribly.
  6. 12 demons total to start out with, but may expand later.
  8. Bottom Rung Demons:
  9. Imps - Rather weak demons, they make up the bulk of The Nether’s armies with their rapid rate of creation. They burn in water and are weak to cold iron, but they are immune to poison and insta damage.
  11. Hellhounds - Bestial demons, they take the form of a canid, and are known for their temper. They burn in water and are weak to cold iron, but they are immune to poison and insta damage.
  13. Serpents - Bestial demons, they can be summoned by lilith, or rarely found in the nether. They spit venom at a target, and are immune to poison. They seem to possess a frill, similar to that of a frilled lizard, around their neck. This frill is covered in eyespots, and is only extended when attacking. They are weak to cold iron.
  15. Shade - Small orbs of shadow, they target players, and drain the life out of them by being near them. They are weak to white sage and cold iron.
  17. Middle Rung Demons:
  18. Mirour - A form of a doppelganger, these demons are associated with mirrors, and have a fondness of grabbing one’s soul by looking at them in the mirror. Pickaxes made of cold iron with a sacred enchantment deals extra damage to them. They are immune to all potion effects, though.
  20. Red Demon - One of the most common demons, they are constantly at strife with each other, for possession of as many souls. Cold iron swords with sacred enchantments are the most effective weapons against them. Holy water brews deal extra damage to them. They are capable of limited flight, and piercing armor. Bartering with them is possible, as they are willing to sell things in exchange for souls or ingredients that would allow them to take more souls. But they have a short temper.
  22. Succubi - Demons that come down to prey on men at night, they seem to serve Lilith. They are capable of full flight, and are immune to poison. Due to them only being summoned by Lilith, they cannot be bartered with.
  24. Shadow People - It is unclear where these beings reside, but they possess enough demonic traits to consider them a denizen of The Nether. They are capable of teleporting, walking through walls, limited flight, and climbing on and over walls. However, they burn in sunlight, but become stronger in the sun until they fade. Cold iron and white sage deal extra damage to them. They are immune to all potion effects. Bartering with them is ill-advised, and is not for the faint of heart. They are known tricksters, and can seemingly go back on any pact without warning.
  26. Top Rung Demons:
  27. Lilith - A powerful, female demon, she is known for seduction, and being the mother of all vampires. She is immune to most potion effects, and inflicts fire damage upon a successful blow. She can also drain health from a target, and grow to many times her current size. She can bartered with for vampirism, if one can best her
  29. Leonard - A powerful demon who assumes the form of a goat-headed man, he has been known to aid witches in their craft. He is immune to all potion and brew effects, as well as many spells. He even has some resistance against cold iron and enchantments, due to his own dabblings. He can be bartered with for powerful infernal powers, but at a massive cost. Be FULLY prepared.
  31. Horned Huntsman - A powerful demon, he is in charge of calling the wild hunt, and seems to use therianthropes as his hunting dogs.
  33. Decrepit Lord - A powerful demon who rules over the shadow people, he seems to enjoy rotting mortals with his own attacks. He is immune to all brew and potion attacks, except for healing, which damages him. He is capable of sending mortals to a plane to be tormented for as long as they stay in it. Sunlight weakens him.
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